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Descendants of Reuben Davis



Generation No. 1



1. REUBEN DAVIS (WILLIAM, WILLIAM, JOSEPH, JOSEPH) was born 17 Oct 1819 in Morgan, Co. Ohio, and died 07 Nov 1887 in Hahnaman Township, near Deer Grove. He married (1) MARY ANN GEDDES 17 Dec 1839 in Morgan Co., Ohio. She died 28 Mar 1848 in Morgan Co., Ohio. He married (2) ELIZABETH H. WORK 02 Oct 1849 in Windsor Twp. Morgan Co., Ohio, daughter of DAVID WORK and SARAH ROSS. She was born 06 May 1831 in Windsor Twp, Morgan Co., Ohio, and died 06 May 1915 in 1012, Sixth Ave., Sterling, Illinois.




My notes from the attempt to gather dates from his cemetery stone (Sterling Riverside, Township North) in Sterling say d. Nov. 7 1888 ? or 1882. They are a tough read. His Bio. says b. 17 Oct. 1819. His stone reads "68 Yrs. & 20 Days" With a date cal. and using the b. date per obit, it gives b. Sunday 17 Oct. 1819 & d. Sunday 6 Nov. 1887. However, I'm going to use d. as Nov. 7, per reading on stone.


Briefly mentioned in History of Whiteside County, His. of Montmorency Twp. p. 326.


"Dr. Reuben Davis, from Ohio, came in 1855" (Note: Elizabeth's obit claims 1853)


NOTES: I believe they came in 53, and settled near Swan Lake in Hanhaman Twp. The only lived there a year or two based on various history left about the family. It is said they moved back to Como when they left the Swan Lake area. In the history of (Obit's) brother James and wife Pheobe, they settled 1856 on a farm near Swan Lake. I believe this to be the same farm that Reuben and family left 1855/6. In an enterview titled (A PIONEER WOMAN, see her note file) a year before Elizabeth's death, she told of the family running ROCK ISLAND HOUSE, and referenced it to Como. I know in my own mind that she was speaking from her heart and not her mind. Her and Reuben had family in Como at the time, Francis A. was running the ferry boat across Rock River, and her sister was married and living at Como. To arrive at the location of Rock Island House where the stage coach's stopped, they went West from Como approx. 5 miles and two miles shy of the small community of Lyndon. It was difinitely in Lyndon Twp., as that is where the family of Reuben is found in 1860 Census. Lyndon Twp. They left this farm and coach stop in 1860 after the Census and moved again to a farm in Hanhaman Twp., and it is said this is the farm where Reuben died. The old huge house in Lyndon is still (Feb. 2007) there, and was the main subject of a (as I remember a Sunday) news paper article a few years back. I belive they ran this coach stop 1856 - 1860.


Portraits & Biographical Whiteside County 1885




OF Hahnaman Township Whiteside Co IL


Reuben Davis, physician and farmer, residing on section 3, Hahnaman Township, is one of the extensive land-holders and truly practical and representative men of Whiteside County. The Parents of Dr. Davis, William and Hannah (Appleton) Davis, were natives of Maine, from which State they moved to Ohio, where they resided the remainder of their lives. They were the parents of 13 children, namely: Eliphalet, John A., Mary A., Rhoda, Hannah, Reuben, Sarah, Francis A., Isaac, William, James E. and Joshua C. One died in infancy.


Reuben Davis, subject of this biographical notice, is a native of Ohio, where, in Morgan County, he was born Oct. 17, 1819. The country was new in the locality of his birth at that date, and his early education was consequently limited. His early years were passed on the farm and in working on the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers, which vocation he followed, more or less, until the date of his emigrating to this State.


In 1845 Dr. Davis matriculated at the Medical College at Cincinnati, Ohio, and followed the entire curriculum of that institution, graduating with honors in March, 1849.


Soon after leaving the college, he engaged in the practice of his profession in Perry Co., Ohio, and followed the same with a flattering degree of success until February, 1853. He then came to this county and settled in Como, Hopkins Township, where he continued to practice medicine over two years, when he purchased land in Montmorency Township. He moved upon his land and began to cultivate it extensively, alternating his labors thereon by the Practice of his profession.


In the fall of 1858 (? this date) Dr. Davis moved into Hahnaman Township and settled on section 3, his present residence He determined to make this his permanent home, and at once entered on the improvement of the land, erected good buildings and otherwise ornamented and improved his homestead, and at the present time he has a home for himself and family in which they all take pride, realizing it was procured through arduous toil and untiring energy and determination. The Doctor has been a very extensive land-holder in the county, owning at one time some 1,400 acres. His landed possessions in the county at present comprise some 645 acres, all improved, and for his success in life he has none to thank except his own good judgment and energy, coupled with the hearty co-operation of his good helpmeets.


Dr. Davis was united in marriage to Miss Mary Ann Geddes in Morgan Co., Ohio, Dec. 17, 1839. She was a native of Pennsylvania, in which State she was born in March, 1819. The issue of their union was five children. Two died in infancy and those surviving are Naomi W., Martha J. and Thomas H. B.


The wife and mother died in Morgan Co., Ohio, March 28, 1848. In the same county Dr. Davis was again married. This wedding occurred Oct. 2, 1849, and Miss Elizabeth H. Work was the bride. She is the daughter of David and Sarah (Ross) Work, natives of Ohio, and in which State she was born May 6, 1832. By the latter union 12 children have been born, namely: Francis C., Sarah X., ROBERT L., THADDEUS C., Hannah A., Mary G., W. Alice, T. McClellan, Dora S., Reuben H., Jessie L. and J. Darwin: ten of these are living.


Dr. Davis, although not seeking office, has almost constantly been honored by the citizens of his township with some office. He was Supervisor six years, Justice of the Peace iz years and Assessor and Collector several years. In fact, he has held almost every office in the township, and at this writing is performing the functions of the office of Township Clerk and School Trustee. Politically, Dr. Davis is a supporter of and believer in the principles of the democratic party and cast his first vote for Martin Van Buren in 1840.


As a truly representative man of Whiteside County, and as one the citizens can but feel pleased to see represented among the portraits we give in this work, we give that of the subject of this biography. It is engraved from a photograph taken in 1884. (END)


Note: Caps names in his list of children are those who died young, and are buried beside Reuben and Elizabeth in Sterling.


Note: Bent Wilson, page 233; Reuben Davis and Geo. S. Brakey, Justice of the Peace 1860. (The "iz" above is a typo from Genealogy Trails web site.


He was also Supervisor 1866 Hahnaman. p. 233.


From Bent-Wilson 1877 Pg 236 Bio. Hahnaman Twp.


Dr. Reuben Davis is a native of Ohio and came to Whiteside county in 1854, settling first in Montmorency, purchasing land on section 22 of that town. He remained in Montmorency until 1857, when he moved to Hahnaman and purchased the large farm upon which he at present resides. The people of the town early discovered his fitness for public position and at the first election after the town was organized he was elected Collector. He was afterwards repeatedly elected Supervisor and Assessor of the town. Perhaps no man in Hahnaman has taken a more leading and active part in forwarding the interest of the town than Dr. Davis. He is a thorough agriculturist, justly priding himself upon the success of his crops and the superiority of his stock. During the first part of August 1877 he entered into the mercantile business also, with one of his sons, at the village of Tampico, erecting a fine brick store for the purpose. (END)


Note: The son was Thomas H. Benton Davis.


This building is 119 S.Main St. It is still there, Feb. 2007 and used for the Tampico Historical Society.


