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Family Histories & Gen Charts > Descendants of Alfred Love & Ann Piper

The McKenzies are related to the Loves through Imogene McKenzie m Martin Love.

Descendants of Alfred Love and Ann Piper

Generation No. 1

 1. ALFRED1 LOVE. He married ANN PIPER.

        Children of ALFRED LOVE and ANN PIPER are:

 2.                i.    GEORGE2 LOVE, b. March 30, 1818, England; d. November 21, 1846, Greene Co., PA.

                   ii.    WALTER LOVE, b. 1820, Greene Co., PA; d. 1896, Greene Co., PA.


                 iii.    MARTIN J. LOVE, b. March 11, 1826, Greene Co., PA; m. HARRIET RINEHART, November 05, 1857.


                  iv.    SARAH LOVE, b. Abt. 1827, Greene Co., PA.


                   v.    MARTHA LOVE, b. Abt. 1829, Greene Co., PA.


Generation No. 2

 2. GEORGE2 LOVE (ALFRED1) was born March 30, 1818 in England, and died November 21, 1846 in Greene Co., PA. He married HANNAH RINEHART Abt. 1840.

        Children of GEORGE LOVE and HANNAH RINEHART are:

 3.                i.    HARRIET ANN3 LOVE, b. September 06, 1841, Greene Co, PA; d. August 12, 1938, Chicago, IL.

 4.               ii.    WILLIAM JAMES LOVE, b. June 10, 1844, Green Co., Pensylvania; d. April 21, 1928, Tampico, IL.

 5.              iii.    MARTIN GEORGE LOVE, b. December 06, 1846, Green County, PA; d. May 23, 1928, Tampico, IL.

Generation No. 3

 3. HARRIET ANN3 LOVE (GEORGE2, ALFRED1) was born September 06, 1841 in Greene Co, PA, and died August 12, 1938 in Chicago, IL. She married WILLIAM W. CRADDOCK June 18, 1861 in Whiteside Co., IL, son of SAMUEL CRADDOCK and SARAH.

        Children of HARRIET LOVE and WILLIAM CRADDOCK are:

 6.                i.    DELOS4 CRADDOCK, b. September 30, 1863, Whiteside Co., IL; d. January 15, 1933, Tampico, IL.

 7.               ii.    NELLIE C. CRADDOCK, b. 1866, IL; d. 1933, Tampico, IL.

                 iii.    JENNIE CRADDOCK, b. February 05, 1869, IL; d. April 04, 1881, Tampico, IL.


                  iv.    LENNA CRADDOCK, b. April 07, 1871, IL; d. December 26, 1881, Tampico, IL.


                   v.    MILROY CRADDOCK, b. Abt. 1879, IL.


 4. WILLIAM JAMES3 LOVE (GEORGE2, ALFRED1) was born June 10, 1844 in Green Co., Pensylvania, and died April 21, 1928 in Tampico, IL. He married MARGARET UNDERHILL March 23, 1870 in Illinois, daughter of LADOVIC UNDERHILL and ANNA DICKERSON.

        Children of WILLIAM LOVE and MARGARET UNDERHILL are:

 8.                i.    CLAUDE D.4 LOVE, b. 1871, Illinois; d. 1955, Tampico, IL.

 9.               ii.    MAY LOVE, b. Abt. 1873, IL.

                 iii.    ARLING W. LOVE, b. 1879, Illinois; d. 1967, Tampico, IL; m. BLANCHE ELINORE AYDELOTT, April 17, 1901, Tampico, IL.


 5. MARTIN GEORGE3 LOVE (GEORGE2, ALFRED1) was born December 06, 1846 in Green County, PA, and died May 23, 1928 in Tampico, IL. He married IMOGENE LOUISE MCKENZIE January 18, 1872 in Illinois, daughter of JOHN MCKENZIE and EMELINE DOW.

        Children of MARTIN LOVE and IMOGENE MCKENZIE are:

                    i.    GRACE RENTA4 LOVE, b. 1875; d. 1953, Tampico, IL; m. GEORGE DEVENEY.


 10.             ii.    LEONA BELLE LOVE, b. May 16, 1878, Fairfield Township, Bureau Co., IL; d. August 04, 1916, Tampico, IL.

 11.            iii.    GIDEON L. LOVE, b. Abt. 1882, IL.

                  iv.    PRESTON P. LOVE, b. Abt. 1885, Illinois; m. HILGA M..


                   v.    LETA M. LOVE, b. September 05, 1889, Illinois; d. February 04, 1904, Tampico, IL.


Generation No. 4

 6. DELOS4 CRADDOCK (HARRIET ANN3 LOVE, GEORGE2, ALFRED1) was born September 30, 1863 in Whiteside Co., IL, and died January 15, 1933 in Tampico, IL. He married MINNIE FORWARD December 26, 1885 in Malden, Bureau Co., IL, daughter of JR. GEORGE and MARIAN DARRATT.

        Children of DELOS CRADDOCK and MINNIE FORWARD are:

                    i.    LENNA5 CRADDOCK, b. August 02, 1888, Whiteside Co., IL; d. 1961, Pheonix, Maricopa Co., AZ; m. CLAIR C. CARSON, December 26, 1908.


                   ii.    JENNIE CRADDOCK, b. Bef. 1892, Whiteside Co., IL; d. March 06, 1971, Morrison, Whiteside Co., IL; m. LESTER LEE KIMMEL, November 24, 1910, Tampico, Whiteside Co., IL.


                 iii.    MARIAN CRADDOCK, b. August 21, 1899, Tampico, IL; d. January 26, 1947, Tampico, IL.


 7. NELLIE C.4 CRADDOCK (HARRIET ANN3 LOVE, GEORGE2, ALFRED1) was born 1866 in IL, and died 1933 in Tampico, IL. She married JOSEPH MARION JACOBS May 20, 1891 in Tampico, IL, son of JOSEPH JACOBS and MARY SMITH.

        Child of NELLIE CRADDOCK and JOSEPH JACOBS is:

                    i.    LEROY5 JACOBS.


 8. CLAUDE D.4 LOVE (WILLIAM JAMES3, GEORGE2, ALFRED1) was born 1871 in Illinois, and died 1955 in Tampico, IL. He married (1) HATTIE L. SEYLLER January 03, 1893 in Henry Co., IL, daughter of CONRAD SEYLLER and WIFE. He married (2) MINNIE I. EMMONS September 18, 1915 in Princeton, IL, daughter of EDWIN EMMONS and IRENE FOY.

        Child of CLAUDE LOVE and MINNIE EMMONS is:

                    i.    GIRL5 LOVE, b. July 1896, Yorktown, IL.



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