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The Badgley family story starts when the first Badgley's came from "Bagalsy" Scotland by way of England to Flushing, Long Island in New York prior to 1688.  Four generations passes highlighted by a grand of land in New Jersey from King George of England in 1710, service in the Colonial Militia in 1715, service in the 4th Regiment from Dutchess Co., New York during the Revolutionary War (D.A.R. No. 221756), A move to Gallia County, Ohio and then to Tampico. Illinois.

John Perry Badgley married Sarah Ann Glassburn in 1853.  In 1883 John and Sarah, along with their son Halburt Chandler, moved to Dakota Territory and homesteaded.  The farm is located in northwestern Brown County, north of Aberdeen, SD. They broke the land, proved up the homestead and bred draft horses.

H,C, married Grace Ingrahm, a neighbor, and they  carried on the tradition of breeding fine horses for draft and harness.  H,C, and Grace had three children, John Perry Badgley ll, Laura (Gooding) and Helen (Henry).  In 1919 the family moved to the town of Barnard and took over the Barnard Lumber Company and started an Insurance Agency.  H, C. and his son John Perry ll also operated an automobile agency and garage handling Pontiac, Oakland and Chevrolet cars.  H.C. continued overseeing the operation of the farm.

J. Perry ll and his wife Kathryn took over the operation of the farm in 1942.  They made many improvements and developed excellent herds of Hereford and Simmental cattle. J. Perry died in 1979 and Kathryn in 1995.  A daughter, Patti, preceded them in death in 1951 at the age of 15. Their sons John Perry lll and R. Martin oversee the original homestead and additional acres added through the years.

John P. lll and his wife Hazle (a retired nurse) live in Mobridge, SD operating Key Insurance and Key Real Estate  Their son John Perry lV and his wife Cassie and two daughters, live in Minnetonka, MN  and is part of Key Insurance with an office in the Twin Cities. Their daughter Elizabeth lives in Bloomfield Michigan with her husband Charles, an engineer with Ford Motor Co. and two daughters.

R. Martin Badgley and his wife Gladys live in Watertown, SD, they have two sons, Curtis and his wife Michelle live in Omaha, NE and Steven who lives in Colorado with his family.  Martin is retired after selling their Precision Machine Shop.


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