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SCHOOLS & Class Pictures

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Missing photos are being rescanned for larger view.

This is very frustrating for me. These photos were originally posted on the old "cityslide" Tampico site. When that company folded, the photos were all transfered to this "citymax" site. In doing so, they were all "minuaturized"! The names cannot be read or have totally disappeared! This was a very laborious effort to upload these photos the FIRST time. I will do my best to find the original photos again, reload them and list names.

Missing photos are being re-scanned for larger view.

First Row: 1)Tampico Grade School 1940 2) Deer Grove School 1957. 3) Tampico Grade School 1930   (Note: no names on these pictures)  4) Highland School 1927 or 28; 5)Ross School

Second Row: 1)Burden School, 1957/58, 2) Burden School damaged by tornado, 3)Maple Hill School 1931, 4)Old Class picture, 5)Olson School

Third Row: 1) 1917 Tampico Grade School, 2) THS 1897-98, 3)1907 Tampico Class, 4) 1917 Tampico Primary, 5) Tampico Grade School 1920

Fourth Row: 1) Unidentified class photo 1920's, 2) Sunnyside School 1917-18 (includes names), 3) 1907 Twenty-second Graduation Exercise of Ungraded Schools of Whiteside County, 4) Johnson School 1918, 5) Center Grade School

Fifth Row:  1) Burden School Dist 40; 2) School Dist. 45 Tampico; 3) Tampico Grade School (aka: Reagan School); 4); Maple Hill School 5) Residence where Maple Hill School use to be

Sixth Row: 1) Tampico High School Juniors 1961-62

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