Note: Section 22 Montmorencey is next to IL. Rt. 40 to the East of it, and current day Plautz Rd. runs South-East through the center of 22. So I assume Swan Lake was in section 22.


Section 3 of Hahnamon where he settled his family, (I say 1860) is one and a half miles South of the intersection of present day Star Rd. and IL. Rt. 40. Then East on Buell Rd. 1/4 mile East of 40 is where the school was 1872, and Reuben had his family residence just a tad past the 1/2 mile distance and to the north side of the road, in 1872. Reuben owned the 160 acres where the school was at. SW Q. of Sec. 3. He owned the North East Q. of section 3 where he lived. He also had 160 acres in section 2. SW Q.


Some Notes:


The biggest village in Morgan Co., Windsor Twp. is Stockport. I'll assume both families Davis and Work, were the same area of Morgan Co. The township of Monroe, Perry county where Reuben set up office is only some 16 miles West of Stockport. I'll assume he located in Rendville or Corning. He had a busy time for several years. In 48 Mary Ann dies. In 49, he graduates, and also remarries to Elizabeth and also locates in Perry county. The family is there for the 1850 census.


1850 Census: Perry Co., (No P.O. address are in this census to help with locations, just Subdivision 126 on all pages)


Reubin Davis, 30, Physician, b. Ohio


Elizabeth age 29, b. Ohio


Naomi W. 9, b. Ohio


Martha J. 6, b. Ohio


T. H. B. 4, b. Ohio


1860 Census, Lyndon Twp., 11 July P.O. Lyndon, Illinois:


Rueben Davis, Farmer, Value of Real Estate 4000, per. val. 1500, b. Ohio (Loc., AKA Stage Stop, Rock Island House)


Elizabeth, 29


Naomi 18 (dau of Mary Ann)


Martha, 17 (dau of Mary Ann)


Tha. B., 14 (son of Mary Ann) (All b. Ohio so far)


Francis C. 10 b. IL. (Francis & following are ch. of Eliz.)


Sarah A. 8


Hannah A. 4


Mary 8/12 (b. abt. Nov 1859)


Note: This 1860 census is with out any doubt our Rueben Davis family. A year before Elizabeth died she was enterviewed and she says they ran the ROCK ISLAND HOUSE. It is some two miles East of Lyndon, and well known as the Stage Coach Stop. It was not in Como as she said. She was speaking from her heart and not her mind, as she always had family in Como, and never accepted the fact that they lived in Lyndon. They probably never went to Lyndon and always went to Como. The old large house is still there, and was the main feature in one of our local news papers a few years back. She also made the comment that in 1860 they moved south of the river into Hahnamon twp. There in Como, Reuben's brother Francis A., ran the Ferry Boat for the crossing of Rock River. (Pict. on page 278, Whiteside County, by Bastian) Elizabeth's sister was also in Como, Louisa who m. John Overly. If any body knows of Francis Alexander Davis, and wife Harriet Barrett, and four children after 1870 census Hanhaman Twp., I would dearly love to know.


1870 Census Hahnaman Twp.; A Wm Davis, age 40 b. Ohio Single is living next door. Could be brother Wm.


Davis, or the better choice a nephew Wm.


Reuben 51 b. Ohio, Farmer


Elizabeth age 34, b. Ohio


(Children of Mary Ann; Mattie 26; Benton 24)


Francis 20, b. Ohio


Sarah 18, b. Ohio


(Suspect years for one of the lost young ones:)


Hannah 13, b. IL.


Mary 11 b. IL.


Alice 9 b. IL.


Thadius 7 b. IL.


Dora 5, b. IL.


Reuben 2, b. IL.


1880 Census, Hahnaman Twp. June 1:


Rueben Davis, Farmer




Willis Alice Teaching School age 18


Thadius age 16


Dora G. age 14


Rueben H.


Jesse L. age 9


and son Co _ _ _ ? some 28 wks. Could be Coran


& three servants.










Ancestry World Tree info:


b. Mar 1819 PA.


d. 28 Mar 1848


Mary Ann and Rueben lost one or two children while they were very young. One is a possible Robert L.




Going by the b. dates I have for her children, I would estimate that one of the two children lost while young would be between 1855 and 1859. Between Hannah and Mary.


NOTE: 23 Feb 2007, I stop at the Sterling Library and the family plot in the Sterling Cemetery. Next too Elizabeth and Reuben is the two children lost while young. Thaddeus C., 6 Feb 1855 - 4 June 1860; Robert L., 22 May 1853 - 3 April 1854.




Elizabeth Work was born in Windsor, Ohio, May 6, 1831, being exactly eighty-four years of age at the time of her death. Her mother died when she was eleven years of age. Miss Work was married to Dr. R. Davis, of the same city October 2, 1849, in Windsor. Dr. Davis practiced medicine in his home city until 1853, when he and his family moved to Illinois, stopping at Como. ------- The trip to Como was a long one, and arduous, being made by boat. The trip consisted of going down the Muskingum river to the Ohio river, thence down to the Mississippi river at Cairo. The trip was then up the Father of Waters to Rock Island, and then up Rock River to Como, then a struggling yet hopeful little town. The trip was long and the mother with her three little step-children and the two little ones of her own, had her hands full, but her heart was brave and the love for her husband was indeed strong. -------- The doctor practiced medicine in Como, but in 1856 bought a tract of land on the south side of the river in Montmorency of A. A. Church. The farm was part of Swan Lake, with the house located on the hills of the south side. The lake at that time was one vast sheet of water and was over a mile across. It was covered with swans during the summer time, while the long legged sand hill cranes were numerous on the adjacent sand knolls to the south. What a home for a woman reared in the Ohio city! Yet she was true to her family and lived her life there. -------- After a year or two in this prairie home, the farm was sold and they went back to Como. After two years the husband bought a farm in Hahnaman township, seven miles south of Sterling. The trip was made to this farm in a wagon. Other children came to bless this couple until the family was large. The new farm was three miles south of the one they formerly possessed. The country at this time over a half century ago, was indeed wild. Mrs. Davis many times has told of the deer which used to browse near her home, many miles from any neighbor; told of the howling of the wolves at night time. There were weeks and weeks passed without seeing a soul outside of her own little household. Only a stout and a brave spirit could have endured such a life. ------- the doctor was ambitious and added acres to his farm until he owned over 1100 acres, in fact as his wife often remarked, they were land poor, and the family was forced to go without even the necessities of life at times. Finally the land was settled around them; neighbors were numerous. The sloughs which had to be forded to go to Sterling were drained and the price of land rose, until the doctor with his broad acres was a wealthy man. he died at his home on this farm in 1887. After two years, Mrs. Davis moved to Sterling and erected the house in which she died, 1012 Sixth avenue. -------- Mrs. Davis is survived by two sisters, Mrs. Overley, of Sterling, and Mrs. M. J. Davis, of Fairmount, Neb. The following were her step-children: Mrs. Naomi Baxter, of Rock Falls; Mrs. Martha Prey, Lincoln Neb., and T. Benton Davis, Minneapolis, Minn. Her own children being Condie, who died Feb. 1, 1915; Mrs. Jariffa Prey, who died April 27, 1915, at Alton, Mo.; two sons who died when young; Mrs. Elathiel Devine, Hahnaman; Mrs. Minnie Ferris, of Sterling; Mrs. Alice Englebrecht, Elba, Neb., T. M. Davis, Sterling; Mrs. Dora Breech, Sterling; Reuben Davis, Batavia; Mrs. Jessie Davis, Oak Park, and Dr. John Davis, of Sterling, besides hosts of friends. She leaves twenty-five grandchildren and twenty great-grandchildren. -------- The funeral will be held Sunday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock at the home Rev. E. C. Harris, pastor of St. John's Lutheran church, will have charge of the services. The interment will be in Riverside cemetery. The pall bearers will be Lester Devine, Lyle Devine, Reuben Devine, LeRoy Davis, Paul Davis and Leo Davis. ------- Mrs. Davis has been a very rugged woman, but finally her constitution gave way by advanced age, and for the past two years and seven months she has been almost helpless, being in bed all of the time. During this time her daughter, Mrs. Dora Breech, has been with her night and day, devoting her entire time to her. ------- In 1889 she joined the Presbyterian church in Sterling and was a constant member, hardly ever missing a Sunday. Later she joined St. John's Lutheran church, and has been a consistent member since. She was conscious most of the time in her last illness, and happy, and would join in songs with her daughter. Mrs. Davis was a good woman, devoted to her family, a woman of a thousand, "and her children shall rise up and call her blessed." ------- Mrs. Davis died exactly to the hour of the anniversary of her birth -- eighty-four years; a strange incident. She gave all of her children a good education, and all seven of her daughters and one son taught school in Whiteside county. (END)


