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Tampico Tornado 2/04/1910 > B. Greenman & R. Davis

4 Feb 1910

Source: The Tampico Tornado Newspaper
February 4, 1910

Transcribed by: Denise McLoughlin
Tampico Area Historical Society

B. D. Greenman


With all the development of drugless systems of heling, the drug store yet remains a prominent factor in our modern life. Now that we are using more and more the active principles of remedies, compounded in the mosst scientific and palatable form, the apothecary’s art is a far different thing from what it was in early days.

Mr. Greenman who is a native of Whiteside county, established here in the drug trade in March, 1884. He has passed over a quarter of a century of business life in our community.

He carries a full line of drugs, proprietary medicines, paints, oils, glass, wall paper, stationery, fancy goods, perfumes and druggist’s sundries. Prescriptions are promptly filled at all times.

In 1889 he added a full line of jewelry to the stock, and now carries a full line of watches, jewelry, silverware, and cut glass.

In 1898 a new department was added, which would at first glance seem very incongruous with the lines already handled, but which proved eminently satisfactory in an agricultural community. This line is harnesses of which a first class assortment is always in stock.

This department was at its inception and has been ever since in charge of R. D. Davis, who is well known throughout the country.

Both hand-made, and machine-made harness are manufactured. Quality and durability have ever been the watchwords of the house, the product having been kept up to a high standard.

Mr. Greenman has ever kept in the front rank of those working for the advancement of Tampico, and Whiteside County.



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