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Submitted by Les Niemi - The DOWs are related to the SHEREs through Zilla DOW m William SHERE

Descendants of John Ellis Shere and Maria Artlett

Generation No. 1

 1. JOHN ELLIS2 SHERE (MR.1) was born September 20, 1810 in Devonshire, England, and died April 20, 1901 in Yorktown, IL. He married MARIA E. ARTLETT December 18, 1831 in London, England.

        Children of JOHN SHERE and MARIA ARTLETT are:

 2.                i.    THOMAS A.3 SHERE, b. December 15, 1832, Albion, Orleans Co., NY; d. December 20, 1915, Humboldt, Humboldt Co., IA.

 3.               ii.    MARIA LOUISA SHERE, b. June 18, 1835, Albion, Orleans Co., NY; d. June 03, 1875, Tampico, IL.

 4.              iii.    CAROLYN "CARRIE" AMELIA SHERE, b. October 04, 1837, Albion, Orleans Co., NY; d. October 02, 1912, Minneapolis, Ottawa Co, KS.

                  iv.    MARY JANE SHERE, b. February 22, 1840.


                   v.    AMBROSE H. SHERE, b. 1843.


 5.              vi.    ANN "ANNIE" ELIZA SHERE, b. June 18, 1846, Albion, Orleans Co., NY; d. September 22, 1912, Minneapolis, Ottowa Co, KS.

 6.             vii.    WILLIAM E. SHERE, b. July 24, 1848, Henry Co., IL; d. August 13, 1932, Fairfield Township, Bureau Co., IL.

 7.            viii.    EMMA SHERE, b. 1855, New York.

 8.              ix.    AMBROSE A. SHERE, b. September 07, 1859, Yorktown, IL; d. November 24, 1939, Yorktown, IL.

Generation No. 2

 2. THOMAS A.3 SHERE (JOHN ELLIS2, MR.1) was born December 15, 1832 in Albion, Orleans Co., NY, and died December 20, 1915 in Humboldt, Humboldt Co., IA. He married (1) AMANDA S. FLINT 1852, daughter of ASHER FLINT and LAURA UNKNOWN. He married (2) LIZZIE SMITH May 24, 1890 in Humboldt, Humboldt Co., IA. He married (3) LAURA L. DEYO November 19, 1893.

        Children of THOMAS SHERE and AMANDA FLINT are:

 9.                i.    WILLIAM HENRY4 SHERE, b. April 12, 1853, Humboldt, NY; d. October 02, 1932, Welch, Craig Co., OK.

 10.             ii.    EUGENE EDWARD SHERE, b. April 24, 1855, IL; d. October 08, 1927, Welch, Craig Co., OK.

                 iii.    ILLA SHERE, b. 1866; d. 1952; m. J. HENRY MAYER.


 11.            iv.    CHARLES HERBERT SHERE, b. 1884.

 3. MARIA LOUISA3 SHERE (JOHN ELLIS2, MR.1) was born June 18, 1835 in Albion, Orleans Co., NY, and died June 03, 1875 in Tampico, IL. She married JOSEPH KEMP November 25, 1852 in Bureau Co., IL.

        Children of MARIA SHERE and JOSEPH KEMP are:

                    i.    EDWARD A.4 KEMP, b. November 23, 1853, New York; d. March 03, 1875, Tampico, IL.


 12.             ii.    CHARLES KEMP, b. December 17, 1856, Lennox, Commonwealth, Canada; d. April 29, 1930, Ord, Valley, NE.

                 iii.    JOHN L. KEMP, b. Abt. 1860, Canada.


 13.            iv.    ANNA L. KEMP, b. July 06, 1862, Canada; d. March 13, 1898, Tampico, IL.

                   v.    JOSEPH KEMP, b. Abt. 1866, Canada.


 14.            vi.    HERBERT A. KEMP, b. Abt. 1867, IL.

                 vii.    FREDRICK KEMP, b. Abt. 1870, Illinois; d. August 11, 1876, Tampico, IL.


 4. CAROLYN "CARRIE" AMELIA3 SHERE (JOHN ELLIS2, MR.1) was born October 04, 1837 in Albion, Orleans Co., NY, and died October 02, 1912 in Minneapolis, Ottawa Co, KS. She married ALEXANDER BROWN December 01, 1855 in Malone, Beaver Co., IL.

        Children of CAROLYN SHERE and ALEXANDER BROWN are:

                    i.    FRANK4 BROWN, b. Abt. 1859, Illinois.


                   ii.    EMMA BROWN, b. Abt. 1861, Illinois.


                 iii.    BURTIN BROWN, b. Abt. 1863, Illinios.


 5. ANN "ANNIE" ELIZA3 SHERE (JOHN ELLIS2, MR.1) was born June 18, 1846 in Albion, Orleans Co., NY, and died September 22, 1912 in Minneapolis, Ottowa Co, KS. She married CHARLES HENRY BRANCH July 03, 1864 in Malone, Beaver Co, IL, son of STEPHEN BRANCH and SUSAN.

        Children of ANN SHERE and CHARLES BRANCH are:

                    i.    HATTIE L.4 BRANCH, b. September 28, 1866, IL; d. February 14, 1892; m. JOSHUA LOWEL MCGAVRAN, March 01, 1883, Centerville, IA.


                   ii.    NELLIE ANNIE BRANCH, b. March 04, 1868, IL; d. March 17, 1938, Larned, KS; m. WILLIAM H. MCGAVAN, March 13, 1887.


 15.            iii.    CLARISA GERTRUDE BRANCH, b. February 11, 1873, Minneapolis, KS; d. December 12, 1949, Topeka, KS.

                  iv.    MINNIE OLIVE BRANCH, b. April 22, 1876, Minneapolis, KS; d. March 17, 1962; m. GEORGE H. BARBRICK, October 06, 1909.


                   v.    FRED BRANCH, b. August 19, 1880, Minneapolis, KS; d. June 17, 1913, Cleveland, OK; m. EFFIE FESSLER, November 13, 1905, Cleveland, OK.


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