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Whiteside Biographies 1877 > Guy Ray - 1877

Source: History of Whiteside County, Illinois, Edited by Charles Bent, Morrison, IL  1877
Transcribed by: Denise McLoughlin, Tampico Area Historical Society

Page 353

GUY RAY was born in Berkshire county, Mass., in 1806. In the year 1835 he came West by canal and the lakes to Chicago, where he purchased a horse, and proceeded to explore the country. On his route he stopped at Dixon, and from thence went to Rock Island where there were but three log cabins at the time. As he returned he stopped at Prophetstown, and at that place found the only white settlers between Rock Island and Dixon. Being pleased with the vicinity he made a claim one mile south of Portland Village, and contracted for the building of a log house. He then went back for his family, and in the followingJune brought them to Portland. On his arrival he foundhimself without a shelter, as the party with whom he had contraced to build a house had failed to perform his agreement. Not dimayed he went to work in the heat of the summer, and cut logs on Indian island, floating them down the river, andbuilt himself a double log house. On the 10th of Septmeber, 1836, his wife died, being the first adult death in the townsip. He brought a few goods with him when he came in June, which he sold in his house, thus becoming the first store keeper in the town. Mr. RAY was interested in the construction of the race from Lyndon across the bend, upon which a mill was erected, but the enterprise proved a failure. His farm was one of the best managed in the town, and his stock equal to the best in the county. He was the first County Clerk of Whiteside county, being elected in 1839. He also filled the office of School Treasurer of the township for a number of years. In 1876 he moved to Vinton, Benton county, Iowa, where e now resides. Mr. RAY was married three times, first to Elizabeth HARMON, second to Samantha HARMON, and third to Louisa POMEROY. The children are, Emma, wife of Homer SLATE, living in Henry county, Illinois; Camilla, wife of Rev. Mr. DALZELL, living in Baltimore, and Frank, and Elizabeth living in Vinton, Iowa.

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