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Row 1: Binginhimer & Higginbotham; Charles Lane; P/C to Illa Dillon; Jack Olmstead & Robt Van DeVelde; Joseph L Burke

Row 2: Mary G. Kelly; Local Vets: ADAMS, COOK, ALDRICH; Lawrence McCormick; Local Vets: SISSON, LAUFF, WELCH, WILDMAN, TRACY FAULKNER; Local Vets:KIRST, MAY, VICKRY, WESCOTT

Row 3: Russell E. Wescott; Paul W.Apple; James W Apple; Robert Apple; George R. Cain

Row 4: Raymond Rebert; BurtonFerguson; Paul T. Cooney; Richard Dean Egert; John L.Christ

Row 5: Donald Dronenberg; Jack E.Olmstead; Roland Sibley; Kenneth Sibley; F. Donald Sibley

Row 6: Mason A.Steadman; Roland Sawyer; Kenneth Sawyer; Charles Musche; Eugene Rosene

Row 7: LeRoy Lancaster; Jerald B. Johnson; Glenn W. Meek; James E. Kelly; Edward J. Kobbeman;

Row 8: Darrell Eugene Graham; Ronald Reagan; Kenneth Johnson; R. L.Renner; Marvin Ackeberg

Row 9: Bernard Johnson; George Lester Roese; Ronald G. Bradley; Bernard, Herbert & James Adams; Ruth Cook

Row 10: Charles B. Aldrich; Lloyd E Bane;

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