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Jack Olmstead & Robert Van DeVelde

Jack Olmstead & Robert Van DeVelde

August, 1945
Honolulu, Hawaii
L-R: Jack Olmstead, Motor Machinist Mate 2nd class USNR, United States Navy Reserver

Robert Van De Velde, Tech. Sargeant, United States Air Force

This reunion took place in August of 1945 in Honolulu, Haewaii in the Royal Hawaian Hotel, literally by accident! Van De Velde and a friend were down at the beach on a little R & R and ran into Jack Olmstead in the lobby of the hotel. It was the first time that either of them during their tour of duty in the south pacific ever met anyone from their home town.

Jact was stationed on the LST-671, and made troop landings on the beaches of Leyte an Luzon in the Phillipians and Okinawa invasions.

Bob was stationed on the island of Tinian in the Mariana Islands, as a member of the 504th, B-29 Bomber group. Bob participated in 20 bombing missions an mining missions over the main island of Japan.

To say the least, it was a great and eventful reunion!

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