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Tampico High School Juniors 1961-62

Tampico High School Juniors 1961-62

Submitted by Bob Johnson

R. Hinton writes: I can identify our friend Sam Chapin (son of the creamery owner) as top row 2nd from right, and I'm sure the middle row 3rd from right is Kathy Kelly's husband Ron Kelly...... The fellow on the top row with the glasses is certainly a Buddy Holly fan..

Hi Denise,

Here are some more names for you on that picture:

Row #2 Pic #1 is Diana Braasch (unsure of spelling of the last name),

Pic #4 is Ron Kelly

Row #4 Pic #2 is Kathy Johnson

Pic #3 is I believe Larry Cady

Pic #4 is Kathy Kelly


Many thanks to MAXINE SMITH for submitting the following information:

Tampico High School Juniors 1961-62:

Top row: Reginald Belyea (teacher), Caryl Koepke (teacher), Stanley Rasmussen, Cheryl Eastman, Dick Johnson, Carol Thompson, Sam Chapin, Sandra Martin

3rd row: Diana Taets, Mike Plotner, Lorinda Schmitt, Ron Kelly, Elizabeth Pletsch, Ron Brown

2nd row: Byron Hanrahan, ___?_____, John Nielsen, Frances Staelens, Roger Chriest, Diana Egert, Melvin Johnson, Mary Davis

Front row: Michael Wetzel, Kathy Nuelle, Larry Cady, Kathy Brandau, Nancy Barkdoll, Barbara Thompson,


Here are the names from the 1962 year book (Junior class). Three of them were not pictured in the yearbook and the photo was formatted differently but they were wearing the same clothes!:

Row 1: 1)Roy Botts?, 2) Jeanetta Green? or Nancy Murray?, 3)Stanley Rasmussen, 4)Cheryl Eastman, 5) Richard Johnson, 6) Carol Thompson, 7)Sam Chapin, 8) Sandra Martin

Row 2: 1) Diana Taets, 2) Michael Plotner, 3) Lorinda Schmitt, 4) Ronald Kelly, 5) Elizabeth Pletsch, 6) Ronald Brown,

Row 3: 1)Byron Hanrahan, 2) ?, 3) John Nielsen, 4) Frances Staelens, 5) Roger Chriest, 6) Diana Egert, 7) Melvin Johnson, 8) Mary Davis

Row 4: 1) Michael Wetzell, 2)Kathy Nuelle, 3) Larry Cady, 4) Kathy Brandau (now Kathy Kelly), 5) Nancy Barkdoll, 6) Barbara Thompson

The following were listed but not pictured in the yearbook:

Roy Botts

Jeanetta Green

Nancy Murray


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