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Higginbotham and Binginhimer

Higginbotham and Binginhimer

Submitted by Jim Williams
The man standing on the right is my grandfather, Raymond Cay Higginbotham.
The man standing on the left is Edward A Binginhimer.
My grandfather served in the 4th Division and was nearing the front on Armistice Day, Nov 11th. He stayed in Germany in the Army after the Armistice.. He was stationed on a farm. He said the only time he was warm during the winter is when he slept against the cow. I do not know how he fell in with the IL group.
He was from Palatka, Florida. The picture appears to be a postcard, and was discovered 30 years after his death, in some documents that my grandmother had. We were cleaning out her house after she died at almost 91. My grandfathers family goes back to revolutionary war soldier, who is buried in Nassau count just north of Jacksonville.
We just had a Braddock-Higginbotham reunion this month! I hope that this image can be used by the historical society!
Jim Williams
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