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Family Histories & Gen Charts > Descendants of Stephen Hotchkiss & Sally Lamb

The Underhills are linked to the Hotchkisses through Eugene Underhill m Cora Hotchkiss

Descendants of Stephen Hotchkiss and Sally Lamb

Generation No. 1

 1. STEPHEN2 HOTCHKISS (ENOS1) was born October 1772 in East Haven, New Haven Co., CT, and died November 10, 1851 in Mexico, Oswego Co., NY. He married SALLY LAMB April 10, 1800 in Halifax, Windham Co, VT, daughter of DAVID LAMB and AMY WIGHTMAN.

        Children of STEPHEN HOTCHKISS and SALLY LAMB are:

                    i.    STEPHEN3 HOTCHKISS, b. September 05, 1801, Brattleboro, VT; d. March 09, 1823; m. TRIPHENA DANIELS, March 09, 1823.


                   ii.    SARAH HOTCHKISS, b. January 08, 1804; m. JOSEPH KENYON.


                 iii.    JOHN HOTCHKISS, b. June 05, 1805, Brattleboro, Windham Co., NY; d. January 27, 1861, Prophetstown, IL.


 2.              iv.    DAVID HOTCHKISS, b. December 08, 1806, Brattleboro, Windam Co., VT; d. August 18, 1858, Mexico, Oswego Co., NY.

                   v.    GILBERT HOTCHKISS, b. March 21, 1810, Brattleboro, VT; m. MARIA HOUGHTON.


                  vi.    WILLIAM HENRY HOTCHKISS, b. March 11, 1812, Brattleboro, VT.


                 vii.    MARY ELIZABETH HOTCHKISS, b. March 13, 1815, Brattleboro, VT; m. CHARLES BROWN, 1831.


 3.            viii.    RUFUS HOTCHKISS, b. March 29, 1817, Mexico, Oswego Co., NY; d. 1879, Colorado.

                  ix.    LUCY MELVINA HOTCHKISS, b. August 17, 1820, Mexico, Oswego Co., NY; d. August 31, 1913, Prophetstown, IL; m. CHAUNCEY PADDOCK, June 04, 1838.


                   x.    JAMES LANDON HOTCHKISS, b. February 13, 1824, Mexico, Oswego Co., NY; d. February 05, 1888, Mexico, Oswego Co., NY; m. PATIENCE OLDS, December 16, 1847.


Generation No. 2

 2. DAVID3 HOTCHKISS (STEPHEN2, ENOS1) was born December 08, 1806 in Brattleboro, Windam Co., VT, and died August 18, 1858 in Mexico, Oswego Co., NY. He married PHEOBE BROWN Abt. 1827.

        Children of DAVID HOTCHKISS and PHEOBE BROWN are:

 4.                i.    AMBROSE LOCKWOOD4 HOTCHKISS, b. April 24, 1832, Oswego Co., NY; d. October 02, 1913, Prophetstown, NY.

 5.               ii.    HULDA ANN HOTCHKISS, b. August 22, 1833, NY; d. November 28, 1898.

                 iii.    ROBERT JUDSON HOTCHKISS, b. November 06, 1835, NY; d. November 05, 1889; m. CHARLOTTE DUMMER, August 21, 1861.


 6.              iv.    DAVID HOTCHKISS, b. March 25, 1838, Mexico, Oswego Co, NY; d. May 29, 1929, Prophetstown, IL.

 7.               v.    HELEN JANE HOTCHKISS, b. January 03, 1841, NY.

 8.              vi.    MARY ELIZABETH HOTCHKISS, b. March 08, 1843, NY; d. July 19, 1871, NY.

                 vii.    CHARLES W. HOTCHKISS, b. May 04, 1845, Rome, NY; m. JULIA PIERSON.


               viii.    GEORGE HOTCHKISS, b. June 26, 1852, NY; d. October 09, 1866.


 3. RUFUS3 HOTCHKISS (STEPHEN2, ENOS1) was born March 29, 1817 in Mexico, Oswego Co., NY, and died 1879 in Colorado. He married JANE BISBEE July 25, 1858.

        Children of RUFUS HOTCHKISS and JANE BISBEE are:

                    i.    FRANKLIN BISBEE4 HOTCHKISS, b. May 17, 1859, Prophetstown, IL.


                   ii.    ELBRIDGE LAMB HOTCHKISS, b. June 18, 1862, Prophetstown, IL.


                 iii.    JENNIE HOTCHKISS, b. April 18, 1867, Prophetstown, Whiteside Co., IL; m. W.D. HORNE.


Generation No. 3

 4. AMBROSE LOCKWOOD4 HOTCHKISS (DAVID3, STEPHEN2, ENOS1) was born April 24, 1832 in Oswego Co., NY, and died October 02, 1913 in Prophetstown, NY. He married LYDIA E. LEACH November 04, 1873, daughter of FRANCIS LEACH and ADELPHIA HUSSEY.

        Child of AMBROSE HOTCHKISS and LYDIA LEACH is:

                    i.    HALLIE G.5 HOTCHKISS, b. March 20, 1876, Prophetstown, IL; d. 1932, Proplhetstown, IL; m. RHODA MAY.


 5. HULDA ANN4 HOTCHKISS (DAVID3, STEPHEN2, ENOS1) was born August 22, 1833 in NY, and died November 28, 1898. She married PARKER DODGE.

        Children of HULDA HOTCHKISS and PARKER DODGE are:

                    i.    MILO5 DODGE, b. Abt. 1855, NY.


                   ii.    JENNIE DODGE, b. Abt. 1857, NY.


                 iii.    ALVIN DODGE, b. Abt. 1859, NY.


 6. DAVID4 HOTCHKISS (DAVID3, STEPHEN2, ENOS1) was born March 25, 1838 in Mexico, Oswego Co, NY, and died May 29, 1929 in Prophetstown, IL. He married JULIA CEDELIA SEYMOUR September 22, 1864 in Lyndon, Whiteside Co., IL, daughter of HARVEY SEYMOUR and MARTHA PADDOCK.

        Children of DAVID HOTCHKISS and JULIA SEYMOUR are:

 9.                i.    CORA PEARL5 HOTCHKISS, b. August 06, 1872, Hume Township, Whiteside Co., IL; d. October 12, 1965, Morrison, Whiteside Co., IL.

                   ii.    EMMA GERTRUDE HOTCHKISS, b. 1875, Whiteside Co., IL; d. 1956, Whiteside Co., IL; m. GEORGE E. MERRILL, February 17, 1897, Hume, IL.


 10.            iii.    HARRY HERBERT HOTCHKISS, b. December 20, 1876, IL; d. May 26, 1902, Prophetstown, IL.

 7. HELEN JANE4 HOTCHKISS (DAVID3, STEPHEN2, ENOS1) was born January 03, 1841 in NY. She married ORRIN PADDOCK October 13, 1857.

        Children of HELEN HOTCHKISS and ORRIN PADDOCK are:

                    i.    EMILY LAVINIA5 PADDOCK, b. 1866, NY.


                   ii.    LILLIAN PADDOCK, b. 1869, NY; d. 1877.



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