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ROW 1: Jos. B. Howlett/Maude Reiley; Floyd Howlett & family; John Howlett; Howlett Home in Thomas, IL; Reiley children 1919

ROW 2: Vivian Agnes Reiley; Vivian Reiley; Jenny Reiley Clegg; Father Dufor; Bette Newell Howlett

ROW 3: Mildred Reiley Pluemer; Reiley/Howlett; Joseph B. Reiley; Millie & Bernard Reiley; Jackson Street School

ROW 4: Mildred & James Reiley 1915; Bette Newell Howlett; Vandeboccke & Anderson; Charles Patrick Reiley; Oliver Howlett

ROW 5: Charles Reiley-Newsclippng; John Howlett Civil War Document; Floyd Howlett; Mary Cushley Reiley; Wreaths

ROW 6: Florence Reiley; Charles Patrick Reiley; Tampico Residence; N. Hume School; Back of N. Hume School photo

ROW 7: W.Hume School: Morse Family;

The above photos have been submitted by Stormy Reiley. However, Stormy writes: "Credit should be given though to "Aunt Millie"...(Mildred Reiley Pluemer) who kept these treasured photographs for so many years. She documented so much...it has made my research go so much smoother. I took possession of them in 1998 upon her death."

Please continue to check this page often as it will take me a few days to get them all uploaded! BIG hugs to Stormy and "Aunt Millie." ~ Denise

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