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Tampico Tornado 2/04/1910 > The Pitney Hotel 1910

Tampico Tornado, Friday, February 4, 1910 - Special Boom Edition
4 Feb 1910

"Welcome to the Stranger Within Our Gates"
The Pitney Hotel

Adequate hotel accomodation is of the utmost importance to a community, and this need is well supplied in Tampico.

The Pitney Hotel has welcomed the wayfarer for many years, but has been warm in the coldest weather, being the only completely heated in town.

The proprietor, John Shanacy, is a native of Northern Indiana. He came to Tampico a little over a year ago. He has had twenty years experience in the hotel business and is making many friends, as well as patrons for the house. Having traveled much himself, he keenly appreciates the wants of the traveling public.

The motto of the house is "Plenty, cleanliness, and geniality."

When in Tampico try the Pitney. You will not be disappointed.

Those who wish to drive will find a good livery in connection with the ...


Pitney House Fire 1915 (located on corner of Market and Main Streets)

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