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The Glassburns are related to the Aldrichs thru Alice Aldrich m Fredrick Glassburn.

Descendants of Rufus and Mary Ann Aldrich

Generation No. 1

 1. RUFUS1 ALDRICH. He married MARY ANN.

        Children of RUFUS ALDRICH and MARY are:

 2.                i.    ATALINE2 ALDRICH, d. June 12, 1918, Minot, ND.

                   ii.    JOHN H. ALDRICH.


                 iii.    EMMA ALDRICH, m. UNKNOWN STEADMAN.


 3.              iv.    CHARLES RUFUS ALDRICH, b. June 18, 1848, Belvidere, IL; d. June 02, 1930, Tampico, IL.

Generation No. 2

 2. ATALINE2 ALDRICH (RUFUS1) died June 12, 1918 in Minot, ND. She married PHILO MORSE April 11, 1862 in Henry Co., IL.

        Children of ATALINE ALDRICH and PHILO MORSE are:

                    i.    GILBERT3 MORSE.


                   ii.    FLORA MORSE, m. UNKNOWN DEWAR.


 4.              iii.    FREEMAN JAY MORSE, b. July 01, 1863, Tampico, IL; d. December 06, 1916, Aurora, IL.

 3. CHARLES RUFUS2 ALDRICH (RUFUS1) was born June 18, 1848 in Belvidere, IL, and died June 02, 1930 in Tampico, IL. He married (1) MARY HELEN QUINN November 13, 1869 in Sterling, IL, daughter of UNKNOWN QUINN and UNKNOWN. He married (2) LOUELLA March 04, 1922.

        Children of CHARLES ALDRICH and MARY QUINN are:

 5.                i.    WAYNE3 ALDRICH.

 6.               ii.    HELEN "NELLIE" MAY ALDRICH, b. 1870, Tampico, IL; d. 1943, Tampico, IL.

 7.              iii.    ARTHUR ALDRICH, b. April 09, 1874; d. July 24, 1947, Tampico, IL.

Generation No. 3

 4. FREEMAN JAY3 MORSE (ATALINE2 ALDRICH, RUFUS1) was born July 01, 1863 in Tampico, IL, and died December 06, 1916 in Aurora, IL. He married GERTRUDE "GERTIE" GREENMAN November 10, 1885 in Tampico, IL, daughter of WILLIAM GREENMAN and POLLY JEWETT.

        Children of FREEMAN MORSE and GERTRUDE GREENMAN are:

                    i.    FANNIE4 MORSE, b. August 1889, Illinois.


                   ii.    MEG MORSE, b. 1891, Illinois.


 5. WAYNE3 ALDRICH (CHARLES RUFUS2, RUFUS1). He married GENEVIEVE BURDEN January 01, 1907 in Tampico, IL, daughter of CHARLES BURDEN and WIFE.


                    i.    CHARLES WAYNE4 ALDRICH.


 6. HELEN "NELLIE" MAY3 ALDRICH (CHARLES RUFUS2, RUFUS1) was born 1870 in Tampico, IL, and died 1943 in Tampico, IL. She married (1) FREDERICK ELLSWORTH GLASSBURN September 21, 1889 in Tampico, IL, son of JOHN GLASSBURN and OLIVE JOHNSTON. She married (2) HARRY A. , DR. TERRY August 10, 1907 in Tampico, IL.

        Children of HELEN ALDRICH and FREDERICK GLASSBURN are:

                    i.    HAROLD L.4 GLASSBURN, b. July 06, 1890, Tampico, IL; d. September 25, 1962, Tampico, IL; m. NADIA ALICE CASH, July 31, 1922, Sycamore, IL.


                   ii.    JOHN CHARLES GLASSBURN, b. July 04, 1891, Tampico, IL; d. September 08, 1891, Tampico, IL.


 8.              iii.    WAYNE FRANCIS GLASSBURN, b. November 23, 1893, Tampico, IL; d. June 19, 1918, Tampico, IL.

        Child of HELEN ALDRICH and HARRY A. is:

                  iv.    MARY ELLEN4 TERRY, b. Abt. 1901, Tampico, IL.


 7. ARTHUR3 ALDRICH (CHARLES RUFUS2, RUFUS1) was born April 09, 1874, and died July 24, 1947 in Tampico, IL. He married MINNIE OLSSON January 04, 1899 in Tampico, IL, daughter of OLIVER OLSSON and CHASTIE MUNSON.


Generation No. 4

 8. WAYNE FRANCIS4 GLASSBURN (HELEN "NELLIE" MAY3 ALDRICH, CHARLES RUFUS2, RUFUS1) was born November 23, 1893 in Tampico, IL, and died June 19, 1918 in Tampico, IL. He married LILLIAN SEIKMAN April 21, 1915 in Geneseo, IL.


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