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Whiteside Biographies 1877 > Jacob Arnett

Source: History of Whiteside County, Illinois, edited by Charles Bent, Morrison, IL  1877
Transcribed by: Denise McLoughlin, Tampico Area Historical Society

Page 356

JACOB ARNETT was born in Elstein, France, in 1815, and came with his father to the United States in 1827. When coming West he stopped for a short time in Joliet, Will county, Illinois, and came to Portland in 1836, making his claim on section 35. He became early noted for his untiring industry, and trradinghabits. He would dig ditches, put up fences, or work at buying and harvesting as far as Como, and take his pay in stock, or inanything he could aftewards barter, and in a few years accummulated a good property. When the California excitement broke out, it was an easy matter for him to fit out fine teams, and go with the adventures to the land of gold. e used his teams to paying advantage while there, and when he ws pretty well supplied with the precious metal returned to his home in Portland. He retired from farming some years ago, and moved to Geneseo, Henry county, where he is extensively engaged in dealing in agricultural implements. He married Miss Charlotte SUMMERS in 1842, their children being: Lewis C., who married Miss Sarah ROSE, and lives in Portland; Samuel J., who married Miss Eliza GROZENBURG, and lived in Geneseo; Phillip S., who married Miss Eliza WAGNER, and lives in Portland; Mary, wife of Andrew SMITH, living in Henry county; Albert, who married Miss Celia PARKER, and lives in Portland,; Clara, wife of Abram RAPP. living in Henry county; and Oletta, who lives in Geneseo, Henry county.

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