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The Tampico Area Historical Society encompasses parts of Whiteside County and Bureau County in Illinois. Focus is on Tampico, Hume Twp., Hahnaman/Deer Grove, & Prophetstown in Whiteside County & Yorktown & Thomas in Bureau County.
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Nov 15, 2004
5:44 PM
I read in one of the messages regarding Roy Short a question about Amos Short from Whiteside, ILL, who was the brother of Ira Short from the well known river boat captain dynasty.
Can you tell me anything about this family? I am the great-grandaughter of Amos and know Ira has ancestors somewhere.
Thanks a lot. A. Patterson
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Nov 16, 2004
3:48 AM
I have emailed Tom Short to see if he may be of some help to you. Here is some general info available on line. I have nothing in my Tampico or Whiteside data base.

Illinois Statewide Marriage Index, 1763–1900
Groom Bride Date Vol./Page License No. County

4 records are displayed.
SHORT, AMOS T DEWAR, MAUDE 05/31/1899 2 /198 5725 TAZEWELL

Illinois Statewide Death Index, 1916–1950

Last Name First Name Middle Name Sex/Race Age Cert # DeathDate County City DateFiled

2 records are displayed.
SHORT AMOS M/W UNK 2580248 1929-03-26 MACON DECATUR 29-03-26
SHORT AMOS M/N Y-65 6072186 1950-10-02 COOK 50-10-02

Illinois Statewide Marriage Index, 1763–1900
Groom Bride Date Vol./Page License No. County

1 records are displayed.

Illinois Statewide Death Index, 1916–1950
Death certificates filed after 1947 are not currently available in the Illinois State Archives Reference Room.

Last Name First Name Middle Name Sex/Race Age Cert # DeathDate County City DateFiled

1 records are displayed.

Others researching this name:
Entries: 483 Updated: Tue Nov 25 14:46:19 2003 Contact: Susan Campbell campbellmom@msn.com

ID: I96378177
Name: Ira SHORT
Given Name: Ira
Surname: Short
Sex: M
Birth: 5 May 1840 in Whiteside Co.,Illinois
Death: 12 Jun 1841 in Whiteside Co.,Illinois
Note: Ira drown in creek June 12,1841 Whiteside Co.Illinois

Father: Amos Meade SHORT b: 13 Apr 1810 in Tioga County, Pennsylvania
Mother: Esther Lucy CLARK b: 24 Dec 1806

Other "Short's" listed in her chart:
SHORT, Ira b: 5 May 1840 in Whiteside Co.,Illinois d: 12 Jun 1841 in Whiteside Co.,Illinois
SHORT, Jeanette b: March 1854 in Washington Territory d: abt 1930
SHORT, Jerusha b: 7 Aug 1832 in Tioga Co,PA d: Mar 1915 in Spokane,WA
SHORT, Lexa b: Abt. 1880
SHORT, Lina Kathleen b: 27 May 1895 d: Nov 1971
SHORT, Living
SHORT, Living
SHORT, Lulu Belle b: Abt. 1881
SHORT, Maxie B. b: 31 Oct 1838 in Whiteside Co.,Illinois d: 5 Jan 1910 in Portland,Oregon
SHORT, Nellie
SHORT, Oscar
SHORT, Robert
SHORT, Roseltha b: Aug 1855 in Washington d: Aft. 1910
SHORT, Samantha b: 25 Jan 1837 in Whiteside Co.,Illinois d: 23 Nov 1917 in Portland,Oregon
SHORT, Walter b: Abt. 1857
SHORT, Walter b: Sep 1889


1860 United States Federal Census
Viewing records 1-5 of 5 matches for:
Ira Short in United States
Name Home in 1860 (City,County,State) Age in 1860 Estimated Birth Year Birthplace Gender

Ira Short Nanticoke Hundred, Sussex, DE 1 1858 Delaware Female
Ira Short Grandville, Jasper, IL 6 1853 Indiana Male
Ira Short Cortlandville, Cortland, NY 2.12 New York Male
Ira Short Owego, Tioga, NY 9 1850 New York Male
Ira H Short Not Stated, Floyd, VA 23 1836 Male

1870 United States Federal Census
Viewing records 1-9 of 9 matches for:
Ira Short in United States

Name Home in 1870
(City, County, State) Age in 1870 Estimated Birth Year Birthplace Race Gender

Ira G Short Cedar Creek Hundred, Sussex, DE 10 1859 Delaware White Male
Ira Short Crooked Creek, Cumberland, IL 15 1854 Indiana White Male
Ira Short Granville, Jasper, IL 15 1854 Illinois White Male
Ira N Short Fabius, Davis, IA 4 1865 Indiana White Male
Ira Short Mackville, Washington, KY 4 1865 Kentucky White Male
Ira Sanford Short Jersey City Ward 13, Hudson, NJ 10 1859 New York White Male
Ira Short Owego, Tioga, NY 20 1849 New York White Male
Ira T Short Winchester, Adams, OH 3 1866 Ohio White Male
Ira G Short Robinson, Wise, VA 2 1867 Virginia White Male

