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Family Histories & Gen Charts > Descendants of Unk Teach & Mary Ann VanDrew

Morses are linked to the Greenmans through Frederick Jay Morse m Gertie Greenman (Greenman tree posted). Greemans are linked to the Teachs through Charles Greeman m Blanch Teach. Les Niemi

Descendants of Unknown Teach and Mary Ann VanDrew

Generation No. 1


        Children of UNKNOWN TEACH and MARY VANDREW are:

                    i.    ELMER E.2 TEACH, m. SADIE ASHLING, March 21, 1894, Whiteside Co., IL.


                   ii.    JOHN A. TEACH, m. EMMA MAY STEWART, May 25, 1891, Tampico, Whiteside Co., IL.


                 iii.    WESLEY TEACH, d. December 28, 1896, Sycamore, IL.


 2.              iv.    BENJAMIN TEACH, b. Abt. 1850, Maryland.

 3.               v.    JOSEPH TEACH, b. 1852, Pennsylvania; d. 1929, Tampico, IL.

 4.              vi.    NEWTON J. TEACH, b. January 05, 1858, Maryland; d. June 13, 1938, Tampico, IL.

                 vii.    SAMUEL TEACH, b. Abt. 1860, Maryland; m. SARAH "EDITH" FORWARD, December 24, 1881.


 5.            viii.    MARGARET M. TEACH, b. October 11, 1866, Maryland.

Generation No. 2

 2. BENJAMIN2 TEACH (UNKNOWN1) was born Abt. 1850 in Maryland. He married CARRIE.

        Children of BENJAMIN TEACH and CARRIE are:

                    i.    CARRIE3 TEACH, b. Abt. 1875, IL.


                   ii.    ESSIE TEACH, b. Abt. 1877, IL.


 3. JOSEPH2 TEACH (UNKNOWN1) was born 1852 in Pennsylvania, and died 1929 in Tampico, IL. He married ALICE M. ROGERS.

        Children of JOSEPH TEACH and ALICE ROGERS are:

                    i.    DOLLIE??3 TEACH, m. MATTHEW HUTTON.


 6.               ii.    OSCAR TEACH, b. 1875; d. 1953, Tampico, IL.

 7.              iii.    CLAYTON TEACH, b. Abt. 1881, Maryland.

                  iv.    DOLLIE TEACH, b. Abt. 1887, Illinois.


                   v.    RALPH TEACH, b. Abt. 1888, Illinois.


 4. NEWTON J.2 TEACH (UNKNOWN1) was born January 05, 1858 in Maryland, and died June 13, 1938 in Tampico, IL. He married ANNA L. KEMP February 27, 1883 in Whiteside Co., IL, daughter of JOSEPH KEMP and MARIA SHERE.

        Child of NEWTON TEACH and ANNA KEMP is:

                    i.    BLANCHE3 TEACH, m. CHARLES GREENMAN, December 16, 1903, Morrison, IL.


 5. MARGARET M.2 TEACH (UNKNOWN1) was born October 11, 1866 in Maryland. She married GEORGE M. GREENMAN Abt. 1883 in Whiteside Co., IL, son of JOB GREENMAN and ALBINA DOW.

        Children of MARGARET TEACH and GEORGE GREENMAN are:

                    i.    FRED LINCOLN3 GREENMAN, b. December 12, 1883, Illinois.


                   ii.    LULU GREENMAN, b. October 1885, Illinois.


                 iii.    GLEN ELMER GREENMAN, b. July 06, 1889, Illinois.


Generation No. 3

 6. OSCAR3 TEACH (JOSEPH2, UNKNOWN1) was born 1875, and died 1953 in Tampico, IL. He married MINA MINNIE EKDAHL October 15, 1896 in Morrison, IL, daughter of FATHER EKDAHL and MOTHER.

        Child of OSCAR TEACH and MINA EKDAHL is:

                    i.    SON4 TEACH.


 7. CLAYTON3 TEACH (JOSEPH2, UNKNOWN1) was born Abt. 1881 in Maryland. He married BERTHA MANDANA FOY, daughter of AUSTIN FOY and LUCINDA MCKENZIE.

        Children of CLAYTON TEACH and BERTHA FOY are:

                    i.    VELMA4 TEACH.


                   ii.    GORDON F. TEACH, b. March 17, 1903, Yorktown, IL; d. November 23, 1973, Los Angles, CA.


                 iii.    ORVILLE AUSTIN TEACH, b. April 02, 1908, Canada; d. February 08, 1990, San Mateo, Daly City, CA.


                  iv.    BURDETTE "TED" TEACH, b. July 16, 1920; d. March 02, 1993, Humboldt, CA; m. SIGRID.


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