Hahnaman Township


History of Whiteside Co., IL 1908


Source: Book - History of Whiteside County, Illinois, from its earliest settlement to 1908


By William W. Davis, M.S.




With Biographical Sketches of some Prominent Citizens of the County


Vol. I


Chicago: The Pioneer Publishing Co., 1908


Reprinted by: Higginson Book Company, 148 Washington Street, P.O. Box 778, Salem MA 01970




In her white frame cottage on Sixth avenue, Sterling, the writer found Mrs. Elizabeth Davis, quietly enjoying the sunset of life. Her maiden name was Work, and she was married to Reuben Davis in Ohio in 1849. They came to Como, where they kept the Rock Island House, at which the stage travelers took meals. At the same time, her husband practiced his profession, as he had attended medical lectures in Cincinnati. In 1860 they moved to the farm in Hahnaman, where they lived till his death in 1887. Although busy with his farm, he had constant calls from the sick which he always obeyed. A ready speaker, and fond of debate. When able to go out, Mrs. Davis is a regular attendant at the Lutheran church. She is nearly 77. Doc was 68. (END)


Note: William W. Davis is of no known relation. 1870 Census, City of Sterling; Davis, Gabriel and wife Susan R., 67 and 55. Son William 34 b. PA., School Teacher. Four siblings, all b. PA.


1880 Census, Sterling, William Davis, b. Oct 1836 PA., age 63 m. 26 yrs. Occ. Book Keeper; wife Margaret, and two children. John and Susannah. (He was the Author as listed above.) Also founded the Whiteside Co., Historical Society in Feb. 1903.




1910 Census, 6th. Ave. Sterling, 25 Apr. - Elizabeth now 78 12 & 10 living; F. b. Ohio; M. b. PA.; Son Condie age 58 living with her and Single. ALSO; Sister Louisa Overly, age 74, Wd. 6 & 4 living


OBIT; Standard, Thur. May 6, 1915:




The death of Mrs. Elizabeth Davis, widow of Dr. Reuben Davis, occurred at her home, 1012 Sixth avenue, at 12:20 this morning. Death was caused by old age.


Elizabeth H. Work, the oldest of five children, (correct to six) was born at Windsor, Morton (correct to Morgan) County, Ohio, in the year 1831, on May 6. Today would have been her 84th birthday. Her mother died when she was eleven years of age. She was married on October 2, 1849 at Windsor, O., to Dr. Reuben Davis. In 1853 they moved to Como, traveling by boat down the Ohio river to the Mississippi then up to Albany and by wagons to Como. She resided in Como until 1856 when her husband bought the farm in Montmerency now known as the Church farm. In 1857 they moved back to Como and in 1859 bought a farm in Hahnaman and moved on it. (Lets not forget here that the fam. was in Lyndon Twp Census 1860.) Dr. Davis died November 7, 1887 and in 1889 she moved to Sterling where she built a home at 1012 Sixth avenue where she resided until her death.


Twelve children were born, two of whom died in infancy and the two oldest died this year, the oldest daughter, Mrs. Xariffa Prey, died April 27, 1915 and oldest son Condie Davis died February 1, 1915. She leaves the following step-children, Mrs. Naomi Baxter of Rock Falls, Martha Prey of Lincoln, Neb., T. B. Davis of Minneapolis and her own children, Alathiel Devine; Minnie Ferris of Sterling; Alice Englebrecht, Elba, Neb.; Cell Davis, Sterling (Cell short for McClellan); Dora Breech, Sterling; Dr. John Davis, Sterling; Reuben Davis, Batavia; Mrs. Jennie L. Davis, Oak Park, ILL. She had twenty-five grand children and twenty great grand-children.


She joined the Presbyterian church in 1889, afterwards joining the St. John's Lutheran church, of which church she was a member up until her death. She was always a great church worker, and attended every meeting until she became ill two years ago and seven months ago she became entirely helpless. She always appreciated whatever was done for her and in all her sickness never had one word of complaint.


She was known by everyone as Grandma and always had cookies and candy for the children. The highest tribute that can be paid to her is that she fulfilled her mission on earth and passed to her reward leaving only the most pleasent thought in the minds of those who knew her, and a life well spent. (END)


It is this writers opinion that...... One of her sisters was Louisa (Work) Overley, my second great-grandmother, and I believe it was Louisa that cared for Elizabeth in her sickness. (1910 census data)



Children of REUBEN DAVIS and MARY GEDDES are:


2. i. NAOMI WINTROWE DAVIS, b. 04 Nov 1840, Morgan Co. Ohio; d. Abt. 16 Jan 1916, Pro. Rock Falls.


3. ii. MARTHA J. DAVIS, b. Apr 1843, Morgan Co. Ohio; d. Jul 1927, Prob. Lincoln Neb..


4. iii. THOMAS H. BENTON DAVIS, b. 21 Jan 1846, Morgan Co. Ohio; d. Abt. 20 Nov 1915, Minneapolis, Minnesota.





iv. FRANCIS CONDIE2 DAVIS, b. 19 Jul 1850, Perry County, Ohio; d. 01 Feb 1915, Sterling Illinois.




I've seen the spelling of Condee.


v. SARAH XARISSA DAVIS, b. Abt. 1852, Perry County, Ohio; d. 27 Apr 1915, Alton, MO.; m. DAVID E. PREY, 25 Feb 1872, Whiteside Co., Illinois #3045; b. Abt. 1842, New York; d. Jul 1919.




Whiteside Co., M. Index




1880 Census, Nebraska, Lancaster Co., Centerville Twp.


Prey, Davis E. 38, Farmer, b. N.Y. parents Scotland & Ire.


Sarah, 28, b. Ohio, parents Maine - Ohio. (? the Maine)


dau. Something like Nmaih - Nenaih ??? N_ _ ih, age 7, b. Neb.


dau. Daisy, age 2, b. Neb.


Notes for DAVID E. PREY:


Prey, David (Xarissa Davis) obituary 30 July 1919;2;5 (gazette)


vi. ROBERT L. DAVIS, b. 22 May 1853, Pos. Perry Co., Ohio; d. 03 Apr 1854, Whiteside Co., Illinois.


vii. THADDEUS C. DAVIS, b. 06 Feb 1855, Whiteside Co., IL., Hanhaman Twp.; d. 04 Jun 1860, Lyndon Twp.,Whiteside Co., Illinois.





