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Whiteside Biographies 1877 > William Booth, Sr.

Whiteside County History/Bio, Bent
page 338-339

Wm. Booth, Sr., a native of Virginia, settled with his family in Newton Township in March, 1839. He drove through from Indiana the preceding winter. After leaving Virginia he remained a year in Ohio, and four years in Indiana; but the ague troubled his family so much he fled from it, thus leaving the Hoosier State and locating in the Rock River Valley. Mr. Booth settled on section 9, he being the first settler in that part of the present town of Newton. Mr. Booth was born in Randolph county, Va., May 4, 1783, and died upon his homestead in Newton, December 7, 1854. He was married in April, 1802. His wife was born October 11, 1786, and died October 1875. A very large number of children, grand-children, and great grand-children a resident of Ohio; Malinda, wife of Samuel Emmons of Tampico township; Heuston, a resident of Virginial; Hart, a resident of Indian; Elijah,killed at F. R. Emmons of Rock Falls; Stephen C., now in California; Isaac, a resident of Indian; Edward D., a farmer in Newton; Wm. S., a farmer in Albany township; James H., a farmer in Newton; Lucinda, Daniel and Deborah, deceased. Stephen C., made a claim soon after his arrival in Newton, on section 15, east of the place occupied by J. H. Marshall. Edward D. made a claim on section 9, where he now has a fine farm. James H. is an extensive and successful farmer in Newton Township, his residence being on section 9.


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