1880 United States Federal Census
Viewing records 1-12 of 12 matches for:
Ira Short in United States

Name Home in 1880 (City,County,State) Age in 1880 Est.Birth Year Birthplace Gender Relation to head-of-house

Ira SHORT Jefferson, AL 2 <1878> Alabama Male Son
Ira SHORT Plumas, CA 4 <1876> California Male Son
Ira G. SHORT Nanticoke, Sussex, DE 21 <1859> Delaware Male Brother
Ira SHORT Casey, Clark, IL 24 <1856> Indiana Male Self
Ira H. SHORT Lansing, Allamakee, IA 31 <1849> Illinois Male Self
Ira N. SHORT West Grove, Davis, IA 14 <1866> Indiana Male Son
Ira SHORT Mackville, Washington, KY 7 <1873> Kentucky Male Son
Ira SHORT Clear Creek, Vernon, MO 5 <1875> Missouri Male Son
Ira S. SHORT Jersey City, Hudson, NJ 20 <1860> New York Male Son
Ira SHORT Owego, Tioga, NY 29 <1851> New York Male Son
Ira G. SHORT Henderson, Granville, NC 2 <1878> North Carolina Male Son
Ira T SHORT Jackson, Brown, OH 14 <1866> Ohio Male Son

Name Home in 1900
(City,County,State) Estimated Birth Year Birthplace Race Relation to Head-of-house

Ira Short Georgetown, Sussex, Delaware abt 1893 Delaware White Son
Ira Short Lewis and Rehobeth, Sussex, Delaware abt 1889 Delaware White Son
Ira Short Jackson, Sumner, Kansas abt 1866 Indiana White Head
Ira Short Lilly, Cambria, Pennsylvania abt 1895 Pennsylvania White Son
Ira Short Hector, Potter, Pennsylvania abt 1900 Pennsylvania White Son
Ira Short Justice Precinct 7, Lamar, Texas abt 1892 Mississippi White Son
Ira Short Justice Precinct 7, Lamar, Texas abt 1893 Texas White Daughter
Ira B Short Maumee, Allen, Indiana abt 1896 Ohio White Son
Ira B Short Sugar Creek, Miami, Kansas abt 1894 Missouri White Son
Ira D Short Marion, Decatur, Indiana abt 1880 Indiana White Son
Ira F Short Louisa, Lawrence, Kentucky abt 1888 Kentucky White Son
Ira G Short Pierce, Washington, Indiana abt 1889 Indiana White Son
Ira H Short Dagsboro, Sussex, Delaware abt 1885 Delaware White Son
Ira R Short Precinct 28, Jefferson, Alabama abt 1878 Alabama White Head
Ira S Short Cortland Ward 3, Cortland, New York abt 1860 New York White Head
Ira T Short Winchester, Adams, Ohio abt 1867 Ohio White Head


Name Birth Death Last Residence Last Benefit SSN Issued
IRA SHORT 19 Mar 1890 Sep 1966 19076 (Prospect Park, Delaware, PA) (none specified) 163-05-4069 Pennsylvania
IRA G SHORT 20 Feb 1917 29 Jan 1995 19070 (Morton, Delaware, PA) (none specified) 165-01-1516 Pennsylvania
IRA SHORT 01 Sep 1882 Apr 1973 19802 (Wilmington, New Castle, DE) (none specified) 183-03-5189 Pennsylvania
IRA SHORT 13 Apr 1895 Sep 1968 15938 (Lilly, Cambria, PA) (none specified) 208-09-2448 Pennsylvania

Also check LDS online http://www.familysearch.org/Eng/Search/frameset_search.asp

SURNAME NAVIGATOR-USA (Make sure ALL pop-up blockers are turned off!) Also, be sure to check each page carefully. Often there are more entries listed on additional pages. http://www.rat.de/kuijsten/navigator/usa/index.html
Denise, Tampico Area Historical Society

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Nov 17, 2004
5:10 AM
Hello Short 45,
I have some info. on Amos and Ira B. Short. I purchased
a book from the courthouse at Morrison (clerk's office) a
History Of Whiteside Co. it mentions Amos living there in
1840,and the death of his child drowning.Other sources re-
late him moving out west to oreogon and Washington. The
census of 1850 Oregon Clarke Co Shows his wife Ester and
Concerning Ira B.Short: There is a big write up (weeks
long) inthe Clinton Iowa Herald newspaper March 11-13 1933
The article presents in the life story of Jerome Short the
famous river pilot a lot of details about Ira Short and
the rest of the families. Basically,it tells when and where
they where born,lived and died.
I have a copy of this paper and other information and
glad to share.