5. viii. HANNAH ALATHIEL DAVIS, b. May 1856, Whiteside Co., IL., Hanhaman Twp.; d. Abt. 03 Jan 1928, Illinois.


ix. MARY ROSALYND DAVIS, b. 21 Sep 1859, Whiteside Co., IL., Lyndon Twp.; d. 24 Apr 1934, Whiteside Co., Illinois; m. JOHN SMITH FERRIS, 10 Feb 1878, Whiteside Co., Illinois #4677; b. Abt. 1857, Indiana; d. Abt. 09 Dec 1944.




Copied from Whiteside Index.




Ferris, John S. Mrs. obituary 24 April 1934;12;2


Ferris, Mary R. Davis (J.S.) obituary 28 April 1934;3;1


I don't have this obit, but with the initial R. (as above) I wonder if her entire name was Mary G. R. Davis, or Mary R. G. Davis. (AKA Minnie)


1880 Census, Nahnaman Twp.


Ferris, John, age 23, m. 1 Yr., Farmer, b. Ind.


Minnie, age 21, m. 1 yr., b. IL.


Dau., Birdie, age 1, b. IL.


Census 1930. Ages 72 & 70. Appears to be 13th or 03 Ave. Sterling.


They were of Sterling in her mothers obit, 1915.




Not sure if this is him.......


Ferris, John S. obituary 9 Dec 1944;3;2


Ferris, John S. obituary 13 Dec 1944;3;2-3


6. x. WILLIE ALICE DAVIS, b. 16 Jan 1862, Whiteside Co., IL., Hanhaman Twp.; d. Aft. May 1915, Prob. Nebraska.


7. xi. THADDEUS MCCLELLAN DAVIS, b. Dec 1863, Whiteside Co., IL., Hanhaman Twp.; d. Abt. 09 Jun 1943.


xii. DORA D. DAVIS, b. Apr 1866, Whiteside Co., IL., Hanhaman Twp.; d. Abt. 01 Dec 1944; m. JAMES O. BREECH, 05 Dec 1895, Whiteside Co., Illinois # 9363; b. Mar 1860, Pennsylvania.


Notes for DORA D. DAVIS:


As Copied from Morrison Index for M. Lic.


BREECH, JAMES O DAVIS, DORA G 12/05/1895 #9363 (Note the "G.")


Tombstone in Sterling Cem. has Dora D.


1910 Census City of St. Louis, MO. Lucas Ave.


Breech, James, 50, m. 14 yrs. b. PA. Occ. PHY.


Dora, wife, 44, m. 14yrs., b. IL. parents b. Ohio. 0 & 0 children.


1900 Census; City of St. Louis MO.


Breech James b. Mar 1860 PA., age 40, Occ. Life Ins. (salesman)


Dora D. wife b. Apr 1866 IL. age 34, 0 & 0


Breech, Dora D. Daivs (<Dr. >J.O.) obituary 1 Dec 1944;9;1


Breech, Dora D. (Mrs.) funeral 4 Dec 1944; 3; 5-6




8. xiii. REUBEN H. DAVIS, b. Aug 1868, Whiteside Co., IL., Hanhaman Twp.; d. Abt. 08 Oct 1917, Batavia, Illinois.


xiv. JESSIE L. DAVIS, b. Abt. 1871, Whiteside Co., IL., Hanhaman Twp.; d. Aft. May 1915; m. HARRY E. DAVIS, Abt. 13 Nov 1903.


Notes for JESSIE L. DAVIS:


1915 she is of Oak Park Illinois, per her mothers obit.


Davis, Harry E. weds Jessie L. Davis 20 Nov 1903;twGazette;B1;2


Davis, Harry E. weds Jessie L. Davis 18 Nov 1903;1;2


Davis, Jessie L. to wed Harry E. Davis 13 Nov 1903;twGazette;1;5


Davis, Jessie L. to wed Harry E. Davis 13 Nov 1903;4;2


1880 she is with parents, age 9.


Cannot find her 1900 census.


9. xv. JOHN DARWIN DAVIS, b. Jan 1876, Whiteside Co., IL., Hanhaman Twp.; d. Abt. 29 Sep 1922.


xvi. UNKNOWN DAVIS, b. Abt. Jan 1879, Illinois.




He is one of the two young children that Reuben and Elizabeth lost while young and made a census.


NOTE: Or so I thought until I visit the family plot in the Sterling cemetery. The two who died young, are Thaddeus C. and Robert L., burial next to Reuben and Elizabeth. So, this now becomes a problem of who he is, if Elizabeth had twelve children. A grandson possibly?


From what I can get off the 1880 census, he was only weeks old and name starts with Co_ _ _.


Could be Coran.


Of course we have to skip the 1890 census, and move to the 1900, but by then he is about 21 years and out on his own, assuming he lived.


Sterling Library Index for the Standard; (a posible)


Davis, Conrad obituary 1 Feb 1915;Standard;6;2


Davis, Conrad funeral rites 3 Feb 1915;Standard;6;2



Generation No. 2



2. NAOMI WINTROWE DAVIS (REUBEN, WILLIAM, WILLIAM, JOSEPH, JOSEPH) was born 04 Nov 1840 in Morgan Co. Ohio, and died Abt. 16 Jan 1916 in Pro. Rock Falls. She married NEWTON BAXTER 18 Sep 1862 in Whiteside Co., Illinois #812. He was born 05 Feb 1840 in Steuben Co., New York, and died 29 Jun 1893 in New Bedford, Fairfield Twp. Bureau Co. IL..






She is mentioned in Elizabeth (Work) Davis's obit as half sister.


She is also half sister to 2nd great-grandmother, Louisa (Work) Overly.


Sterling Gazette:


Baxter, Naomi Mrs. birthday - 70 5 Nov 1910;6;2


Baxter, Naomi Wintrowe (Newton) obituary 17 Jan 1916;6;1


Baxter, Naomi Wintrowe (Newton) funeral rites 18 Jan 1916;6;1


In the 1880 Census, LeRoy M. was listed as Baby Baxter. 1/52


1900 Rock Falls City, Coloma Twp. Second Street;


Naomi W. and sons Reuben and LeRoy Ages 24 & 19 are living with her. (She had 5 and 5 living.)





Ancestry World Tree has b. date 1839.


1870 Census Bureau Co. Greenville Twp. P.O. New Bedford, has age 29, same as Namoi. 1841.


A.W.Tree, also has death date and location.


Voters & Taxpayers of Bureau County 1877






Baxter Newton, Farmer, Sec 34; P. O. N. Bedford; born in Steuben Co. N.Y.; Feb. 5, 1840; came to this Co. In 1865; Ind; U. Bretheren; owns 40 acres, value $2,000; held the office of School Director five years; wife was Naomi W. Davis, born in Morgan Co. Ohio, Nov. 4, 1840, married Sept. 18, 1862; two boys, Eugene C., Reuben H., and two girls, Olive M., and Ella Leona Baxter.


1880 census (same place) has a baby listed one of fifty two. Census taken 14 June. Turns out he is named LeRoy N.


See Naomi's file.



Children of NAOMI DAVIS and NEWTON BAXTER are:


i. EUGENE C. BAXTER, b. Abt. 1863, Illinois; d. Nov 1942.




Baxter, Eugene C. obituary 6 Nov 1942;14;1


ii. OLIVE M. BAXTER, b. Abt. 1866, Bureau Co..


Notes for OLIVE M. BAXTER:


See the following, for James & Olive.


