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Tampico Tornado 2/04/1910 > W. H. Harrison & Co.

Tampico Tornado, Friday, February 4, 1910 - Special Boom Edition
4 Feb 1910

Tampico, Whiteside County, Illinois
Friday, Februray 4. 1910
Special Boom Edition

W. H. Harrison and Company - Tampico's Original Department Store
The members of this firm are W.H. Harrison and T.A. Curnow.
Mr. Harrison was born in Fenton Township, Whiteside County, of English parents who came to the United States in 1845. He came to Tampico and entered mercantile life in 1878 in the same location which the firm now occupies though the premises have been much added to, and extended, having been thoroughly remodeled last season.  Part of Mr. Harrison's early life was passed in the mining fields of British Columbia in the early days of placer and he has trudged on foot many weary miles with a miner's pack upon his back. At one time he aided in carrying out a sick companion over 18 miles of rough, narrow trails, wading swift running streams of icy water, thus saving his life by getting him within reach of medical aid. His reminiscenses of the early days of the old Carriboo Trail are very interesting.

Mr. Curnow was born in Colchester, McDonough County, and came to Whiteside County in 1890. He was engaged for sometime as station agent with the C B & Q railway company at various points, later entering the employ of the Tampico Bank as assistant cashier, where he remained two years. He left this position to become junior partner with Mr. Harrison about a year ago, and is rapidly gaining a working knowledge of the dry goods and general merchandise business under the experienced guidance of Mr. Harrison, who is a verteran in these lines.

As has been stated, the store was thoroughly remodeled last season throughout and a new front put in, which has added much to its appearance and convenience. These were changes which Mr. Harrison had been planning for some time.

The firm carries complete departments of dry goods, ladies' cloaks, suits and furnishings, gents' clothing and furnishing goods, gentlemens' and ladies' footwear of all kinds, carpets, rugs, linoleums, and house furnishing good, groceries and queensware.

This is the pioneer department store of this section, and is known, and patronized all over this part of the county.

Mr. Harrison has been a part of the growth of Tampico, and has been intimately connected with her every advance, while Mr. Curnow is one of her progressive young business men, so that their many friends may always expect the firm to be in the vanguard of improvement.


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