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Descendant List of Frederick Louis Allen

1-Frederick Louis Allen (15 Dec 1857-15 Aug 1919)
 +Katharine C "Nettie" Hein (Jun 1864-1944)
   2-May Lucy Allen (10 May 1884-)
    +Richard D. Mitchell (-)
            3-Richard Mitchell (-)
            3-Francis Helen Mitchell (-)
   2-Edna E. Allen (Jul 1887-)
    +J. LeRoy Glassburn (abt 1890-)
          3-Allen Glassburn (abt 1911-)
          3-Mildred Glassburn (abt 1914-)

Prepared by:
Ronald J. Adams
904 E. 12th Street, Apt 3
York, Nebraska 68467-2600


Lucy 0. Burr Payne Adams Murray


Source; Ronald J. Adams, editor, Ronald Ji Adams Collection Newsletter(York, Nebraska;

Adams, June 2007) issue no. 6.


                                     OTHER TWO HUSBANDS


                                LUCY D. BURR PAYNE ADAMS MURRAY

                  (The Mother of Tampico Resident Frederick L. Allen)



First Husband -1857 to 1860

Little was know about this marriage. It was virtually limited to a note on a photograph of Lucy. It stated.

"Her first husband, Charles PAYNE moved to England and when she refused to go, they divorced. They

had one son, who at the time of their divorce, was adopted by the ALLEN family. The sons name was

Fred PAYNE ALLEN.............(1)


Charles PAYNE was born in Illinois about 1829. Charles and Lucy's short-lived marriage and their

divorce took place in Kane county, Illinois. Geneva is the county seat. Charles and his brothers were

born in Illinois indicating the family lived there for over twenty years. In 1650, Charles 21, his parents,

and three younger brothers were living in Batavia, Illinois.(2) At the same time Lucy BURR 15, her

parents. and four siblings were living in Alden, New York.(3) Some of Lucy's family moved to Batavia after

1850. Then Charles and Lucy were married at St. Charles on 21 Oct 1657.(4)


The Circuit Court record shows Charles stopped living with and supporting Lucy in August 1858. Lucy

filed the Bill of Complaint in November 1860. The record implies Illinois had a two-year waiting period

before a divorce is granted for an absentee spouse. The Court issued a summons for Charles PAYNE to

the Kane county sheriff on 9 Nov 1860 but there is no record Charles responded. The two Witness

Affidavits filed characterize Lucy as a devoted wife and mother while Charles as not a proper person to

have custody of the child. One witness was Lucy's stepfather, William S. ELKINS. The other, Lewis

JOHNSON, was Charles and Lucy's brief landlord as well as a former neighbor to the senior PAYNE

family. The Court approved the Bill of Divorce on 13 Dec 1860.(5) Neither Charles, Lucy, nor their son

were located in the 1860 census despite a widespread search. There is no further record of Charles at

this time.


In the 1870 census, son Frederick PAYNE 13, was recorded with his birth name, living with George and

Kate ALLEN, both in their mid-3D's, in Tampico, Whiteside county, Illinois,(5) But ten years later,

Frederick is recorded as Fred ALLEN 22, adopted, and living with the same family in the same place.7

Fred married Catherine "Nettle" REIN at Tampico, Illinois on 2 Jan 1883.(8) They had two daughters, Lucy

Mae and Edna Elizabeth. He continued to live in Tampico until his death on 15 Aug 1919(2)


Second Husband - 1866 to 1870's

This marriage to Nelson J. ADAMS (1 839-1 929) will be addressed in a future Ronald J. Adams

Collection Newsletter.


Third Husband - 1875 to 1882

Again, little was known about this marriage.  The note on the back of Lucy's photograph only stated.

Lucy remained with her third husband, A. P. MURRAY, until his death. They had no children ..(10)


Allen Parker "A. P." MURRAY was born 10 Feb 1616 in New York.11 Mr. MURRAY of Quitman, Missouñ,

was a widower with rnarried adult children when he and Lucy married. They were married on 9 May

1675 at Batavia, Illinois.17 In 1880 they lived in Nodaway county which is in the northwest corner of

Missouri.13 A 1901 biographical history of that county includes Mr. MURRAY'S oldest son, George W.

MURRAY. About George's father, it states:

      After his (first) marriage, (A.P.) engaged in farming in New York, until 1848, when he

      moved to Will county, Illinois. Two years later he went to California in search of gold, by

      way of the overland route, and after spending one year in that state was taken ill and

      returned east by water. About 1853 he purchased eighty acres of unimproved prairie land

      in Will county, Illinois, which he improved and then sold, and subsequently bought a larger


     farm which he ran a number of years. In 1875 he came to this county and bought a farm

     north of Maryville, where he made his home until called from this life June 18, 1882. He was

     a member of the Congregational church and was highly respected by all who knew

     him. The mother of (George W.) died in Illinois, and the father subsequently married again.14


Mrs. Lucy ADAMS is the person" ... the father subsequently married  The census and land records in

Illinois for A. P. MURRAY generally agree with his biography. He was issued multiple land patents

during that period and was absent from his family in the 1850 census. Will county lies southeast of Kane

county and directly south of Du Page county. Joliet is the countyseat.