James M. Winters


25 Jul 2005


Transcribed from the Portrait and Biographical Album of Whiteside County


Originally published 1885 by Chapman Bros. Chicago, IL


Transcribed by: Denise McLoughlin

Tampico Area Historical Society



Pos. m. James P. Winters and moved to Marshall Town Iowa, per the above.


iii. ELLA LEONA BAXTER, b. Abt. 1873, Bureau Co..


iv. REUBEN HARRINGTON BAXTER, b. Abt. 1876, Bureau Co.; d. Jan 1944.




Baxter, Reuben H. funeral 1 Feb 1944;10;6-7


Baxter, Reuben H. estate auction sale 20 Apr 1944;8;7-8


Baxter, Reuben Harrington obituary 31 Jan 1944;10;7


Baxter, Reuben fined for drunk on the street 31 July 1903;twGazette;1;2


Baxter, Reuben fined for drunk on the street 31 July 1903;1;2


v. LEROY N. BAXTER, b. Jun 1880, Bureau Co.; d. May 1904.


Notes for LEROY N. BAXTER:


Baxter, LeRoy funeral rites 3 May 1904;swStandard;6;1


Baxter, LeRoy obituary 6 May 1904;swStandard;6;2


Baxter, LeRoy N. obituary 2 May 1904;6;2


Baxter, LeRoy N. funeral rites 3 May 1904;6;3




3. MARTHA J DAVIS (REUBEN1, WILLIAM, WILLIAM, JOSEPH, JOSEPH) was born Apr 1843 in Morgan Co. Ohio, and died Jul 1927 in Prob. Lincoln Neb.. She married THOMAS R. PREY Abt. 1871. He was born Feb 1826 in Massachusetts.


Notes for MARTHA J. DAVIS:


Prey, Martha Davis (Thomas) obituary 5 July 1927;14;3


1915 Obit of step mother Eliz. says she is Mrs. Martha Prey of Lincoln, Neb.


1900 Census Lincoln Neb. He Appears to be Thomas R. Prey, age 74, b. Feb. 1826, Massachusetts.


Martha J. is 57. (17 years difference.) However this census says married for 29 years. m. abt 1871.


Son, Harry E., b. Mar 1878 Neb. living with them.


1910 Census, Lincoln City Neb.


Mrs. Martha J. Prey, age 67 3 & 3 living, b. Ohio


Appears to be a male grandchild, age 8, living with her. Unreadable name.


Notes for THOMAS R. PREY:


Name; 1900 Census, Lancaster Co. Neb.





i. HARRY E. PREY, b. Apr 1878, Nebraska.




4. THOMAS H. BENTON DAVIS (REUBEN, WILLIAM, WILLIAM, JOSEPH, JOSEPH) was born 21 Jan 1846 in Morgan Co. Ohio, and died Abt. 20 Nov 1915 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He married SUSAN R. HOGUE Abt. 1873, daughter of THEODORE HOGUE and HANNAH UNKNOWN. She was born Sep 1857 in Illinois.




I cannot find marriage in W-side, Bureau, Henry or Lee counties. (Or Shotgun County) From an obit I acquired at the Sterling Library (mirco-film) yesterday, 23 Feb. 2007, I find that his wife was of Ohio Station. That has to be Ohio, Bureau County, Illinois.


1850 - He is with his father, Rueben and new (2nd) wife Elizabeth, 1850 Census, Monroe Twp., Perry Co. Ohio. Listed as T. H. B. Davis.


Rueben 30 PHY. b.; b. Ohio (All b. Ohio)


Eliz. 29


Naomi W. 9


Martha J. 6


THB age 4, (Thomas H. Benton Davis)


NOTE: These three children above are to first wife Mary Ann Geddes. Two more were born but lost while young.


1880 Census, Village of Tampico, Whiteside Co., IL.


Davis, T.H.B. 34 b. Ohio & Par. b. Ohio, Gen. Merchant


S.R. 22, wife Keeps House, b. IL. Par. b., both Ohio


1900 Census, Minnesota, Hennepin Co., Minneapolis, Ward 8; Twenty Eighth Street


DAVIS, Thomas, (Int. written over, but a "B" seems to be there) b. Jan 1847, age 53, m. 27yr. b. Ohio, & Par. Ohio


Occ. Attorney at Law.


Susan R. Wife, b. Sept. 1857, age 42, m. 27yr., 2 & 2, b. IL. and Par. b. Ohio


(NOTE:) A living child, I haven't found as yet, but not in this census. Ref. to the above 2 & 2.


Hazel D., Dau., Oct. 1889, age 10, b. N. Dakota


Hogue, Hannah A., Mother-in-law, Oct. 1838, age 61, M. 45, (I assume 45 yrs. ago) 2 & 2, b. Ohio, N.J. - N.J.




1915 Obit of Eliz., month of May, he is in Minneapolis MN., and as below, died 6 months after his step mother.


Gazette Index:


Davis, Thomas Benkin (Susan Hogue) obituary 22 Nov 1915;4;4


Davis, Thomas Benton (Susan Hogue) obituary 20 Nov 1915;6;1


Davis, Thomas Benton (Susan Hogue) obituary 20 Nov 1915;Standard;1;1


Sat. 20 Nov. Standard:




Mrs. Baxter Recieved Telegram Informing Her of Brother's Death


Mrs. Naomi Baxter, of 201 avenue C. received a telegram this morning from Minneapolis, Minn., informing her of the sad news of the death of her brother, Thomas Benkin Davis.


Mr. Davis had only been ill the past ten days. His demise was caused from neuralgia of the heart, although he has been a victim of asthma for years.


He was born in January, 1846, in the state of Ohio. When about seven years old his parents moved to Illinois, locating in this vicinity. He joined the army when he was fourteen years old and served during the war.


He was united in marriage to Miss Susan Hogue of Ohio Station and two daughters came to bless their home, who with the wife are left to mourn his death, and his sister, Mrs. Baxter and brother, M.F. Davis of this city.


Mr. Davis was a business man of much ability. He ran a dry goods store very successfully for years and at the time of his death was engaged in the real estate business.


The funeral arrangements have not been completed. Mrs. Baxter and brother, M. Davis, left today for Minneapolis to attend the funeral. (END)


Note: Naomi was a full sister. M.F. Davis; I believe this is half brother Thaddeus McClellan Davis. The letter "F." is a question. I have searched the Whiteside County names for the Civil War on genealogy trails, and his name does not appear. If 14, I'll play the bet that he joined someplace where he was not known, and lied about his age, or even his name.


OBIT, 20 Nov. Gazette, page 6 col. 1:




Thomas Benton Davis, for a number of years a resident of this city and Whiteside county, died this morning at 2 o'clock at his home in Minneapolis, Minn., after an illness of about a week, death being due to heart and stomach trouble.


He is survived by his wife and two sons. (correct to two daughters)


He is a daughter (correct to brother) of T. M. and Dr. John Davis, Mrs. Dora Breech, Mrs. John Ferris, Mrs. Naomi Baxter, Mrs. Edward Devine, Mrs. Jessie Davis, Reuben Davis, Alice Englebrech and Mrs. M.I. Prey. (correct to M. J.)


This was the fourth death in this family in a year. His mother, Mrs. Elizabeth Davis being in this number. The funeral will be held in Minneapolis. Mr. Davis resided in Como, here and Tampico and practiced law in Minneapolis and later entered the real estate business. (END)


OBIT - Sterling Gazette 22 Nov 1915, 4 - 4:




The death of Thomas Benton Davis occured at his home in Minneapolis, Minn., about 12 o'clock Friday night. A wire came through Saturday morning to his relatives telling of his demise The funeral was held this afternoon at 2:30 o'clock from the home. His interment was in the cemetery of that city.