Tom short
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Nov 17, 2004
6:38 PM
Hi Tom Short--How wonderful to hear from you. Yes, I am very interested in finding more details about Amos Short in Whiteside and whatever you know about his stay in Michigan and his state of origin Tioga Co. PA.
Plus, I know almost nothing of Ira Short and his descendents.
Where do you fit into the family? Thanks for contacting me. Alice Patterson
Nov 22, 2004
4:30 PM
Hello Alice,
Here is a little info. on Amos Short.From the Bent Wilson History of Whiteside Co. pgs.462 and 463 there are a couple refrences to the History of Ustick Tnshp. "Amos Short,from Indiana, and Edward Rolph, also came and settled
in i837"(so the family may have been enroute from N.Y.).
"The first death was a child of Amos Short,who was drowned in a spring on Mr Short's claim in 1840"
"The first school was taught by miss Armenia Ingam, in the chamber of Amos Short's log cabin in the so. entrance
to the school room was by a stairs leading from the outside of the building.The cabin was situated by the spring near where Levi Houghton's present house. The scholars were Char-
les c.Knight and Miss Ingham and Mr Short's children".
The next ref. I have is the 1850 census of Oregon clark CO
and various message board comments under surname short.
One reference states Amos left W.S. co in 1845 with wife
Ester Clark and children Curtis ,Jerusha, Delos, Amos Clark
Samantha,Maxey, infants Ira and elizabeth died in W.S.cO.
I will relate Ira' Info later Tom
Dec 01, 2004
8:46 PM
Hi Tom, Thanks for the info of Nov 22 on Amos Short. I was really interested to find that he started the first school in his log cabin. He and Esther did the same thing when he built his log cabin in Vancouver, WA. I have a ton of info about them when they lived there.
I will try to find the Bent Wilson History of Whiteside Co., you`ve given me some wonderful info.
Do you have any info about them when they lived in N.Y.? There seem to be a lot of Clarks (Esther`s last name)in Tioga Co. I`ve seen Esther`s handwriting in the family Bible and she had a beautiful hand, therefore was educated.
Are you from the Ira side of the family?
I truely appreciate what you`ve sent, and look forward to hearing from you again. Alice Patterson
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Jan 03, 2005
2:12 AM
I was surfing the net when I ran across your post about Esther
Clark, who I am told is my great great aunt. Lets see now, just to make sure I have it right. I happen to be a distant relative to the esther short or esther Clark side. My Aunt who is 90 years old tells me that her father who would be my grandfather was a nephew to Esther Clark. I believe it is his mothers sister. So that would make Ester Short (clark) my Great Great aunt. My grandfathers name was james Dimit, who married Pearl May Jackson. The interesting thing about this is the story that goes along with the setting in early Vancouver History. The records so I am told tell of my grandfather as a young boy finding his father shot dead inside his office late after hours. I guess there was some foul play from his partner who allegedly took money about $3,000 which was to pay off the saloon that my great grandfather owned in Vancouver. I'm certainly not quite sure on all the facts. But I was recently talking with my aunt over the christmas holidays about the stories of Esther Short Park, and she proceded to tell me more details. Supposedly there is someone in the family who is quite well versed on the subject. I need to validate some of this , it is quite interesting. Let me know if any of this is interesting to you. I am sure that I am quite a distant relative. Not sure how?
Feb 03, 2005
8:40 PM
Hi Zen--Esther Clark Short did have a sister named Jane Clark. It is thought that she married Amos Short`s brother, possibly Ira. I`ll have to check.
As far as a saloon in VA that strikes a bell for Esther had the first hotel in VA and ran the Alta house. Her son Grant (my grandfather) owned a restraunt and saloon in Camas, WA, and his son Jim had a hotel and grandson, Melvin had a saloon and restraunt there also.
We had a Short reunion the summer of `03, I believe, and I have some of the geneology`s that were passed out. So I will look up to see if there`s a Dimit family there. This reunion was held at the Esther Short Park in Vancouver.
Did you know that Esther Short had a native american parent? What state are you from?
Will get back to you when I check the records. A. Patterson
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Feb 22, 2005
7:07 PM
Hi, Have a lot more info on Amos Short's descendants through his son Amos Clark Short. Also with tie in to Disney family. Has anyone discovery who Amos or Esther's parents were?
Apr 17, 2005
12:15 PM
To Susan50
Hi Susan, No one I`ve talked to seems to know the names of Esther or Amos parents. I was in Olympia, WA just recently and in their state library I did find in a rare book an article about Esther Short in 1854, "the older portion of the Pacific House was built by Mrs. Esther Short on the corner of Main and 2nd Streets, across from a house which was a saloon and ten-pin alley by Pete Fergussen. Esther opened with a "grand ball" even though the building had not ben completed." On July 4, 1854 Esther had the ball on the same day as the ten-pin alley. opening the Alta House in Vancouver, WA. (I couldn`t help but chuckle thinking of her competiveness and good business sense.
Let me know of your linage.
May 11, 2005
5:55 PM

