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Biographical Record of Whiteside County, IL 1900


ADDISON P. THOMAS, an honored veteran of the Civil war, and a successful farmer residing on section 20, Lyndon Township, was born on the 12th of June, 1845, in Mount Pleasant townships, tis county. His father, George W. Thomas, was born in St. Clair county, Illinois, in 1820, a son of Anthony and Jane (Jordon) Thomas, natives of South Carolina, in whose family were the following children: Polly, wife of Felix French; Margaret A., wife of G. O. James; Julia, wife of Samuel Currey; Grizzy, wife of Henry Paschal; James, who married Sarah Platt; Elizabeth, wife of William French; George W., father of our subject; John, who died unmarried in California, and William, who married Mary Hodges. In Cass County, Illinois, George W. Thomas was married, in 1842, to Miss Mary Paschal, who was born in Wilson County, Tennessee, March 4, 1823, a daughter of Isaiah and Agnes (Freeman) Paschal, natives of North Carolina. Their children, William Henry, who married Grizzy Thomas, as previously stated; John D., who married Nancy Short; David, who married Mary Snyder; Emily, wife of Joel Horn; Coleman, who married Sally Street; Amy, wife of Allison McCord; Samuel, who married Hannah Street; Lucy, wife of James Thomas; Amanda, wife of Samuel Stevenson; Jared, who married Margaret Shaffer; Green, who married Sarah Deweber; Mary, mother of our subject, and Joann, wife of Richard Wright. Mrs. Thomas is the only one of the family now living. In 1842, immediately after their marriage, George W. Thomas and wife came to Hickory Grove, Whiteside County, and he then pre-empted and in Union Grove, where he opened up a farm and made for himself and family a home. He was a successful farmer and carried on that occupation up to within three years of his death, owning two hundred and thirty-six acres of land in Mount Pleasant Township. His last days were spent in retirement in Morrison, where his widow still lives. At the time of his death, which occurred August 30, 1893, he was one of the oldest settlers of the county. In politics he was a Republican. He was an earnest, consistent Christian, a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church, to which is wife also belongs, and he was a leader in church and Sunday school work..
In the family of this worthy couple were eleven children, two of whom died in infancy, and two others died young. The others are as follows: Francis M., a retired farmer, of Morrison, married Margaret Hawk and has one son, Henry; Addison P., our subject, is the next of the family. Samuel T. married Margaret Harrow and follows farming in Mr. Pleasant Township.. Nathan J., a retired farmer of Morrison, married Emma Heaton, and has two children living, Eunice and Cleo. Elizabeth is the widow of David Finch and lives in Sterling. She has nine children living, Clara, Elma, Albert, Martha, Margaret, Jennie, George, Ole and Roy. John Milton, a resident of Ustick Township, married Annie Cope, and has three children, Nellie, John and Edna. George E. married Grace Quackenbush and died at the age of twenty-five years. Minnie is the wife of Jacob Feldman, a farmer of Mt. Pleasant Township, and they have three children, Alice, James and Joseph.
Addison P. Thomas grew to manhood on the home farm, and was educated in the common schools of the locality. Prompted by a spirit of patriotism, he joined the boys in blue during the Civil War and was in the service for six months doing garrison duty most of the time. It was in 1864 that he enlisted for one hundred days in Company *** volunteer infantry. On receiving an honorable discharge from the service, he returned home, and continued to work for his father until twenty-two years of age, after which he rented land and engaged in farming on his own account.
On the 18th of February, 1868, Mr. Thomas led to the marriage alter Miss Bernice M. Hiddleson, who was born in Sullivan county, Pennsylvania, February 18, 1851, a daughter of John and Rosetta (Taylor) Hiddleson, also natives of that state, where the father died. Later the mother married Fletcher Sperry, with whom she came to Whiteside County, Illinois, settling in Mr. Pleasant Township. Mr. Sperry died in 1867, but his wife is still living and makes her home in Morrison. By her first marriage she had four children, of whom one died young; Mary died a year after her marriage to William Dillenbeck; and David M., who married Elma Heiner, died in 1897, leaving four children, Alice, Iva, Earl and Frank. Mrs. Thomas is the only one of this family now living. Of the thirteen children born to our subject and his wife tow died in infancy. The others are as follows: Rosa is the wife of Robert James, a farmer of Clyde Township, and they have one child, Vera B.; Julia is th34 wife of Louis Emery, of Rock Island, and they have one daughter, *Cheryal M.; Della married John Emory, of Rock Island, and died in 1895; Fred is at home attending school; William assists his father in the work of the farm; and Cora, Ella, Allie, Glenn, Carl and Neva are all at home.
For two years after his marriage, Mr. Thomas rented a farm in this county; and then, having been successful, he moved to Greene County, Iowa, and purchased eighty acres, which he improved and cultivated for four years. Selling his property, her returned to Illinois, and for three years operated rented land in Ustick and Mr. Pleasant Township. In 1877 he purchased one hundred and twenty-three acres, and as a farmer and stock raiser is meeting with marked success.
Religiously, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas are both consistent members of the Methodist Episcopal Church, and socially he belongs to Lyndon post, No. 739. G. A. R. and the Modern Woodmen camp, No. 72, of Lyndon. Politically, he affiliates with the Republican Party, and taking an active interest in educational affairs, he has most efficiently filled the offices of school trustee and director.
* As spelled in book

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