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Les Niemi recommends the following: remove anyone and their descendants who is still living or simply change their given name to "Living" so as to protect the identity of these folks (credit card companies and others use one's mother's maiden name as a way of identifying you as "the real McCoy.")

Descendants of George & Kate Heintzelman, submitted by Les Niemi

Descendants of Thomas Dow and Nabby Daniels in pdf format  Submitted by Les Niemi

David Slye in pdf format (large file, will take a few minutes to upload)

Descendants of Baxtor Lyon (pdf format)  Submitted by Sandy Hartnell

Descendants of William McKenzie & Deborah Towner (pdf format) Submitted by Les Niemi
The Foys are linked to the McKenzies through Austin Foy m Lucinda McKenzie

Descendants of J. W. Glassburn - pdf

Descendants of Solomon "Saul" France - Submitted by Les Niemi

Descendants of William FOY - Submitted by David Foy

Descendants of Wm Foy - Submitted by Les Niemi

Descendants of Nehemiah LYON - pdf - submitted by Sandi Hartnell

Off-site link by Brian Sanders. Includes McKenzie, Foy, Morrill and other surnames.

Descendants of William Lane, prepared by Melva L Taylor (pdf)

  John Badgley History
  Johnson/Olson Family History
  Mott Family
  Hull Family information
  Leahy Families (of Killorglin)
  Descendants of Adelbert Zenus White 1846-1930
  Descendants of John Wilbur White 1852-1904
  Descendants of John White - 1811-1879
  Dr. A. C. Smith - census records, etc.
  Descendants of George "Juergen" Johnson "Johannsen"

Submitted by: Wm. J. Bonner, ID

  FISHER Families
  Desc. of Joseph Nicewonger
  Desc. of Frederick Louis Allen
  Descendants of Nancy Booth
  DAR Jennie Cleveland Sturtevant
  Shere's from Devonshire, UK
  Summary for Vera May Seymour
  Summary for Ethel Sarah Seymour
  Summary for Daisy Leona Seymour
  Fred Harvey Seymour - Family Group Record
  Summary for Emma Alice Bowman
  Summary for Fred Harvey Seymour
  Harvey Hervey Seymour - Family Group Record
  Summary for Martha Jane Paddock
  Frank S. Nelson 1874-1939
  Descendants of Francis A. Davis

Submitted by Jack Pritchard

  Descendants of Thomas Dow
Submitted by Lynn & Craig Kolb
  Descendants of Alvah A Hogeboom
Submitted by Ron Dugan
  Descendants of Joseph A. Teach
Submitted by Jack Pritchard
  Descendants of Reuben Davis
Submitted by Jack Pritchard (Revised Feb.24. 2007)
  Descendants of James E Davis
Submitted by Jack Pritchard
  Howlette Descendants

Submitted by Joni Schatti

  Descendants of Charles Rosene

Submitted by Joni Schatti

  Descendants of Nels Peter Johnson
  Robert Dean
  Descendants of John RENNER 1773
  Descendants of William Foy - Report


  Descendants of Earl & Margaret BROOKS
  Desc. of John & Rachel Darnell & Rogers

Surnames mentioned: Darnell; Viars; Potter; Rogers; Stewart; Bacon; Foy; Buchanan; Wheelock; Olwin;

  Descendants of John Ellis Shere & Maria Artlett

The DOWs are related to the SHEREs through Zilla DOW m William SHERE   Submitted by Les Niemi

