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Whiteside Biographies 1877
Source: History of Whiteside County, IL, Edited by Charles Bent, Morrison, IL 1877

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  William Booth, Sr.
  Asa F. R. Emmons
  John S. Warner
  Jabez Warner
  Benjamin & Thaddeus Smith
  Chauncey Rowe
  Russell Warren
  Nathaniel Norton
  Levi Fuller, Jr. - 1877
  William Graham
  Lewis C. Underwood
  Caleb P. Lanphere
  William P. Tabor
  Arbela Adams
  Thomas Jefferson Dow
  Benjamin Dow
  A. T. Wiggins
  William S. Crane
  Philip Rapp
  Martin Reis
  Dr. A. Plympton
  George McCormick
  Lodoic Underhill
  Hiram Underhill
  John Laird
  Jeremiah H. Johnson
  Hiram McKenzie
  D. Porter Brewer
  Chauncey Reynolds
  John Kemptster
  Robert Mead
  Charles Tillotson - 1877
  James, William T., and Anderson S. Crozier
  John P. Welding - 1877
  James Graham
  Robert Woodside
  Andrew T. Bracken
  Horace B. Cole - 1877
  Daniel F. Cole - 1877
  Smith Hurd - 1877
  Ephraim Summers
  Samuel Hall - 1877
  Alden Tuller
  Walter Young
  Amos Young - 1877
  Jesse Slawson
  Jacob Arnett
  Job Dodge
  Lewis Arnett
  Roderick M. Besse
  Hiram Harmon
  Guy Ray - 1877
  James Rowe
  John Smith Logan
  Robert Thompson
  Levi Fuller, Sr. 1877
  Daniel Blaisdell - 1877
  Horace G. Seely
  Col. Ebenezer Seely
  Jeduthan Seely, Sr.
  Aaron S. Miller
  Christian Benson
  Joy H. Avery
  William H. Cushman
  Alphonzo Brooks
  John Baxter
  Robert Getty
  John Smith Rowe
  Simeon Chaffee
  P. Bacchus Besse
  Simeon Fuller
  Horace Burke
  Mitchell Ruxton
  Alexander J. Seely
  Norman B. Seely
  Asa Maynard
  William Maynard
  Rufus Aldrich
  Daniel Foy
  John C. Aldrich
  John W. Glassburn
  Rodney C. Crook
  John C. Paddock
  Marlon C. McKenzie
  John H. Plumley
  David Cleaveland
  Lyman Baker
  Josiah Scott
  David Ramsay
  William Ramsay
  Charles Wright
  Amos Reeves 1877
  Dr. Reuben Davis

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