Welcome to Tampico, Illinois


First Row: Scott Allen Forward - Tampico's CENTENNIAL BABY, 2) Mrs. Mary Roberts and Rodney Fritsch, 3) Admiral Reeves, 4) Admiral Reeves & Winston Churchill 5)Gathering with Mabel Smith,

Second Row: 1)Helen Peggy Dawson, 2) Warren and Vernon Newman, 3) Mark & Sue Newman in Poppy's Grocery Store, 4) Alec McCombs, 5) Parade Float done by Alec McCombs

 Third Row: 1) Evadne G. Hellier Kelly 1919, 2) Evadne G. Hellier Kelly 3) Seymour Article and photo of Fun See Club (includes names), Helen Nicely; Paul Nicely with Neil Reagan

Fourth Row: Lovina Booth; Lovina Booth; Group photo (with names); Maude Sly; Gladys Russell's Birthday @ Robert Collins home (includes names)

Row 5: Andy Wylie; Anna Murphy; Joan Olson; Joan and Betsey Olson; Bill Widoff Family

Row 6: Ed & Elinor Aagesen; Harry Kobbeman; Howard & Thera Ackeberg; Eldon & Velma Adams; Albert & Ethel Forward

Row 7: Coe Gaulrapp Family; Elmer Gerdes Family; Gail Goodell Family; Jim Henrekin Family; Alice Smith Hill

Row 8: Edith Parent; Albert & VernaForward; Genevieve Welch; Mabel Ruck & Kathleen France; Edmund Thackaberry;

Row 9: Richard & Emma Allen; Richard, Ruth & Emma Allen; Mary M. G. Mohr; Tom DillonMargaret & Mildred McMillan

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