Benton, or Bent. as he was best known in this section, was born in Morten county, (Morgan) Ohio, Jan. 21, 1846. He was a son of the late Dr. and Mrs. Reuben Davis. (step-son of Eliz.) He came west to Como with his folks in 1853. Later the family settled in Montmorency and after a year or two returned to Como, later buying a large farm in Hahnaman where he grew to manhood.


The deceased was of a trading nature and has been more or less in business of this nature all his life. For the past ten years he has lived in Minneapolis, where he has been in the brokerage and real estate business. Although past seventy-three years of age he has been active. A short time ago he was taken with nuralgia of the heart from which ailment he died. He leaves his life's companion and two daughters to mourn his loss. His daughters are Mrs. Will Mills, who lately came to his home to live, and Mrs. Rev. Stanley Hall Roberts, and the following sisters, Mrs. Naomi Baxter of Rock Falls and Mrs. Martha Pray of Lincoln, Neb., and the following half brothers and sisters: Mrs. Edward Devine of Hahnaman, Mrs. John Ferris of Sterling, Mrs. Allie Englebrecht of Alba, Neb., T. M. Davis of Sterling, Mrs. Dora Breech of Sterling, R.H. Davis of Batavia, Mrs. Jessie Davis of Oak Park and Dr. J. D. Davis of Sterling.


The deceased was very well known in this community a number of years ago, for many years he has been away from this country and only the older families are very much acquainted with him. T. M. Davis and Mrs. Naomi Baxter attended the funeral. (END)



Notes for SUSAN R. HOGUE:


1870 census Berlin, Bureau Co.,


Theodore Hogue; 36, Grain Dealer, b. Ohio


Hannah 32 b. Ohio


Susan R. age 13, b. IL.


Franklin 11, b. IL.


In Thomas' obit Susan is said to be of Ohio Station when they married. (Abt. 1873)


That would be Ohio, Bureau, Co., Illinois.




i. HAZEL D. DAVIS, b. Oct 1889, North Dakota.




5. HANNAH ALATHIEL DAVIS (REUBEN, WILLIAM, WILLIAM, JOSEPH, JOSEPH) was born May 1856 in Whiteside Co., IL., Hanhaman Twp., and died Abt. 03 Jan 1928 in Illinois. She married EDWARD DEVINE 11 May 1876 in Whiteside Co., Illinois # 4278. He was born 21 Aug 1852 in Windsor, Vermont, and died 07 Sep 1932 in Whiteside County, Illinois.






Subject Description Date Location


Devine, Hannah A. Mrs. obituary 3 Jan 1928;12;2 (Sterling Gazette)


1900 Census, Whiteside Co., Hahnaman Twp.


Devine Edward , b. Aug. 1852, Vermont, par. b. Ireland


Hahna A. wife, May 1855 10 & 8 living, b. IL.


The eight children in my family file from this census.




Devine, Edward (Hannah Davis) obituary 8 Sept 1932;5;3


Devine, Edward (Hannah Davis) funeral rites set 9 Sept 1932;12;1


Devine, Edward (Hannah Davis) obituary 14 Sept 1932;4;4


A very well done Ancestry World Tree has been done on his family, but like all trees, do your own checking.


My family list is from census records, and I have listed the news paper findings that are also subject until the real copy off the films are in hand.


A family group sheet from Sterling Library, gathered Feb. 23, 2007, has his name as, Elathiel Devine. This group sheet was orig. done by one of Reubens granddaughters, according to the librarian in the genealogy room.





i. JOHN J. DEVINE, b. Apr 1878, Illinois; d. Mar 1969; m. MARGARET BERRY; b. 07 Apr 1883; d. Abt. 15 Jun 1981.


Notes for JOHN J. DEVINE:


Standard Index:


Devine, John J. weds Margaret Barry 16 Sept 1904;swStandard;4;5


Gazette Index:


Devine, John J. obituary 11 March 1969;6;3


Devine, John J. funeral rites 15 March 1969;2;6


Devine, John J. Mr. & Mrs. anniversary - 50 8 Sep 1954;7;2


Devine, John J. Mr. & Mrs. anniversary - 50 9 Sept 1964;24;5


Ancestry World Tree has death at 16 March 1969.


There is four pages of the Gaz. index, when a search is done on Devine, John. There is another obit listed, and I'll included it below. As I don't have these, I'll wonder as to which is correct.


Devine, John J. obituary 31 Dec 1957;2;3 (I fail to find an SSDI on this John)


Gazette Index:


Devine, Margaret Barry (John) birthday - 90 2 April 1973;5;8*


Devine, Margaret obituary 15 June 1981;A4;2


Social Security Death Index


about John Devine


Name: John Devine


SSN: 335-05-5849


Last Residence: 60304 Oak Park, Cook, Illinois, United States of America


Born: 7 Apr 1878


Died: Mar 1969


State (Year) SSN issued: Illinois (Before 1951 )


The above John Devine goes with his birth of April 1878 in the census records.




Social Security Death Index


about Margaret Devine


Name: Margaret Devine


SSN: 322-56-4196


Last Residence: 60304 Oak Park, Cook, Illinois, United States of America


Born: 7 Apr 1883


Died: Jun 1981


State (Year) SSN issued: Illinois (1973 )


ii. GRACE DEVINE, b. Oct 1879, Illinois; d. Sep 1942; m. EDWARD CUNNINGHAM; d. Mar 1946.




Ancestry World Tree, gives a marriage to Edward Cunningham.


Gazette Index:


Cunningham, Edward (Mrs.) funeral 10 Sep 1942;9;2


Cunningham, Edward (Mrs.) nee Devine obituary 7 Sep 1942;9;7


Cunningham, Edward P. obituary 20 Mar 1946;9;1


Cunningham, Edward P. funeral 25 Mar 1946;9;6


Cunningham, Edward (Mrs.) nee Devine obituary 8 Sep 1942; 9;7




Gazette Index:


Cunningham, Edward marries Dolorosa C. Welch 31 Aug 1940;5;5 ????? (I believe this to be, Ed Jr.'s marriage)


Cunningham, Edward (Mrs.) nee Devine obituary 7 Sep 1942;9;7


Cunningham, Edward P. obituary 20 Mar 1946;9;1


Cunningham, Edward P. funeral 25 Mar 1946;9;6


Cunningham, Edward (Mrs.) nee Devine obituary 8 Sep 1942; 9;7


iii. WILLIAM E. DEVINE, b. 18 Oct 1881, Illinois; d. Aug 1964; m. KATHERINE L. MCGUIRE, Nov 1903; b. Abt. 1881; d. May 1962.




Devine, William and Catherine McGuire anniversary - 50 23 Nov 1953;3;4-5*


Devine, William (Catherine McGuire) obituary 3 Aug 1964;2;2


Devine, William (Catherine McGuire) funeral rites 6 Aug 1964;2;2


Devine, William E. weds Kathryn McGuire 27 Nov 1903;twGazette;B4;1


Devine, William E. weds Kathryn McGuire 25 Nov 1903;5;1


Devine, William Infant obituary/ Mr. & Mrs. Will Devine 12 Aug 1916;1;1


Social Security Death Index


about William Devine


Name: William Devine


SSN: 361-32-6873


Last Residence: Illinois


Born: 18 Oct 1881


Died: Aug 1964


State (Year) SSN issued: Illinois (1956-1957 )




Devine, Catherine McGuire (William) obituary 21 May 1962;2;4


Devine, Catherine McGuire (William) funeral rites 23 May 1962;6;2


iv. FRED ELMER DEVINE, b. Mar 1885, Illinois; d. 18 Apr 1953, Sterling, Whiteside Co., Illinois; m. MYRTLE WALDHALM; b. 01 Jan 1894, Osceola, Iowa; d. 20 Feb 1952, Whiteside Co., Illinois.