Wade Douglas Gunner believed to be born in Midland Toronto ON (1951-08-30) .. looking for birth parents - Kathleen Joyce Gunner and H.J nelson

if you have any info please e-mail me ... mje_124@hotmail.com
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May 12, 2005
7:13 AM
Dear Anonymous,

You posted a query on our message board regarding Gunner and Nelson families.
You did not mention the families' connection to Whiteside Co., IL or Tampico Area. If they did not live in our vicinity, then I'm afraid we cannot research it for you. Are you familiar with any of the Canada websites?

LIBRARY & ARCHIVES CANADA (in English) http://www.collectionscanada.ca/index-e.html
Census Records: http://www.censuslinks.com/index.php?t=sub_pages&cat=7
Cyndi's List (Canada): http://www.cyndislist.com/census2.htm#Tools
I hope this is helpful to you. If you have connections to our area, please post again with specifics. You have posted in the SHORT family thread. Please start a different (new) message thread with your surname(s) you are researching.

Good Luck in your quest!


Family History Coordinator
Tampico Area Historical Society

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Ted Durgan
May 17, 2005
2:01 PM
Grant Short and wife Susan Durgan are buried next to my great grandfather in Washougal Cemetery. He is my first cousin twice removed -Ted Durgan
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May 17, 2005
7:02 PM
Hello TED DURGAN---I`m so glad to hear from you! I knew that there were some Durgans close by the Short group, but I didn`t know the connection.
Did you know that Susan Durgan`s headstone had been vandalized and knocked over? I have been in contact with the City of Washougal to try to get a price on getting it back in place. Even tho she was not of my lineage, my grandfather cared for her and it sould be back in place.
I did find out from the census records that after their baby Claude was born, Grant was listed as a dairyman and had two Chinese employees and a domestic to help Susan. Susan was only 21.
Can you tell me anything more of the family? (Durgans and Shorts) Did the Durgans all live in Washougal? Thanks, Alice
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May 18, 2005
3:24 PM
TO: Anonymous--(Tom Short)
I was up at the Seattle, WA library and noted a book regarding Tom Short. It was by: Snyder, John Frances
call # R 977.3 John Frances Snyder selected writings
Sn 92S Springfield, Ill State Hist Soc Spring-
field, Ill. 329.1 p
May this give you some info you may want.
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May 18, 2005
4:18 PM
TED DURGAN--I have found out who you are now as to your web-site. I live in PDX also. I am wondering if you know anything more about Susan Durgan or her parents. Fathers name S.D. Durgan and mother was Annie Durgan. Also, when did the Durgan`s claim Washougal?

Last Edited by Short45 on May 18, 2005 4:20 PM
Ted Durgan
May 18, 2005
6:30 PM
Simeon D Durgan was Susans Brother ,Married Annie Nye He was 4 years old when he crossed the plains in a wagon Train with the Durgan family which included his father and grandfather a a bunch of aunts and uncles in 1854 and settled in Vancouver
Susan was the Daughter Of Joe E C Durgan Jr born February 06, 1860 and Catherine F Amidon was Simeons youngest sister

Joe was born in New York in 1828 and had DLC in 1854 north of Reed Island on Columbia River ,Thats where Susan was Born
it was donated as a town on May 6 1880 when Joe bought 20 acres from Richard Ough and his Indian wife.-Ted
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May 19, 2005
3:48 PM
TO Ted Durgan--Thanks for the info. My grandfather, Grant H. Short bought lot 3, block 12 in Washougal from S.D. Durgan and Annie Durgan on April 7, 1895.
Grant Hall Short was born coming across the plains at Ft. Hall in 1845.
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May 22, 2005
10:51 AM
This was posted on the GUEST BOOK. I am repositioning it here for better exposure. ~ Denise

Discovered you while perusing Esther Clark Short (my direct great-great-great grandmother) doing research for a story of each branch of our ancestral tree. Was fascinated to read of various contributors' relationships, information, etc. to Esther and Amos M.'s children and also names of their brothers/sisters. Still blank on their parents but have a couple of leads. I will check back for the sheer fun.

Posted by Carla - Connellcw@aol.com on May 21, 2005
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May 24, 2005
4:41 PM
Hi CARLA--It`s good to hear from another family member. My grandfather was Grant Hall Short, one of Amos and Esther`s younger children. I hope you do find who A & E`s parent were--that would be a big break-through!

