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Submitted by Les Niemi

Here's the descendancy of the RENNERs that I have been able to put together:

The Tampico Area RENNER Line - L. Niemi
1. John Renner
He married Margaret Neace. John was born in Green Co., PA October 1773.

1.1. George Renner

George was born Pennsylvania 1804. He married Agnes Cowell in Green Co., PA, September 1830. George died February 20, 1881 in Greenville Township, Bureau Co., IL, at 76 years of age.

1.1.1. John Renner

John was born Pennsylvania Ca 1831. He married Hannah M. Meek Bureau Co., IL, September 12, 1857. John died March 19, 1863 in Helena, AR, at 31 years of age.

1.1.2. William Renner

He married Rhonda Ellen Rhodes. William was born in Green Co., PA November 16, 1832. William died February 12, 1925 in Riley, KS, at 92 years of age.

1.1.3. Margaret Renner

Margaret died in Lane Co., OR. Margaret was born Pennsylvania 1834. She married George Washington Meek Illinois, February 20, 1851. Arlington Meek

Arlington was born Illinois 1851. Isobel Meek

Isobel was born in Oregon 1855. Emily Meek

Emily was born in Oregon 1856. Samuel Meek

Samuel was born in Oregon 1858. Sarah Meek

Sarah was born in Oregon 1859. Alice Meek

Alice was born in Oregon 1863. Amanda Meek

Amanda was born in Oregon 1865. George W. Meek

George was born in Oregon Ca 1867.

1.1.4. Christopher Renner

Christopher was born in Green Co., PA July 16, 1837. He married Mary Meek Bureau Co., IL, November 19, 1857. Christopher died November 5, 1915 in Western, Saline Co., NE, at 78 years of age.

1.1.5. Reason "Reece" Renner

Reason was born Pennsylvania January 15, 1840. He married Betsy "Betty" Meek Bureau Co., IL, May 20, 1865. Reason died June 18, 1929 in Walnut, Bureau Co., IL, at 89 years of age.

1.1.6. Sarah Ann Renner

Sarah was born Pennsylvania 1840. She married David Ireland Bureau Co., IL, August 9, 1860. Sarah died May 6, 1862 in Greenville Twp., Bureau Co., IL, at 21 years of age. Christopher Ireland

Christopher died September 19, 1862 in Greenville Twp., Bureau Co., IL.

1.1.7. Elizabeth Renner

Elizabeth was born Pennsylvania 1842. She married Warren Winslow December 12, 1861.

1.1.8. Samuel Renner

Samuel was born Pennsylvania 1844. Samuel died June 1864 in Huntsville, AL, at 19 years of age.

1.1.9. Morgan Renner

Morgan was born Illinois October 1847. He married Nancy Newton Bureau Co., IL, November 15, 1871. He married Rebecca Nelson Olson Bureau Co., IL, 1893. Morgan died April 4, 1928 in Greenville Township, Bureau Co., IL, at 80 years of age. Esther Renner

She married Lee Ward Dow Sheffield, IL, April 21, 1920. Living Dow was born February 5, 1921. Living Dow was born June 22, 1923. Living Dow was born May 14, 1926. Grace A. Renner

Grace was born 1892. She married Earl H. Foy Tampico, IL, March 6, 1913. Grace died 1981 in Tampico, IL, at 89 years of age.

1.1.10. George Renner
He married W.L. Alvine "Nancy" Meinecke. George was born Bureau Co., IL December 11, 1850.

1.2. William Renner
He married Elmina Rheinhart. William was born Pennsylvania 1808. William died November 12, 1859 in Greenville Township, Bureau Co., IL, at 51 years of age.

1.2.1. William R. Renner
William was born Pennsylvania Ca 1834.

1.2.2. Emmanuel Renner
Emmanuel was born Pennsylvania Ca 1836.

1.2.3. Uriah Renner
Uriah was born Pennsylvania Ca 1838.

1.2.4. John Renner
John died in Andersonville. John was born Pennsylvania Ca 1840.

1.2.5. Thomas Renner
Thomas was born Pennsylvania Ca 1842.

1.2.6. James Renner
James was born Pennsylvania Ca 1844.

1.2.7. Margaret Jane Renner
Margaret was born Pennsylvania Ca 1846.

1.2.8. Susan Renner
Susan was born Pennsylvania Ca 1848.

1.2.9. Ruth Renner
Ruth was born Pennsylvania Ca 1850.

1.2.10. Freddie Renner
Freddie was born Pennsylvania Ca 1852.

1.2.11. Frank A. Renner
Frank was born October 31, 1857. He married Mary Welch Whiteside Co., IL, December 12, 1883. Frank died December 23, 1949 Tampico, IL, at 92 years of age. Clarence Glenn Renner
Clarence was born January 7, 1887. He married Ethel Pauline Stickle March 10, 1909.

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