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The Teachs are related to the Foys through Clayton m Bertha Foy.

                                       Descendants of Daniel Foy 

Generation No. 1

 1. DANIEL1 FOY was born July 31, 1822 in Napolt, Cattaraugus Co., NY, and died March 06, 1899 in Tampico, IL. He married MATHILDA F. WILLIAMS December 01, 1842 in Hancock Co., IL, daughter of MATTHEW WILLIAMS and SARAH JONES.

        Children of DANIEL FOY and MATHILDA WILLIAMS are:

                    i.    SARAH RUTH2 FOY, b. April 10, 1844, Newkarket, Jefferson Co., TN; d. April 16, 1930, Tampico, IL; m. ANCIL ALMARION BURDICK, January 03, 1882, Whiteside Co., IL.


 2.               ii.    AUSTIN T. FOY, b. Abt. 1846, Illinois; d. September 02, 1914, Minot, ND.

 3.              iii.    CHARLES WESLEY FOY, b. March 30, 1848, Leon, IL; d. August 09, 1928, Tampico, IL.

 4.              iv.    MORRILL FOY, b. 1850, Illinois; d. 1929, Tampico, IL.

 5.               v.    IRENE FOY, b. December 17, 1852, Tampico, IL; d. 1932, Tampico, IL.

 6.              vi.    MILTON E. FOY, b. 1855, Illinois; d. 1936, Tampico, IL.

 7.             vii.    HARRIET "EVA" FOY, b. November 21, 1856, Sperry Twp., Volga, Clayton Co., IA.

 8.            viii.    JENNIE VIOLA FOY, b. September 12, 1859, Tampico, IL; d. November 10, 1935, Walkerville, MI.

                  ix.    RAYMOND FOY, b. Abt. 1863, Illinois; d. Wyoming.


Generation No. 2

 2. AUSTIN T.2 FOY (DANIEL1) was born Abt. 1846 in Illinois, and died September 02, 1914 in Minot, ND. He married LUCINDA A. MCKENZIE May 1876 in Illinois, daughter of HIRAM MCKENZIE and CORDELIA CHUBBUCK.

        Children of AUSTIN FOY and LUCINDA MCKENZIE are:

 9.                i.    BERTHA MANDANA3 FOY.

 10.             ii.    MAUDE MCKENZIE FOY, b. January 09, 1877, Tampico, IL; d. August 29, 1959, Sutter, CA.

 3. CHARLES WESLEY2 FOY (DANIEL1) was born March 30, 1848 in Leon, IL, and died August 09, 1928 in Tampico, IL. He married MARY G. JONES June 27, 1875 in Illinois, daughter of F. JONES and ELIZABETH WILLIAMS.

        Children of CHARLES FOY and MARY JONES are:

                    i.    INFANT3 FOY.


                   ii.    CLARKE FOY, b. Abt. 1880, Illinois; d. February 18, 1927, Chicago, IL; m. RUBY PIERCE, November 18, 1916, Princeton, IL.


                 iii.    WALTER B. FOY, b. Abt. 1886, Illinois; m. MAUD HARRINGTON, February 23, 1916, Princeton, IL.


                  iv.    RALPH FOY, b. Abt. 1890, Illinois; m. HAZEL BREED, December 25, 1912, Yorktown, IL.


 4. MORRILL2 FOY (DANIEL1) was born 1850 in Illinois, and died 1929 in Tampico, IL. He married MINNIE R. VANDREW March 28, 1878 in Whiteside Co., IL, daughter of WILLIAM VANDREW and ELIZABETH FRANCE.

        Children of MORRILL FOY and MINNIE VANDREW are:

                    i.    WILLIAM3 FOY, b. 1879, Fairfield Twp., Bureau Co., IL; d. 1935, Tampico, IL; m. GRACE M. HUNTER.


                   ii.    FRANK MORRILL FOY, b. March 26, 1882, Fairfield Township, Bureau Co., IL; d. April 22, 1904, Tampico, IL; m. GRACE MAE DENISON, July 15, 1903, St. Joe, MI.


                 iii.    EARL H. FOY, b. 1888; d. 1973, Tampico, IL; m. GRACE A. RENNER, March 06, 1913, Tampico, IL.


 5. IRENE2 FOY (DANIEL1) was born December 17, 1852 in Tampico, IL, and died 1932 in Tampico, IL. She married EDWIN A. EMMONS March 01, 1876 in Whiteside Co., IL, son of SAMUEL EMMONS and MALINDA BOOTH.

        Children of IRENE FOY and EDWIN EMMONS are:

 11.              i.    MYRTLE3 EMMONS.

 12.             ii.    MABEL C. EMMONS, b. June 28, 1877, Illinois; d. 1954, Tampico, IL.

 13.            iii.    MINNIE I. EMMONS, b. January 01, 1883, Tampico, IL; d. 1951, Tampico, IL.

                  iv.    VERA EMMONS, b. May 22, 1892, Tampico, IL; d. January 18, 1893, Tampico, IL.


                   v.    VIVA EMMONS, b. May 22, 1892, Tampico, IL; d. November 08, 1892, Tampico, IL.


 6. MILTON E.2 FOY (DANIEL1) was born 1855 in Illinois, and died 1936 in Tampico, IL. He married CHARLOTTE "LOTTIE" "PET" M. VANDREW, daughter of WILLIAM VANDREW and ELIZABETH FRANCE.

        Child of MILTON FOY and CHARLOTTE VANDREW is:

 14.              i.    LEWIS3 FOY, b. Abt. 1885, Illinois.

 7. HARRIET "EVA"2 FOY (DANIEL1) was born November 21, 1856 in Sperry Twp., Volga, Clayton Co., IA. She married GEORGE W. RENSLOW October 05, 1873 in Whiteside Co., IL.

        Children of HARRIET FOY and GEORGE RENSLOW are:

                    i.    CHARLES "ELMER"3 RENSLOW, b. March 09, 1876, Whiteside Co., IL; d. 1922, Whiteside Co., IL.


                   ii.    FLORENCE EVA RENSLOW, b. April 29, 1879, Whiteside Co., IL; d. 1966, Whiteside Co., IL.


                 iii.    FRED M. RENSLOW, b. September 07, 1880, Whiteside Co., IL.


 15.            iv.    CLARENCE WESLEY RENSLOW, b. December 11, 1887, Whiteside Co., IL; d. 1944, Tampico, Whiteside Co., IL.



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