Thanks Denise for putting this on the Short info. Alice
Ted Durgan
Jun 06, 2005
11:00 AM
family folklore is that the shorts came to Tioga Co., Pennsylvania with William Penn on the ship Welcome so Amos must decend from Adam Short. I beleive his fathers name was Amos also . I have no proof just family stories by the old timers
Jun 26, 2005
3:09 AM
According to the family oral history,my wife's fraternal grandmother,Ora Short Horton ,who died in Forest Grove,Oregon in 1946-1948 was the great granddaughter of Ester Short of Van,Wash.,but we dont have any geneology to prove that. Does anyone know of a good geneology of Ester Short's descendents so we wont have to reinvent fire? We would appreciate any information. Thanks Dennis
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Jun 29, 2005
7:33 PM
Thanks for the info on the Shorts coming over to the US on the "Welcome" with Wm Penn. I have looked up the manifest from that ship of Penn`s crossing and I find no name of Short listed. Is there another name you know of?

Last Edited by Short45 on Jun 29, 2005 7:44 PM
Jun 30, 2005
4:16 AM
Adam Short and wife Miriam Came on the Welcome.. His wife died on board

Ann Short is generally accepted as one of the passengers who accompanied William Penn to Pennsylvania on the ship "Welcome". One of the most completely researched works states it is "highly probable" than Ann Short was such a passenger. George F. McCracken, The Welcome Claimants Proved, Disproved and Doubtful: With An Account of Some of their Descendants (Publication of the Welcome Society of Pennsylvania, No. Genealogical Pub. Co, 1970). The argument is as follows: Isaac Ingram, a proven passenger on the "Welcome" died en route.

In his will he left to "my Sister Miriam Short lately deceased her three Children*** Adam, Miriam, & Anne Short all that Thirty pounds lying in Ambrose Riggs hand...to be equally divided between them (viz) Tenn pounds apiece further it is my will & minde that my Sisters Children aforesaid have all the goods on board the Welcome equally divided between them". The assumption is made, as there was no provision for the sale of the goods on board for transport of the proceeds to England, those named were also on board the ship.--Ted
Jul 01, 2005
3:52 PM
To TED DURGAN---Thanks for the information. Where is the most comprehensive collected work on the Ship Welcome and it`s passengers? I would like to have a copy. Thanks again.
Ted Durgan
Jul 01, 2005
4:55 PM
It should be at the local library.. if not they can get it for you, from the Welcome society in Pennsylvania.
Jul 12, 2005
7:02 PM
To DENNIS---I have looked up in the family records that I have and I have found no Horton. Do you know what her parents names were?--maybe her mother`s name will trigger something. There is another family descendent that I plan on giving a call to see if Horton is a name she knows.
Marge Lingenfelter
Sep 24, 2005
6:59 AM
Looking for family of Peter Short b. 1769 married Catherine McGeehan b. 1769 Cambria Co. Pa. Where are they buried and when. Would like to know about children: Samuel Short md. Marie Corrigan, who were there children.
Peter's father was Richard and he was born in Va.
Any help on this family would be appreaciated. Thanks Marge
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Sep 24, 2005
9:18 AM
Was this family ever in Illinois? Whiteside Co.? Bureau Co.?
Family History Coordinator
Tampico Area Historical Society
Dale Larson
Oct 14, 2005
3:51 PM
I'm related to Amos & Esther through their daughter Samantha.

I have run into a dead end on parentage beyond that point, any likely PA sources that you're aware of?

283 posts
Oct 14, 2005
7:33 PM
Try this site for starters. Pennsylvania Genealogy
Also "google" the area your family resided for their historical/genealogical society.
Family History Coordinator
Tampico Area Historical Society
Anita Keller
1 post
Oct 23, 2005
1:21 PM
Attention Zen: I have been researching Shorts in the Vancouver area and have a James Joseph Demit b. abt 1899. Also a James Bell Demit b. abt 1866. Are either of these related to you? Thank you, Anita
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Nov 08, 2005
11:39 PM
Hello anita, I am not good at using this site , but I will try.
My Aunt who is 92 years old is one of 8 children with the last name of Dimit, her father was James Dimit who was living in the Portland area, I guess he grew up in Vancouver area, and the story goes as best I understand it, as a very small boy he entered the place of his fathers business after hours only to find that his father had been shot and killed tradgicly. His mother remarried and thus the name Dimit. The incident that I speak of I am told is in the registar in vancouver, and they never really knew what happend to my Great Great Grandfather, but they suspected fowl play. The officials of the day just passed it off as possible suicide. Kind of an interesting story. But I should get my Aunt to tell me more in detail, so I may be nore accurate.
My mother was the baby of the family , she was 20 yrs younger than my 92 yr old aunt.
So here goes, I will ask her any questions you may have concerning this.
Anita Keller
Nov 11, 2005
1:58 PM

Thank you, I will look and see what I can find on James Demit here. How does this fit into the Shorts of Vancouver? The James Bell Demit that I have married Mary Ann Burgy. Their son was James Joseph Demit. Does this sound possible for your Demit's. Anita
George Drake
1 post
Nov 23, 2005
1:50 PM
I'm a descendant of Amos & Esther Short through their daughter Samantha (which means Dale Larson must be a Morse cousin, too). I've been looking for their parents off and on for more than 30 years. I have two small clues I don't think have been mentioned. According to Emmeline Short, Esther's father was German. There is also a family story that she was related to William Clark of Lewis & Clark.

