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Whiteside Biographies 1877 > Jabez Warner

History of Whiteside Co, IL 1877

Source: History of Whiteside County, IL, Edited by Charles Bent, Morrison Illinois, 1877

Reprinted by: HissinsonBook Company, Salem, Massachusetts


Page 382


JABEZ WARNER was born in Springfield in 1787. In 1806 he moved to Missouri, it being then French territory, and settled near St. Louis. During his residence there he served as Sheriff, and also as Probate Judge of St. Louis county. He was a cooper by trade, and carried on a large cooper shop in St. Louis, in which he made flour barrels for the mills of that city. When the news of the victory of the Americans over the British, at New Orleans, on the 8th of January 1815, reached St. Louis, Mr. WARNER lost his right arm while assisting in firing a salute over the triumph. He was a Lieutenant in the war of 1812, and with his compnay made a trip up the Mississippi river to keep the Indians in check. During this expedition, the captain of the company was wounded, and died, soon after, leaving the command to Lieut. WARNER. He was universally esteemed as a man of clear judgment, answering integrity, and great kindness of heart. He died in 1847. Mr. WARNER was married to Miss Elizabeth CONNER in 1811. Mrs. WARNER was born  in Chaleston, South Carolina, in 1794, and is still living with her sons in this county. Their children have been: John H.; Mary E.; who married Job DODGE, and lives in Philadelphia; Elias Burchard; Andre J.; Sarah C., who married Silas SEARS, and lives in Prophetstown; Edward B.; Eliza A., who married Andrew J. TULLER, and lives in Sterling; Martin P.; and Ellen M., who married B. H. BACON, and lives in Philadelphia. John H. married Miss Clarissa E. BRYANT, and resideds in the village of Prophetstown. He owns a large and well cultivated farm in the township, and has been a very successful agriculturist. Elias BUCHARD married Miss Statira CLARK, and upon coming to Prophetstown commenced farming, which occupation he continued until 1851, when he engaged in mercantile business in the village with his brothers Edward B. and Martin P., and maintained his connection with them until 1856, when he retired. Andrew J. first married Miss Elvira ROWE, and after her death, Mrs. Eliza M. WOODARD. He was engaged in mercantile business with Andrew J. TULLER from 1849 to 1851, and for several years was part owner of the plow factory and saw mill in the village. In 1862 he was appointed an Assistnt United States Revenue Assessor and in 1865 was promoted to the office of Revenue Assessor for the third Congressional District, holding the latter position until 1873. He has also held various offices in the township, and has been a member, and for several terms President, of the Board of Trustees of the village of Prophetstown, and in all of these offices he gave unequalified satisfaction. Edward B. married Miss Elizabeth C. BRYANT, and for several years wa engaged in business in the village of Prophetstown. In 1858 he was elceted County Treasurer of Whitside county, when the county finances being then in not a very properous condition, and county ordrs below par. The county seat had been but recently moved to Morrison, and county buildings had to be erected. Added to this was the breaking out of the war, and as it continued, drafts were ordered which could ony be averted by paying large bounties, and to do this bonds had to be issued and put upon the market. Resting under a cloud as to her financial matters the way looked rather difficult for Whiteside to realize upon her bonds, but under the able management of its financial officer they suffered but very little depression, and that only for a short time. Through Mr. WARNER’s influence taxes were levied to pay them, and long before the times had reached hard  pan, the war debt was extinguished. In the meantime the county buildings had been erected,a nd paid for, and the credit of Whiteside county in all respects fully re-established. The twelve years during which Mr. WARNER held the position of Treasurer were trying ones for the county, and had there been a less able, faithful and judicious officer at the head of the financial department, it is difficult at this day to determine what its condition would have been. In 1872 Mr. WARNER was elected a member of the State Board of Equalization, and re-elected in 1876, his recognized financial abilities placing him at once among the leading members of that body. In 1859 he moved to Morrison, where he has since resided. He has been Mayor of the city of Morrison, and one of the school directors nearly akl the time-furing his residence in that city,and had also very acceptably filled a similar position in Prophetstown while a resident of that place. Martin P. was engaged in business for some time inProphetstown, but for the past fifteen years h as been connected with the County Treasurer’s office, residing in Morrison. Jabez F. married Miss Statira R. CUTLER. He owns a fine farm in the township, which he has brought under a high state of culitvation. His residence is in the village.

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