????? - Gazette Index:


Devine, Fred obituary 18 April 1953;5;2


Devine, Fred funeral rites 21 April 1953;2;3


Devine, Fred Mrs. obituary 21 Feb 1952;2;3


Devine, Fred Mrs. funeral rites 25 Feb 1952;2;2


Devine, Fred Mr. & Mrs. son born Jan 5 6 Jan 1936;5;6 ??? Subject to which Fred.


Devine, Fred E. closing out sale 24 Dec 1920;8;5


Middle name Elmer in my family file and wife Myrtle, with dates are from Ancestry World Tree. (Lequia)


According to Anc. W. Tree, he had children b. Tintah, Traverse Co., Minnesota, 1913 - 1922.


v. JESSIE DEVINE, b. Jun 1887, Illinois; d. Sep 1950.




????? - Gazette Index


Devine, Jessie weds John Schauff 19 Jan 1910;1;3


Devine, Jessie weds John Schauff 17 Jan 1910;Standard;1;3


Gazette Index:


Schauff, Jessie E. (John) obiturary 16 Sept 1950;2;2


Schauff, Jessie E. (John) funeral rites 18 Sept 1950;2;2


vi. LESTER DEVINE, b. Jan 1892, Illinois.




????? Gazette Index.


Devine, Lester closing-out sale 10 Feb 1940;7;4-5


Devine, Lester observes wedding anniversary--25th 7 Feb 1945;6;8


Devine, Lester (Caroline Hein) obituary 11 Sept 1972;2;1


Devine, Lester (Caroline Hein) funeral rites 14 Sept 1972;2;4


Devine, Lester Mr. & Mrs. anniversary - 50 26 Jan 1970;3;7


Devine, Lester Mr. & Mrs. anniversary - 40 10 Feb 1960;10;3


Devine, Lester E. weds Caroline Hein 5 Feb 1920;2;3


Devine, Lester Mr. & Mrs. son born Sept 13 Sept 1924;3;8


Social Security Death Index


about Lester Devine


Name: Lester Devine


SSN: 331-32-1999


Last Residence: 61243 Deer Grove, Whiteside, Illinois, United States of America


Born: 4 Jan 1893


Died: Sep 1972


State (Year) SSN issued: Illinois (1955-1956 )



vii. LYLE DEVINE, b. Jan 1896, Illinois.


Notes for LYLE DEVINE:


????? - Gazette


Devine, Lyle closing-out sale 10 Feb 1940;7;4-5


Devine, Lyle Mr. & Mrs. anniversary - 50 11 April 1973;2;4


Social Security Death Index


about Carlyle Devine


Name: Carlyle Devine


SSN: 356-12-1140


Last Residence: 61243 Deer Grove, Whiteside, Illinois, United States of America


Born: 17 Jan 1896


Died: Feb 1985


State (Year) SSN issued: Illinois (Before 1951 )


Gazette Index:


Devine, Carlyle T. (Edith Hein) obituary 27 Feb 1985;A4;3


Devine, Carlyle Mr. & Mrs. daughter born Aug 10 Aug 1923;2;4


viii. REUBEN DEVINE, b. Jul 1898, Illinois.






Devine, Reuben (Anna Kunde) obituary 12 Nov 1984;A4;3


Devine, Reuben Mr. & Mrs. son born Feb 18 18 Feb 1930;6;4


Devine, Reuben Mr. & Mrs. Jane born Jan 28 30 Jan 1933;5;3


Devine, Reuben weds Anna Kunde 28 Jan 1925;3;4


Social Security Death Index


about Reuben Devine


Name: Reuben Devine


SSN: 337-32-3616


Last Residence: 61081 Sterling, Whiteside, Illinois, United States of America


Born: 24 Jul 1898


Died: Nov 1984


State (Year) SSN issued: Illinois (1955-1956 )




6. WILLIE ALICE DAVIS (REUBEN, WILLIAM, WILLIAM, JOSEPH, JOSEPH) was born 16 Jan 1862 in Whiteside Co., IL., Hanhaman Twp., and died Aft. May 1915 in Prob. Nebraska. She married WILLIAM ENGLEBRECHT Abt. 1886. He was born 02 Mar 1857 in Ohio, and died in Prob. Nebraska.




Name could be WILLIE ALICE. One of those census reading things.


Note: Feb 2007 I find a family group sheet for Reuben davis at the sterling Library, and the information came from a grand daughter of Reuben's. They have Willie, so I have made the change from Willis to Willie.


Of Elba Neb 1915, per Elizabeth's obit.


1910 Census; Nebrasks, Howard Co., Elba Precinct


Englebrecht, William 53, m.24yrs, b. Ohio Ger. & PA. Farmer


Alice 48, b. IL. 3 & 3, Ohio & Ohio


son ?spl. Almer - Almes - Alsner age 20, b. Neb. (Per 1900 he is Elmer)


dau. Jesse M. age ? 18, b. Neb. (Per 1900 the M is a pos. W)


1900 Census Nebraska, Boone Co, Precinct Wettzel


Englebrecht, William, b. Mar 2 1857, age 43, b. Ohio, Farmer, parents b. Ger. (No PA. this time.)


Alice, b. Jan 16, 1862 age 38, m. 14 yrs. 3 & 3, b. IL.


Clarence E., b. Aug 16 1887 age 12, Neb.


Elmer, b. Neb Nov 18, age 10


Jessie M (?W.) dau. b. Neb. Mar. ?9, 1899 age 1.




A PossibleSon, perhaps?


Englebrecht, Julius obituary 17 June 1910;3;1 (Gazette Index)





i. CLARENCE E. ENGLEBRECHT, b. 16 Aug 1887, Nebraska.


ii. ELMER ENGLEBRECHT, b. 18 Nov 1889, Nebraska.


iii. JESSIE M. ENGLEBRECHT, b. Abt. 09 Mar 1899, Nebraska.




7. THADDEUS MCCLELLAN DAVIS (REUBEN, WILLIAM, WILLIAM, JOSEPH, JOSEPH) was born Dec 1863 in Whiteside Co., IL., Hanhaman Twp., and died Abt. 09 Jun 1943. He married ANNA M. JOHNSON 14 Jul 1897 in Whiteside Co., Illinois #9771. She was born Dec 1874 in Illinois, and died Abt. 14 Oct 1963.




Davis, T. M. buys McGrath's barber shop 26 Feb 1910;1;5 (gazette)


1920 Census, Sterling City, Whiteside Co., IL.


Davis, Thaddeus M.. age 56, b. IL. par. b. Ohio, occ Barber - Own shop.


Anna M., Wife, age 45 b. IL. par. b. Ger.


LeRoy J., son age 20, b. IL.


Claud J. son, age 15, b. IL.


Elizabeth M., dau. age 12, b. IL.


Davis, T.M. funeral 12 Jun 1943;2;1


Davis, T.M. (Mrs.) auction sale 13 Jan 1944;13;3-4


With an Auction sale ad in a local paper, I believe this would indicate that they stayed in Sterling, and are probably had burials in Sterling Riverside Cemetery.


Notes for ANNA M. JOHNSON:


Parents, ?????


