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R. L. Renner

R. L. Renner

Lieutenant Renner graduated from artillery officers' training school at For Sill last week. He will have next week for Fort Bragg, where he will await assingment. It is possible that Mrs. Renner and little son will jin him if he is assigned to a post within the borders of the United States.

Lieutenant Renner graduated from the Tampico high school in the class of 1935. He farmed with his parents until he entered the army June 30, 1941. He was first sent to Fort Sheridan, then to Fort Bragg, N. C. then to Fort Dixon, N.J., then to Camp Claiborne, La., then to Camp Livingston, La., and then to officers' school at Fort Sill.

Lineutenant Renner early developed a liking for army life and his time has been rapid. Of unusual interest is the fact, that without college training, he was able to master the intricacies of mathematics and the various instruments used in the artiller in the short space of four months - something which required a vast amount of hard work.

Lieutenant Renner was married to Miss Julia Shick, October 20, 1941.

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