On 10 Jan 1877, A. P. MURRAY, Atchison county, Missouri, purchased an 80-acre parcel of land (8 ½

NE ¼  Sec 32 T65 R35) from Rufus and Eliza SMITH for $1,250. The land is located just north of

Maryville in Nodaway county, Missouri.15 It appears this is where the family was living in the 1880

census. The household includes A. P., Lucy, her son William ADAMS, his son Willis MURRAY, and

Wiilis wife Mary.16 A. P. died at the farm on 18 Jun 1882. He is buried in a unmarked grave in Oak Hill

cemetery in Maryville.(17)


Because Mr. MURRAY died intestate, Lucy submitted an Application for Letters of Administration on 11

Jul 1882. The Probate Court approved her as Administratrix of the A. P. MURRAY Estate. The record

shows an immediate inventory of real and personal estate was conducted. Besides livestock and farm

equipment, it included fifty-nine acres of corn and ten acres of oats. Also included was the 80-acre

parcel of land described above; there was no cash stated. An Appraisement of Personal Property was

filed 13 Jul 1882 with a total value of $927.00, not including the crops or land. On 17 Aug 1882 an

interesting Demand of Estate was filed by George W. MURRAY, son of the deceased, for $65.00: burial

clothes $33.50, coffin & box $18.50, hearse hired $10.00, and digging grave $3.00. Also on that date a

Sale Bill was filed in the amount of $400.53. Among items sold were two mare ponies, Topsy $8 and

Jennie $25, to William ADAMS. He was 14 years of age then. The Final Settlement of the A. P.

MURRAY Estate was filed 13 February 188518


However, the 80-acre parcel of land belonging to the A. P. MURRAY Estate was not sold until 2 Dec

1891. Elizabeth E. BAILEY paid $3,200 with the warrant deed being filed and recorded on 29 Feb

1892.19 At this time, this is the last known location of Lucy MURRAY on record until the 1910 census.

Then she is living back in Batavia, Illinois, with her sister and brother-in-law, Mary and John

PECKHAM.20 Lucy died in 1915 and is buried with the BURR family in East Cemetery, Batavia.


Addendum, 1 Dec 2OO7:

Lucy had three sons: Frederick L. PAYNEIALLEN, Frank X. ADAMS, and William T. ADAMS. Frederick

was given up for adoption, Frank was raised by his aunt, and William remained with his mother. Despite

the appearance of abandoned children, this evidently, was not the case. Lucy lived with Frederick in

Tampico several years before her death in his home in 1915. Following a brief in-home service,

Frederick, Frank from Iowa, and William from Missouri, were there along with their families to accompany

Lucy's remains to Batavia. A funeral service was conducted before her burial in the BURR family plot.

     The editor of this newsletter descends from the second marriage and second son of Lucy, Frank





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Additional Information found on internet:

1910 United States Federal Census about Le Roy J Glassburn

Name: Le Roy J Glassburn

Age in 1910: 20

Estimated birth year: abt 1890

Birthplace: Illinois

Relation to Head of House: Head 

Father's Birth Place: Ohio 

Mother's Birth Place: Ohio 

Spouse's name: Edna E

Home in 1910: Tampico, Whiteside, Illinois

Marital Status: Married 

Race: White

Gender: Male 

Household Members: Name Age

Le Roy J Glassburn 20, b. IL/OH/OH

Edna E Glassburn 23, b. IL/IL/IL



1920 United States Federal Census about Roy Glassburn

Name: Roy Glassburn

Home in 1920: Tampico, Whiteside, Illinois

Age: 30 years 

Estimated birth year: abt 1890

Birthplace: Illinois

Relation to Head of House: Head 

Spouse's name: Edwa

Father's Birth Place: Illinois 

Mother's Birth Place: Illinois 

Marital Status: Married 

Race: White

Sex: Male

Able to read: Yes 

Able to Write: Yes 

Image: 527 

Household Members: Name Age

Roy Glassburn 30, b. IL (this census lists him as “Roy” & parents born in IL), Occupation: Mgr. Garage 

Edwa Glassburn 32 , b. IL/IL/IL (Her name is mis-transcribed on Ancestry.com as “Edwa” but it is clearly “Edna” on actual record).

Allen Glassburn 9, b. IL

Mildred Glassburn 6, b. IL 


1930 United States Federal Census about J L Glassburn

Name: J L Glassburn

Home in 1930: E Third St., Dixon, Lee, Illinois

Age: 40

Estimated birth year: abt 1890 

Birthplace: Illinois 

Relation to Head of House: Head 

Spouse's name: Bernice

Race: White

Occupation: Automobiles


Military Service:

Rent/home value:

Age at first marriage: 40 (looks like they just got married and he wasn’t counting the first marriage. The column heading reads “Age at first marriage”)

Parents' birthplace: View image

Neighbors: View others on page 

Household Members: Name Age

J L Glassburn 40 

Bernice Glassburn 28 

Allan Glassburn 20 


Looks like the boy went with dad and the girl went with mom.


1930 United States Federal Census about Edna Glassburn

Name: Edna Glassburn

Home in 1930: Sterling, Whiteside, Illinois

Age: 43

Estimated birth year: abt 1887 

Birthplace: Illinois 

Relation to Head of House: Head 

Race: White

Occupation: none

Household Members: Name Age

Edna Glassburn 43, divorced 

Mildred Glassburn 17 (daughter of Edna), single 

Claud Johnson 36, lodger, salesman/automobile


World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918 about Joseph Le Roy Glassburn

Name: Joseph Le Roy Glassburn

City: Tampico 

County: Whiteside 

State: Illinois 

Birthplace: Illinois;United States of America 

Birth Date: 4 Sep 1889

Race: Caucasian (White) 

Roll: 1642752 

DraftBoard: 0 

Age: 27


Nearest Relative:

Height/Build: Medium/Medium

Color of Eyes/Hair: Blue/Dark Brown




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