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Tampico Tornado 2/04/1910
Special "Boom" Edition of the Tampico Tornado Newspaper - February 4, 1910
This "special Boom edition" of the Tampico Tornado Newspaper included many photos and articles on the history, people and businesses in Tampico, IL. I will be transcribing the articles throughout the week, so please check back often! This is a fabulous "special Boom edition" of the Tornado and truly a treasure to have. It was donated to the TAHS by the late Mildred Arnold.

4 Feb 1910    B. Greenman & R. Davis
Druggist and Harnesses
4 Feb 1910    H.C. PITNEY
Where Jack Reagan worked
4 Feb 1910    The Pitney Hotel 1910
Surnames mentioned: Shanacy
4 Feb 1910    E. W. Meredith - City Market
Tampico Tornado, Special Boom Edition, Feb. 4, 1910
Surnames mentioned: Meredith, Cusac, Parent, Paice, Bleitz
4 Feb 1910    W. H. Harrison & Co.
This building is currently the home of the Tampico Area Historical Society & Museum
4 Feb 1910    Misc. Articles
Miscellaneous "tid-bit" articles. Surnames mentioned: Glassburn, Hein, Dow, Shere, Drummert, Richardson, Harrington, Mathis, Secrest, Schultz, Berge, Holtz, Kerber, Spath, Brandau, Barenthin, Fehlman, Ackerman, Hoeffler, Hilger, Burton, Shaw, Frank, Teske, Buckwald, Maloney, Eshelman, Blackert, Fran, Frank, McBride, Smith, Wheelock, Mulch, Goembel, Seyller, McKenzie
4 Feb 1910    Howard Metcalf Breaks Leg
Surnames mentioned: Metcalf, Parent, Dr. Wahl
4 Feb 1910    Entertain at the Foy Home
Tampico Tornado Special Boom Edition, Feb. 4, 1910
Surnames mentioned: Foy, Lutyens, Gifford, Vaughan, Karn, Rosene, Pierce, Jones
4 Feb 1910    Shot Himsef Accidentally - (Tracy Denison)
Tampico Tornado, Friday, Feb. 4, 1910, Special Boom Edition
Surname mentioned: Denison
4 Feb 1910    To Contest Burden Will
Last Will of Thos Burden contested by son, Chas. Burden
Surnames mentioned: Burden, Sheldon, Russell, Swengel, Graham, Clyne, McCabe, Thackaberry, Dale, Munson, Kelly

Tampico Tornado Special Boom Edition, Feb 4 1919
Surnames mentioned: Dr. W.C. Rose, Woodruff, Fenton, Aldrich, Steadman, Rev. Pinkney, Glassburn, Apless, Meredith, Brants, Boyer, Rev. Potter, Father McGuire, FAther L.X. DuFour, Rev. Beltz, Rev. Kellogg, Winter, Cain, Smith,

4 Feb 1910    O. D. Olsson, Justice of the Peace
4 Feb 1910    First National Bank
Link to pdf format of interior photo and article
4 Feb 1910    Ferris and Love - Livestock Buyers
Transcribed by Denise McLoughlin from the Tampico Tornado Newspaper - Feb. 4, 1910 Special Boom Edition.

Special "Boom" edition - Feb. 4, 1910

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