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The Estabrooks' are connected to the Baldwins thru Jacob Baldwin m Elvira Estabrooks

Revised: March 28, 2006

Descendants of Benjamin & Betsey Baldwin

1 Benjamin Baldwin

He married Betsey. Benjamin became the father of Jacob Baldwin New Londondary, VT, July 10, 1807. Benjamin became the father of Levi D. Baldwin Manchester, VT, October 1, 1825.

2 Jacob Baldwin

Jacob was born New Londondary, VT July 10, 1807. He married Elvira Calista Estabrook Vermont, March 13, 1828. At 25 years of age Jacob became the father of Mary E. Baldwin Vermont, 1833. At 26 years of age Jacob became the father of Joel Manning Baldwin Vermont, May 5, 1834. At 31 years of age Jacob became the father of Lucy Jane (Jennie B.?) Baldwin Worcester, Washington, VT, July 31, 1838. He married Persis E. Hogeboom Ca 1842. He resided in Rome, Jefferson Co., IL 1880. Jacob died February 11, 1902 Leon, IL, at 94 years of age.

3 Mary E. Baldwin

Mary was born Vermont 1833. She married Francis Marion Lane Henry Co., IL, November 16, 1857. Mary died 1926 Leon, IL, at 93 years of age.

3 Joel Manning Baldwin

Joel became the father of Lizzie M. Baldwin. Joel became the father of William J. Baldwin. Joel was born Vermont May 5, 1834. He married Orpha Jane Bigelow Mass., September 17, 1852. Joel became the father of Jennie M. Baldwin Vermont, Ca 1855. He resided Mass. 1858. He resided Bureau Co., IL 1858. At 26 years of age Joel became the father of Frank H. Baldwin Tampico, IL, January 20, 1861. Joel served in the military in Fairfield Twp., Bureau Co., IL, November 1, 1861. He resided New York 1864. He resided Tampico, Whiteside Co., IL 1886. He married Sarah E. Jones Princeton, IL, November 5, 1896. He resided Pomona, CA September 19, 1903. Joel died July 23, 1907 Pomona, CA, at 73 years of age.

4 Lizzie M. Baldwin

She married Jesse Farrington Tampico, IL, January 1, 1896. Lizzie became the mother of Wayne Farrington Illinois, Ca 1897.

5 Wayne Farrington

Wayne was born Illinois Ca 1897.

4 William J. Baldwin

He resided Watertown, NY July 16, 1898. He resided in Waltertown, NY July 28, 1900, 35 Public Square.

4 Jennie M. Baldwin

Jennie was born Vermont Ca 1855. She resided Tampico, IL February 9, 1895. She resided Whiteside Co., IL February 29, 1895.

4 Frank H. Baldwin

Frank was born Tampico, IL January 20, 1861. He married Alma "Allie" Eliza Lane Clinton, IA, November 3, 1887. At 28 years of age Frank became the father of H. Lynn Baldwin 1889. He resided in Blackriver, NY March 9, 1895. At 39 years of age Frank became the father of Alene Baldwin Pomona, CA, March 1900. He married Mary Lane 1909. Frank became the father of Lorena Baldwin Pomona, CA, Ca 1911. He resided in Santa Margarita, CA March 7, 1912. Frank died August 28, 1946 Pomona, CA, at 85 years of age.

5 H. Lynn Baldwin

H. was born 1889. H. died 1961 at 72 years of age.

5 Alene Baldwin

Alene was born Pomona, CA March 1900.

5 Lorena Baldwin

Lorena was born Pomona, CA Ca 1911.

3 Lucy Jane (Jennie B.?) Baldwin

Lucy was born Worcester, Washington, VT July 31, 1838. She married Dr. Harvey Bird Laflin February 6, 1859. At 21 years of age Lucy became the mother of Nellie Laflin Worcester, Washington, VT, <1860. Lucy died Ca December 1893 LaCrosse, WI, at approximately 55 years of age.

4 Nellie Laflin

Nellie was born Worcester, Washington, VT <1860.

2 Levi D. Baldwin

Levi was born Manchester, VT October 1, 1825. He married Samantha Hogeboom Vermont, November 4, 1845. Levi died October 15, 1909 Leon, IL, at 84 years of age.

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