Esther's sister Jane married Charles S. Beyae (or Beyea).

At least two of the Short childre -- Samantha and Emmeline -- were interviewed about their family, and the interviews can be quite entertaining.

I was also at the Short reunion with my 82-year-old mother, but we didn't stay long enough to meet everyone.
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Feb 06, 2006
6:18 AM
To George Drake,I want to get in touch with you concerning that Short family reunion you mentioned in your post of Nov.I am still searching for g.f. Roy maybe some one there has a clue...T.Short
314 posts
Feb 09, 2006
4:59 AM
I have emailed you with contact info.
Family History Coordinator
Tampico Area Historical Society
1 post
Jun 05, 2006
10:49 AM
I was poking around on the internet and across a mention here about mary burgy. I have a mary burgy in vancouver washington. Is this the same line
1 post
Sep 03, 2006
2:47 PM
To: Ted Durgan
I am looking for information about Richard Ough and his Family, can you help? I am hoping to find the Indian Line of his wife. Thank you
The Durg
1 post
Sep 07, 2006
8:29 PM
Richard ough was born in Cornwall England
Was a mate on The Guymade Hudson bay Owned ship
Jumped Ship in Fort Vancouver Washington Married Indian White Wings and had 10 children ..not all of them lived
John the Youngest boy married my great aunt Hattie
Send me your e-mail address to theodore.l.durgan@ worldnet.att.net and I can send more info. ever body in the whole world has my e-mail address so no big deal posting it here.~ Ted Durgan
1 post
Nov 25, 2006
5:58 PM
George: I am working on my family's connection to Esther Short through Delos Short, son of Esther and Amos Short. Not completely there yet, but it looks as though the records support family oral history of the connection. You have mentioned interviews with two of Esther's daughters before their death. Is it possible to obtain a copy of those interviews? Also, does anyone know the date of the Short family gathering in Vancouver in 2007? Thank you. Linda
1 post
Mar 23, 2007
2:01 AM
Amos Meade Short and Esther Lucy Clark may have been married in Tioga County, NY. Bible says 22 November 1829. Amos had a brother, Ira, who was married in Chemung County, NY. May have also had a sister or cousin named Priscilla who married William Clark. William may have been brother to Esther. Esther also had a sister named Jane who married first Charles Beyea in Washtenaw County, MI 1834, second John Bunker in Berrien County, MI. Descendant of Ira claimed the Meade and Short families went from Tioga County, NY to Tioga County, PA. (From http://archiver.rootsweb.com/th/read/NYTIOGA/2003-12/1071033680 - esthermichels@aol.com)

I found this on a messageboard at Ancestry.com:

Amos Meade Short (1810-1853) m. Esther Lucy Clark (1806-1862) 22 Nov 1829 - all in Tioga County, PA. Amos had brother, Ira, b. circa 1803 in Tioga Cnty, NY. Son of Ira born in Steuben County, NY circa 1832. Esther 1/4 Algonquin, 1/4 Cherokee. Need parents of both Amos and Esther. Esther Short died in Vancouver, WA. Children's names: Curtis, Jerusha, Druzilla, Amos Clark, Samantha, Alfred DeLos, Elizabeth, Ira, Maxey, Grant Hall,Hannah Emaline, Esther Matilda. Family legend says a Meade married a Short?? Meades and Short families both served in Revolutionary War. Druzilla married Henry Burlingame in Clark Cnty, WA circa 1852. Short and Burlingame families may have traveled together, or followed, from PA, MI, IL, to WA by 1845. All local documents say Short family from Tioga County, PA. Have been unable to connect to any of the Tioga County Shorts. Ira's children: Adeline, Abigail, Jane, Allen, Ira H., George Lyman, Anne, Jerome.

(Written by Susan Campbell)

Amos Meade Short was married to Esther Lucy Clark.Their son,Amos Clark Short

married Ann Smith 1853 Vancouver.They moved to Marengo,Columbia County,Wa in 1866
1810-1853, Born Tioga County, PA, Amos Meade Short was married to Esther Lucy

Clark.Their son,Amos Clark Short married Ann Smith 1853 Vancouver.They moved to

Marengo,Columbia County,Wa in 1866

Migration steps:
to Washtenaw County, MI in abt 1833
to Whiteside County, IL in abt 1837
to Clark County, WA in 1845

(Also written by Susan Campbell on another website)

Amos Meade Short b.April 13,1810-Tioga Co

his wife Esther Lucy Clark b.Dec.24,1806 Tioga,Co Married November 22,1829 Tioga

Co. two children born before westward migration- Curtis F.Short b.Oct.17,1830

Jerusha Short b.August 7,1832 Family left Tioga Co. prior to 1834

I found this about Amos and Esther on the net - all credit to the source:

Mrs. Esther Short One of the city's founders.

