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Surnames: Hubert Darby through Rita Heerren

Surnames in this file: Darby, Dawson, DeCrane, DeHaven, DeMay, Devine, DeWhite, Dillon, Dobbeke, Donnelly, Doty, Driessens, Droste (misspelled on original list as Dorste), Dowd, Dugosh, Dwight, East, Egan, Elmendor, Erickson, Farrell, Finner, Firman, Fitzgerald, Fleming, Flynn, Foley, Ford, Forward, Freels, Fritsch, Galliart, Garland, Glassburn, Girardi, Graffey, Graham, Gramham Green, G**y, Haenni, Haley, Hall, Halligan, Hamblock, Hedrick, Heerren,

CORRECTIONS: Hi, I'm Geri Lee Droste Maki, granddaughter of Bernard and Catherine Droste. I notice in the listing that the 'o' and 'r' are reversed. Correct spelling is DROSTE. Tony Droste is my uncle, their son so all three names can be corrected. Thanks I really appreciate all the time to get this information on the WEB. Geri

Angela Perino Gerardi - wrong death date on list. should read 1935-1984 

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Jeffrey G. Forward  November 29, 1948 - February 10, 2007

 Mary Ellen Gholson January 7, 1911 - December 22, 2006

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