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1900 Whiteside Bios

  Sherman D Collins
  Palmer Collins
  Richard Smith
  Oliver D. Olson
  Edward Scotchbrook
  John J. Entwhistle
  John M. Kohl
  William A. Van Osdol
  A. L. Van Osdel
  Harvey C. Hull
  Addison P. Thomas
  Oke Holmquest
  Wiliam E. Allen
  Frederick F. Williams
  Christian C.Robertson
  William A Beswick
  James Leahy
  Richard I. Hardy
  Watson C. Holbrook
  Henry E Gerdes
  Charles H Payson
  William L. McWhorter
  Horace B. Cole
  Harlow Smith
  Samuel McKean McCalmont - 1900
  William Butman - 1900
  George P. Richmond
  Marlow Crosby McKenzie
  John Reed
  Benjamin Reed
  George W. Clendenen, M. D.
  William August Hein
  Francis O'Neil
  Aaron Pope
  Ralph Y. Breed
  R. A. Thompson
  Samuel A. Thompson
Note: the surname Casenston is written as Carrtenson in bio of Samuel's son, Reuben A.
  George T. Marfleet
Surnames mentioned: Marfleet; Pierson; Ramsey; Post; Whitcomb; Swarthout
  Thomas Huggins
Surnames mentioned: Huggins; Randolph; Drury; Hudson; Jordan; Bolds; Shears; Heffelfinger; Byers; Curry; Udy
  William Blackmer
Surnames mentioned: Blackmer; Pratt; Wright; France; Willtrout; Bryson; Clark; Meltzer
  Thomas Eagan
Surnames mentioned: Eagan; Griffin; Ryan; Eagon; Smith; Waltham

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