January 18, 1928 - taken from a story by Erwin Rieger, Columbian staff writer

On a Christmas day more than four score years ago - the twenty-fifth of December,

1845 - a man, a woman, and eight children, a hardy little band, stepped ashore

from the broad Columbia to find Fort Vancouver a little trade center in the

wilderness, hospitable to the travelers it was later to fight so determinedly.

Thus the Shorts, farmers of Pennsylvania and Illinois, came to Vancouver.

There is no history to which one can turn to find out what these pioneers thought

of this one spot in a wilderness. But they must have liked it even then. Maybe the

man, bearded and rugged, saw in the untouched forest a farm, and a home a a

peaceful if active end to the trail from Illinois. Maybe the woman, sturdy and

strong and capable, saw a bright home and a land where her children might hew

their way unhampered for lack of enough room in the world.

They must have wandered about looking, this Amos S. and Esther Short, and they

must have said, "Now there's a likely place. Twouldn't take so much clearing, and

the land is good ..." They must have looked, and they must have spoken, for they

came back.

Not just right away, of course. This was a broad land. they would look elsewhere.

But they came back in 1847, from the place that is now the town of Linnton,

Oregon, and so this city of Vancouver began, unknown to the pioneers.

Amos and Esther Short, man and wife, took up a homestead - a donation land claim -

in the wilderness near the fort. Its eastern boundary was one day to become Main

street and its northern boundary was even later to become Twenty-sixth street, but

the forest trees that towered along the future thoroughfares gave no hint of such

a future.

That was a contrast with the present day! It is hard to realize, here in this old

city, that the bustling commerce, the old buildings and even the stately shade

trees all hark back to a man and a woman and a homestead in the forest.

Britain Wanted Land
Then came the cloud. A new yound United States of America and an old wise British

crown were contending for mastery and ownership of the broad land cleaved by the

Columbia. Britain wanted to hold everything down to the north back of the river.

And so the Shorts, Americans and settlers, suddenly became a menace to the claims

of England and a bulwark to the claims of the United States.

Family Ordered Away
It did not take the British long to decide that the thing to do was to remove the

Shorts. Only Amos and Esther Short and the children (there were ten now) would not

remove. So began the strife that was to last for years and was to find Esther

Short, undaunted, standing her ground alone and victorious.

The British swooped the first time when the father was not home. They took the

mother and her children, put them in a boat, and took them across the Columbia to

Hayden island - the Yankee side to the river where they were put ashore and told

to stay.

Stay? Not Esther Short. Not Amos Short. They came back. That was in 1848. And the

British, swooping again, caught the whole family unprepared. The family was loaded

into a scow and set adrift on the Columbia without oars. But Amos Short and his

wife and children reached land - and they came back! These Yankees would not back


Esther Short Struck
There was always trouble after that. Once a man coming to the cabin door, struck

Esther Short across the face with a heavy club. Thereafter Amos Short carried his

rifle handy, and one day there was a battle.

Again the men of England came down to evict the homesteaders. Short warned of

their coming took the four or five men who were working for him and who

volunteered, and went forthe to meet the British.

He ordered them to keep off his land. They came on. He warned them of what he

would do. They did not heed. Battle followed, and Short shot down two men, one a

Hawaiian and one a white man, who exonerated him in an affidavit before he died.

Short was in legal battles after that to save his life, and he won. A territorial

judge who acquitted him is reported to have said. "The only trouble I find with

you, Short is that you didn't shoot more of them."

That was the highlight of the struggle for freedom from aggression, but there were

other bright flashes of courage. Once another expedition came down, finding the

mother alone. Strong woman that she was, she came out alone and slapped the

leader, knocking him to the earth, and the man went away convinced that she was

too brave a mother to be evicted.

Husband Drowned
The treacherous Columbia River bar claimed the ship that was bearing Amos home

after he had delivered potatoes to California. Where demand for food was high with

the gold rush on and Amos and Esther were making good money. He was lost on

January 7, 1853, that left Esther alone. And alone she carried on - building a

city, now that Britain's claims had been relinquished.

With her husband lost, Esther Short, then under the terms of an old law took the

eastern half of their land claim, the half that went always to the widow. The

western half went to the children, and so was divided into ten strips by parallel

north-and-south lines.

