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Joseph L Burke

Joseph L Burke

Joseph L. Burke Awarded the Bronze Star Medal
Joseph L. Burke, Commander-elect of the Tampico Posts of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, was presented the Bronze Star last Thursday by two officers of the Rock Island recruiting station. He served in Europe. The citation reads: Technical Sergeant Joseph L. Burked, infantry of the Unite States army, As supply sergeant of service company, Sixth armored infantry battallion sergeant Burke worked continuously in all kinds of weather over difficult roads and mountain trailsand often under heavy shelling by the enemy to assure steady flow of rations, ammunicition and other supplies to the scattered units of his company.

The roads over which he had to travelwere constantly harassed by enemy artillery and because of enemy observationhe could reach the forward elements only during hours of darkness. He worked many hours without rest or sleep to deliver rations to the most forward points where they were need most for the troops. He was fired upon many times by snipers while following a column's advance and was required to be continuously on the alert to avoid by-passed enemy troops and pockets of resistance.

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