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Submitted by Les Niemi

The Hogeboom's are related to the Estabrooks thru Noah J. Hogeboom m Sara Estabrook.

Descendants of Benjamin Estabrook

Generation No. 1

 1. BENJAMIN2 ESTABROOK (THOMAS1) was born February 28, 1743/44 in Dunstable, MA, and died January 24, 1813 in Dunstable, MA. He married SARAH HEALD 1769 in Bedford, Middlesex Co., MA.

        Children of BENJAMIN ESTABROOK and SARAH HEALD are:

                    i.    THOMAS3 ESTABROOK, b. February 08, 1770, Westford, Middlesex, MA.


                   ii.    JOEL ESTABROOK, b. February 23, 1772, Hancock, Hillsborough, NH; d. June 10, 1859; m. MRS. SARAH (BROOKS) TAYLOR, December 22, 1812.


 2.              iii.    BENJAMIN ESTABROOK, b. October 28, 1774, Alstead, Chesire, NH; d. June 29, 1833, Middlesex Co., NH.

                  iv.    HOSEA ESTABROOK, b. August 27, 1779, Westford, Middlesex, MA; d. December 25, 1859; m. MARY MOORS, March 22, 1810.


                   v.    SARAH ESTABROOK, b. July 18, 1781, Westford, Middlesex, MA; m. JOEL FRENCH, January 24, 1801.


                  vi.    RHODA ESTABROOK, b. December 05, 1783, Westford, Middlesex, MA; m. CYRUS TAYLOR, February 21, 1807.


                 vii.    OLIVE ESTABROOK, b. Abt. 1785.


Generation No. 2

 2. BENJAMIN3 ESTABROOK (BENJAMIN2, THOMAS1) was born October 28, 1774 in Alstead, Chesire, NH, and died June 29, 1833 in Middlesex Co., NH. He married SYBLE WOOD March 11, 1804 in Hancock, Chesire Co., NH, daughter of SALMON WOOD and SIBYLE WHITEMORE.

        Children of BENJAMIN ESTABROOK and SYBLE WOOD are:

 3.                i.    MARY4 ESTABROOK.

 4.               ii.    DAVID WOOD ESTABROOK, b. June 30, 1805, Alstead, Chesire, NH; d. February 17, 1877, Tampico, IL.

                 iii.    LEVI DANIEL ESTABROOK, b. June 15, 1807, Alstead, Chesire, NH; d. November 15, 1823.


 5.              iv.    ELVIRA CALISTA ESTABROOK, b. July 19, 1810, Alstead, Chesire, NH; d. August 31, 1841, Leon, IL.

                   v.    SALAMON W. ESTABROOK, b. April 01, 1812, Alstead, Chesire, NH; d. Georgia?.


                  vi.    JOEL ANSON ESTABROOK, b. March 06, 1819, Alstead, Chesire, NH; d. 1840, Lost At Sea.


 6.             vii.    SARAH MARIA ESTABROOK, b. March 29, 1821, Hancock Co., NH; d. February 17, 1894, Tampico, IL.

               viii.    STEPHEN M. "MONROE" ESTABROOK, b. April 01, 1821, Manchester, VT; m. FRANCES.


Generation No. 3


        Child of MARY ESTABROOK and JOHN is:

                    i.    IDA5.


 4. DAVID WOOD4 ESTABROOK (BENJAMIN3, BENJAMIN2, THOMAS1) was born June 30, 1805 in Alstead, Chesire, NH, and died February 17, 1877 in Tampico, IL. He married (1) MARY CLOGSTONE October 10, 1839 in Strafford, NH. He married (2) LUCY BENEDICT June 1844 in Thedford, VT, daughter of EZRA BENEDICT and SARAH STOCKWELL. He married (3) MARY JANE FARRELL January 15, 1864 in Fairfield, IL, daughter of GEORGE FARRELL and SARA.


 7.                i.    GEORGE T.5 ESTABROOK, b. May 1842, Tampico, IL.

        Children of DAVID ESTABROOK and LUCY BENEDICT are:

                   ii.    MARTIN B.5 ESTABROOK, b. April 02, 1845, Tampico, IL.


 8.              iii.    MARY A. ESTABROOK, b. February 17, 1847, Tampico, IL.

 9.              iv.    HANNAH M. ESTABROOK, b. April 04, 1849, Thetford, Orange Co., VT.

                   v.    ROSELTA ELVIRA ESTABROOK, b. April 26, 1851, Tampico, IL; d. June 21, 1910; m. STEPHEN MCPHERSON, May 1877.


 10.            vi.    ROSELLA ELMIRA ESTABROOK, b. April 26, 1851, Tampico, IL; d. June 11, 1893.

 11.           vii.    DANIEL M. ESTABROOK, b. August 26, 1854, Manchester, Bennington, VT.

        Child of DAVID ESTABROOK and MARY FARRELL is:

 12.          viii.    SARAH MATILDA5 ESTABROOK, b. May 05, 1865, Fairfield, IL; d. February 05, 1916, Hershey, Lincoln, NE.

 5. ELVIRA CALISTA4 ESTABROOK (BENJAMIN3, BENJAMIN2, THOMAS1) was born July 19, 1810 in Alstead, Chesire, NH, and died August 31, 1841 in Leon, IL. She married JACOB BALDWIN March 13, 1828 in Vermont, son of BENJAMIN BALDWIN and BETSEY.

        Children of ELVIRA ESTABROOK and JACOB BALDWIN are:

                    i.    MARY E.5 BALDWIN, b. 1833, Vermont; d. 1926, Leon, IL; m. FRANCIS MARION LANE, November 16, 1857, Henry Co., IL.


 13.             ii.    JOEL MANNING BALDWIN, b. May 05, 1834, Vermont; d. July 23, 1907, Pomona, CA.

 14.            iii.    LUCY JANE (JENNIE B.?) BALDWIN, b. July 31, 1838, Worcester, Washington, VT; d. Abt. December 1893, LaCrosse, WI.

 6. SARAH MARIA4 ESTABROOK (BENJAMIN3, BENJAMIN2, THOMAS1) was born March 29, 1821 in Hancock Co., NH, and died February 17, 1894 in Tampico, IL. She married NOAH JOHN HOGEBOOM September 04, 1842 in Manchester, VT, son of JACOB HOGEBOOM and FANNY WHITMAN.

        Children of SARAH ESTABROOK and NOAH HOGEBOOM are:

 15.              i.    JOHN NOAH5 HOGEBOOM, b. June 28, 1843, Manchester, Bennington Co., VT; d. May 22, 1912, Lyndon, IL.

 16.             ii.    HILAND HENRY HOGEBOOM, b. November 12, 1845, Manchester, Bennington Co., VT; d. December 15, 1919, Dorset, VT.

                 iii.    ELVIRA MARIE HOGEBOOM, b. September 17, 1848, Manchester, Bennington Co., VT; d. June 08, 1868, Tampico, IL.


                  iv.    FANNY AMELIA HOGEBOOM, b. December 12, 1853, Manchester, Bennington Co., VT; d. April 13, 1875, Tampico, IL.


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