Settlers were coming, more and more. And Esther Short, renting some of her land at

first, presently saw a better plan. Thus it was in 1855 that the city of Vancouver

was platted up to Eighth Street, and that she gave Esther Short park to the city,

and that she gave to the city also a long strip of waterfront to be the city's


Esther Short died on June 28, 1862. She rests in the old city cemetery. She had

been born in Pennsylvania in 1806, and she had mothered ten children besides

losing two more. Curtis, Jersusha, Drusilla, Clark, Samantha, Maxey, Deloss,

Grant, Esther and Emmaline -- these children, with the spirit of the pioneers

strong in their souls, scattered far and wide. Left to recall her in memory is

only the youngest, Emmaline, who came home to live in a modern hotel on a part of

the land in the city that dates back to a noation land claim and a man and a woman

who knew no fear and who could not be cowed.

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Jun 08, 2007
10:55 PM
I'm trying to trace back my family history and I have ran into a block. Esther Short was my great, great, great, great, great grandmother but I have not been able to trace back through which of her children my family descended from. My grandpa was the one with this info but unfortunately has alzhiemers and does not remember anymore and I started checking this out to late. If anyone has the history on her descendents I would greatly appreciate it.
605 posts
Jun 09, 2007
5:41 AM
You will need to give more specific information on Esther. What year was she born? Where? Spouse's name? Children's names? Place of Death?

There are hundreds of Esther Short's listed on the census records. Need something to pinpoint WHICH one!

Family History Coordinator
Tampico Area Historical Society
1 post
Jun 22, 2007
7:57 AM
Tom Short,
You answered a message I posted on the Clinton sight about the Short family. You said that you had an article about the short family from the Clinton Herald.
I have been transcribing Fred A. Bill's "when Rafters Ruled the River".
I believe these are the same articles you mentioned in your message. Have you allready transcribed all the articles written?
Do you intend to publish them to the net?
I spent an entire year gathering and transcribing articles from the Burlington Saturday Post written by Capt's .
I do not want to waste a year doing "When Rafters Ruled the River" if you have allready done them. Looking forward to hearing from you again Georgeann McClure
7 posts
Jun 23, 2007
6:18 PM
Hello,I have not published any references to the web.I simply refer to already published articles that I have encountered in my search for my grandfather Roy E. Short.I love those articles in the Clinton Herald of 1933 of Jerome Short and other rafters and wish I could prove to be related to those Shorts but no luck on that issue.There is published on the web articles from Scott Co Iowa about a riverrafters log describing the Shorts and Stephen B Hanks and some Huginuns whom my wife is related to from Albany,IlMy long time friend is a Hanks and directly related to Stephen B Hanks and my father was born in Tampico,so you can see my desire to fit in somehow. It's just a search for now nothing yet to publish.
2 posts
Jun 25, 2007
6:24 AM
I cannot find any articles about the shorts on the web can you tell me how to access them, please. I got mine the hard way from the newspaper.
8 posts
Jun 27, 2007
4:51 PM
Hello Rivermen,To see the history of missippi raft pilots,including the Short surname, type in A raft pilot's log . this was written by walter Blaire 1840- 1900 Interestingly,"Lome" or Jerome Short encouraged him to write it and gave him the history.Do you have much info. on the Short surname?Can we share? Ask the admiminstrator for my E-mail and connect. Tom Short
3 posts
Jun 28, 2007
5:24 PM
Tom Iam not sure how to ask the admnistrator for your E-mail but my E-mail is Georgia@machlink.com. I have been typing for weeks "on When rafters Ruled" by Fred A Bill, The Career of Capt. Jerome E. Short. A graphic story of his 55 years of service on the Upper Mississippi. It is all about the Short Men. It appeared in the paper for three months. If you E-mail me I will send you some of it. If you lose my E-mail try rivermen or LeClaire River men. Their is a place on them to E-Mail me. Looking forward to swapping "Short" stories with you. georgeann McClure
Walter Blair wrote "A Raft Pilots Log"
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Nov 30, 2007
9:24 PM
Short cousins,
Amos M. Short and Esther (Clark) Short lived in Whiteside County, IL for a few years before heading west ending up in what is now Vancouver, WA. I am descended from Amos and Esther's second daughter, Druzilla, who married Henry Burlingame. Henry moved to the Vancouver, WA area in 1852 but he lived near the Short family in Whiteside County. Does anyone know anything about Esther or Amos's parents? I have a copy of a picture who I believe is Esther's mother. She is obviously indian, has hands like Esther and is wearing clothes from the 1840s period. I have a lot of info about Amos's brother, Ira. I also have a lot of info about Esther's sister, Jane, who married first Charles Beyea and second John Bunker. It is possible that the William Clark who was killed by lightening ca 1842 in Carroll County, Illinois was Esther's brother - his wife's name was Priscilla Short. Priscilla married second Lorenzo Benjamin. Would like to hear from anyone who knows anything about the above family.
Esther Michels - Portland, OR

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