Possible: 1880 census


Anna Johnson Charles,


Lena Coloma, Whiteside, IL abt 1874 Illinois Daughter


Another Possible: 1880 census


Anna Johnson Lewis,


Magdalena Fairfield, Bureau, IL abt 1874 Illinois Daughter


Davis, Anna M. Johnson (T.M.) obituary 14 Oct 1963;2;1-2 (Gazette)





i. LEROY J. DAVIS, b. 05 Mar 1899, Illinois; d. 1980, Sterling; m. IRENE BLACKBURN, Abt. 30 Jun 1920; d. Abt. 06 Jul 1976.


Notes for LEROY J. DAVIS:


The J., middle initial is unclear. Pos. F.


Social Security Death Index


about Leroy Davis


Name: Leroy Davis


SSN: 335-24-4493


Last Residence: 61081 Sterling, Whiteside, Illinois, United States of America


Born: 5 Mar 1899


Last Benefit: 61081 Sterling, Whiteside, Illinois, United States of America


Died: Dec 1980


State (Year) SSN issued: Illinois (Before 1951 )


Davis, LeRoy J. and Irene Blackburn anniversary - 50 23 June 1970;7;2*


Davis, LeRoy (Irene Blackburn) obituary 22 Dec 1980;A4;3


Davis, Leroy weds Irene Blackburn 30 June 1920;2;6


Davis, LeRoy buys the Soda Grill 7 Sept 1923;3;2








Davis, Irene Blackburn and LeRoy anniversary - 50 23 June 1970;7;2*


Davis, Irene Blackburn (LeRoy ) obituary 6 July 1976;4;1


Davis, Irene Blackburn (LeRoy ) funeral rites 9 July 1976;4;1


ii. CLAUDE J. DAVIS, b. Abt. 1905, Illinois; d. Abt. 18 Jun 1982; m. DOROTHEA A. BARNES, 02 Sep 1930.


Notes for CLAUDE J. DAVIS:


Davis, Claude assumes management of Erie and Hillsdale Telephone Exchange 8 Apr 1942;2;1-2


Davis, Claude resigns as Erie phone manager 8 April 1954;8;1


Davis, Claude Mr. & Mrs. anniversary - 50 26 Aug 1980;4;3


Davis, Claude (Dorothea A. Barnes) obituary 18 June 1982;A4;2


Davis, Claude (Dorothea A. Barnes) obituary 19 June 1982;A4;1


Davis, Claud weds Dorothea Barnes 2 Sept 1930;8;5


Davis, Claude Mr. & Mrs. son born July 4 4 July 1931;2;4


I'll be a while figuring this one out.


???? Davis, Dorothea Forster weds Edwin B. Butler 9 March 1936;2;3 (From a previous marriage maybe?)


iii. ELIZABETH M. DAVIS, b. Abt. 1908, Illinois.




8. REUBEN H. DAVIS (REUBEN, WILLIAM, WILLIAM, JOSEPH, JOSEPH) was born Aug 1868 in Whiteside Co., IL., Hanhaman Twp., and died Abt. 08 Oct 1917 in Batavia, Illinois (Source: Family Group Sheet, Reuben Davis, Sterling Library.). He married JULIA A. MCCABE 16 Nov 1889 in Whiteside Co., Illinois # 7760. She was born Mar 1870 in Illinois, and died Abt. 01 Apr 1939.


Notes for REUBEN H. DAVIS:


I'm in hopes to find some day that his middle initial of "H." stands for Hubble.


Of Batavia IL. 1910, per entry in obit.


1900 Census, Sterling City, 13th Ave.


He appears to be a Labor but is written over.


Davis, Reuben H. obituary / funeral rites 8 Oct 1917;1;1 (Gazette) Until I find out this is not our Reuben, I'll accept it. (Need a trip to the Sterling Library for obit.)




Notes for JULIA A. MCCABE:


Parents b. Ireland and New York


Davis, Julia Mrs. funeral rites 3 April 1939;2;1 (Gazette)



Children of REUBEN DAVIS and JULIA MCCABE are:


i. JOHN C. DAVIS, b. Sep 1890, Illinois.


Notes for JOHN C. DAVIS:




Social Security Death Index


about John Davis


Name: John Davis


SSN: 331-10-1658


Last Residence: 60085 Waukegan, Lake, Illinois, United States of America


Born: 21 Sep 1890


Died: Aug 1967


State (Year) SSN issued: Illinois (Before 1951 )


ii. RUEBEN H. DAVIS, b. 13 Oct 1891, Illinois; d. Jun 1971, Pro. Kane Co., Illinois.


Notes for RUEBEN H. DAVIS:


Social Security Death Index


about Reuben Davis


Name: Reuben Davis


SSN: 336-03-6280


Last Residence: 60510 Batavia, Kane, Illinois, United States of America


Born: 13 Oct 1891


Died: Jun 1971


State (Year) SSN issued: Illinois (Before 1951 )


iii. LEO DAVIS, b. Jun 1895, Illinois.


Notes for LEO DAVIS:




Social Security Death Index


about Leo Davis


Name: Leo Davis


SSN: 478-01-4042


Last Residence: 50316 Des Moines, Polk, Iowa, United States of America


Born: 12 Jun 1895


Died: Oct 1974


State (Year) SSN issued: Iowa (Before 1951 )




9. JOHN DARWIN DAVIS (REUBEN, WILLIAM, WILLIAM, JOSEPH, JOSEPH) was born Jan 1876 in Whiteside Co., IL., Hanhaman Twp., and died Abt. 29 Sep 1922. He married JENNIE KELSEY 09 Jun 1897 in Whiteside Co., Illinois # 9748. She was born Aug 1877 in Illinois, and died Abt. 25 Sep 1942.




1910 Census, Fourth Ave. Sterling Illinois;


Davis, Dr. J.D. Age 34 m.1, 13 yrs, b. IL. occ. Own Dentist Office


wife; Jennie age 33 m.1 13 yrs. 1 & 1 living, b. IL.


son Paul, age 10


1920 Census, Same place, but just him and Jennie.


The following is a guess, and unknown if it's him.


Davis, John D. obituary 29 Sept 1922;`4;5


Davis, John D. funeral rites set 30 Sept 1922;2;1


Davis, John D. funeral rites 2 Oct 1922;3;3


Again unknown:


Davis, John Mr. & Mrs. daughter born March 21 21 March 1912;Standard;5;2 (Prob. Not as not in 1920 census)


This one should be correct:


Davis, John D. Mr. & Mrs. son born May 1 2 May 1900;Standard;8;3


Davis, John D. <Dr.> and Mrs. son born May 1 4 May 1900;swStandard;8;3




Davis, Jennie (<Dr. >John D.) funeral 28 Sep 1942;10;1


Davis, Jennie K. Kelsey (Dr. John D.) obituary 25 Sep 1942;2;3





i. PAUL K. DAVIS, b. 01 May 1900, Sterling, Illinois; m. JUNE E. ORMSBEE, Abt. 12 Jun 1922; d. Abt. 16 Jan 1997.


Notes for PAUL K. DAVIS:


A very Possible;


Davis, Paul weds June Ormsbee 12 June 1922;2;2


Davis, June E. Ormsbee (Paul K.) obituary 16 Jan 1997;A2;4


He could be the Paul K. Davis 1920 Census Chicago, living on Michigan Ave. age 19, and no Occ.


1930 Census, Illinois, Rockford, Winnebago, Co.,


Davis Paul K. age 29, married at 22 yrs, b. IL. Occ. Doctor Dental


wife, June age 28, married at 21 yrs., b. IL., no Occ.


Notes for JUNE E. ORMSBEE:


Davis, June E. Ormsbee (Paul K.) obituary 16 Jan 1997;A2;4


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