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The Forward's link to the Greenman's thru Albert Lester FORWARD who married Fannie R. Greenman. Here's the Greenman family.

Descendants of Jonathan Greenman and Joanna Eddy

Generation No. 1

 1. JONATHAN1 GREENMAN was born Abt. 1812 in New York, and died April 17, 1852 in Cherry Creek, NY. He married JOANNA EDDY November 1836 in Cherry Creek, NY, daughter of MR. EDDY.

        Children of JONATHAN GREENMAN and JOANNA EDDY are:

                    i.    DAUA2 GREENMAN, b. Abt. 1836, New York.


 2.               ii.    WILLIAM E. GREENMAN, b. September 1837, New York; d. March 18, 1911, Tampico, IL.

 3.              iii.    JOB E. GREENMAN, b. May 14, 1839, New York; d. February 02, 1924, Tampico, IL.

 4.              iv.    FANNIE G. GREENMAN, b. March 05, 1842, NY; d. April 1902, Rock Falls, IL.

 5.               v.    ALPHA GREENMAN, b. October 13, 1846, Cherry Valley, NY; d. April 27, 1907, Watertown, IL.

Generation No. 2

 2. WILLIAM E.2 GREENMAN (JONATHAN1) was born September 1837 in New York, and died March 18, 1911 in Tampico, IL. He married POLLY ANN (M?) JEWETT October 13, 1859 in Whiteside Co., IL.

        Children of WILLIAM GREENMAN and POLLY JEWETT are:

                    i.    CHARLES3 GREENMAN, m. BLANCHE TEACH, December 16, 1903, Morrison, IL.


 6.               ii.    FANNIE R. GREENMAN, b. August 17, 1860; d. December 31, 1951, Tampico, IL.

                 iii.    GEORGE GREENMAN, b. 1862, IL.


 7.              iv.    BLANCHE GREENMAN, b. February 26, 1866, Illinois; d. May 03, 1930, Yorktown, IL.

 8.               v.    GERTRUDE "GERTIE" GREENMAN, b. January 1869, IL.

                  vi.    JENNIE GREENMAN, b. April 1870, IL.


                 vii.    BERTHA GREENMAN, b. Abt. 1871, Illinoise.


 9.            viii.    DAISY GREENMAN, b. April 15, 1872, Illinios; d. September 19, 1933, Tampico, IL.

 10.            ix.    JOHN J. GREENMAN, b. April 17, 1874, Tampico, IL; d. January 07, 1911, Tampico, IL.

 11.             x.    JAY GREENMAN, b. June 17, 1878, Illinois.

                  xi.    CLAYTON GREENMAN, b. June 10, 1883, Illinois.


                 xii.    RALPH GREENMAN, b. September 18, 1885, Illinois; d. September 06, 1945, Morrison, Whiteside Co., IL.


 3. JOB E.2 GREENMAN (JONATHAN1) was born May 14, 1839 in New York, and died February 02, 1924 in Tampico, IL. He married (1) ALBINA A. DOW June 18, 1861 in Whiteside Co., IL, daughter of WHITCHER DOW and EUNICE BUMP. He married (2) JULIA E. PITNEY October 18, 1904 in Chicago, IL, daughter of EBENEZER PITNEY and MARY SNOW. He married (3) HATTIE FOSSELL January 09, 1917 in Tampico, IL, daughter of MR. FOSSELL and MR.

        Children of JOB GREENMAN and ALBINA DOW are:

 12.              i.    BURTON D.3 GREENMAN, b. August 12, 1863, IL; d. October 20, 1930, Tampico, IL.

 13.             ii.    GEORGE M. GREENMAN, b. September 1863, Illinois; d. April 19, 1911, Tampico, IL.

 4. FANNIE G.2 GREENMAN (JONATHAN1) was born March 05, 1842 in NY, and died April 1902 in Rock Falls, IL. She married EDWARD WHITCHER DOW October 13, 1859 in Whiteside Co., IL, son of WHITCHER DOW and EUNICE BUMP.

        Children of FANNIE GREENMAN and EDWARD DOW are:

 14.              i.    ERNEST LINWOOD3 (CARNUT?) , DR. DOW, b. September 01, 1861, Yorktown, IL; d. June 29, 1935, Rock Falls, IL.

                   ii.    JOHN DOW, b. 1873, IL.


                 iii.    NETTIE W. DOW, b. February 22, 1881, IL; m. AURTHER V. GRAY, January 25, 1905, Whiteside Co., IL.


 5. ALPHA2 GREENMAN (JONATHAN1) was born October 13, 1846 in Cherry Valley, NY, and died April 27, 1907 in Watertown, IL. She married ANSEL BROOKS October 1859 in Yorktown, IL.

        Children of ALPHA GREENMAN and ANSEL BROOKS are:

                    i.    BARTON3 BROOKS, b. 1867, IL.


                   ii.    WILLIAM BROOKS, b. 1871, IL.


                 iii.    WIFE OF FRANK (CLEMANTINE?) BROOKS, b. 1873, IL; m. FRANK WROTEN.


                  iv.    ALMA S. BROOKS, b. December 1885, Illinois.


Generation No. 3

 6. FANNIE R.3 GREENMAN (WILLIAM E.2, JONATHAN1) was born August 17, 1860, and died December 31, 1951 in Tampico, IL. She married ALBERT LESTER FORWARD June 29, 1878 in Whiteside Co., IL, son of JR. GEORGE and MARIAN DARRATT.

        Children of FANNIE GREENMAN and ALBERT FORWARD are:

 15.              i.    MABEL G.4 FORWARD, b. July 24, 1879, Tampico, IL; d. December 01, 1918, Des Moines, IA.

 16.             ii.    EVALENA "LENA" FORWARD, b. 1883, Tampico, IL; d. 1968, Tampico, IL.

                 iii.    BESSIE FORWARD, b. December 25, 1885, Illinois; d. June 20, 1932.


                  iv.    JESSIE FORWARD, b. April 15, 1889, Tampico, Whiteside Co., IL; d. April 05, 1890, Tampico, Whiteside Co., IL.


 17.             v.    ETHEL FORWARD, b. November 17, 1890, Whiteside Co., IL; d. January 03, 1971, Tampico, IL.

 18.            vi.    GEORGE ALBERT FORWARD, b. May 05, 1896, Tampico, Whiteside Co., IL; d. November 1983, Rock Falls, Whiteside Co., IL.

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