  Descendants of Jos Kemp & Maria L. Shere
The SHEREs are linked to the KEMPs through Joseph KEMP m Maria Louisa SHERE
  Descendants of Chancey Gray & Polly Borland
The KEMPs are related to the GRAYs through Joseph KEMP m Roxanna DOW dau of Thomas DOW and Susan GRAY.
  Descendants of Benjamin Willett & Hannah & Fanny Ferrill
The Dows are linked to the Willets through Thomas Dow m Margaret Willett
  Descendants of Stephen Hotchkiss & Sally Lamb
The Underhills are linked to the Hotchkisses through Eugene Underhill m Cora Hotchkiss
  Descendants of Ladovic Underhill & Cynthia Goodell & Anna Dickerson
The Loves are linked to the Underhills through William Love m Margaret Underhill
  Descendants of Alfred Love & Ann Piper
The McKenzies are related to the Loves through Imogene McKenzie m Martin Love
  Descendants of Daniel Foy
The Teachs are related to the Foys through Clayton m Bertha Foy.
  Descendants of Unk Teach & Mary Ann VanDrew
Morses are linked to the Greenmans through Frederick Jay Morse m Gertie Greenman (Greenman tree posted). Greemans are linked to the Teachs through Charles Greeman m Blanch Teach. Les Niemi
  Descendants of Jacob Myers & Mary Polly Mires
The Dows are linked to the Myers through Charles Myers m Lucy Dow
  Descendants of Rufus & Mary Ann Aldrich
The Glassburns are related to the Aldrichs thru Alice Aldrich m Fredrick Glassburn.
  Descendants of Philo Morse & Ataline Aldrich
The Aldrichs are linked to the Morses through Ataline Aldrich m Philo Morse
  Descendants of George Forward & Sarah Crager (Krager)
  Descendants of Jonathan Greenman & Joanna Eddy
The Forward's link to the Greenman's thru Albert Lester FORWARD who married Fannie R. Greenman. Here's the Greenman family.
  Descendants of Noah John Hogeboom
The DOW's are related to the Hogeboom's through Laurer Dow m Daisy Hogeboom
  Descendants of Benjamin Estabrook
The Hogeboom's are related to the Estabrooks thru Noah J. Hogeboom m Sara Estabrook
  Descendants of Benjamin & Betsey Baldwin
The Estabrooks' are connected to the Baldwins thru Jacob Baldwin m Elvira Estabrooks
  Descendants of William. Lane & Anna Lockwood

The Baldwin's are connected to the Lane's Mary E. Baldwin m Francis Marion Lane

  Descendants of Edgar A. LaDue & Siscelia Lane
The Lanes are connected to the LaDues through Siscelia Lane m Edgar A. LaDue
  Descendants of Johann G Glassbrenner (Glassburn) & Eliz. Fisher
The Ladues are connected to the Glassburns through Georgia LaDue through Ralph Leroy Glassburn
  Descendants of George Forward Jr.
  McKenzie Family Tree & Report
  Lakin Family Tree


  Desc of David Glassburn-Virginia Pioneer
  Glassburn/Seekman Gen Chart
  Glassburn Data - by Linda York

Descendants of Simeon Brown (submitted by Craig & Lynn Kolb)

Descendants of Solomon Brown (submitted by Craig & Lynn Kolb)

Descendants of Lee Waite Brown (submitted by Craig & Lynn Kolb)

Descendants of Henry L. Denison (submitted by Craig & Lynn Kolb)

Descendants of Thomas Dow - includes Dow, Denison, Kolb (submitted by Craig & Lynn Kolb)

Descendants of William Hager - includes: Hager, Waite, S)tearns, Warner, Brown, Dow (submitted by Craig & Lynn Kolb)

Descendants of Frederick Joern - includes Joern & Kolb (submitted by Craig & Lynn Kolb)

Descendants of Henry Peters - includes: Peters, Waite, Stearns, Brown, Dow (Submitted by Craig & Lynn Kolb)

Descendants of Rueben Stearns - includes: Stearns, Warner, Waite, Brown, Dow (Submitted by Craig & Lynn Kolb)

Descendants of Richard Stearns - includes Waite, Warner, Stearns, Brown, Dow (submitted by Craig & Lynn Kolb)

Descendants of John Warner - includes Warner, Waite, Brown, Dow (submitted by Craig & Lynn Kolb)

Descendants of John Henry Sippel (submitted by Bette Rick)

Descendants of Johann Jorgensen (Updated Nov 21, 2012) Submitted by Wm. Bonner

Daniel Wetzell (1815-1902) and Family -  We have a very extensive file on this family. It includes d/c, marriage certs. obits, bio's, etc. It is too extensive to post online. Please contact Denise McLoughlin tampicohistoricalsociety@gmail.com 

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