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FIRST ROW: Photo 1 & 2, Tampico Primary Class, 1917 (first photo includes names: Glassburn, Kilroy, Boyer, Adams, Curry, Winchell, Chriest, Smith/Carlson, Daley, Frank. McKenzie, Akerberg, McCombs, Terry/Gholson, McMillan/Corlett, Wroten, Wood, Aldrich, Sweet/Sears, Van De Mark/Valle, Law, Cook, Short, Riley, Faulk), Photo 3: Brown's School (Hooppole) 1907 or 08 - surnames included: Shaw, Hilger, Vetter, Brown, Ackerman, Burton, Kloves, Wiederhold, Morris, Seyller, Gerber, Heofler. Photo 4: Tampico Grade 2 - 1914 -names included: Sippel, Kemp, Oliver, Bollenback, Scully, Russell, Corbin, Fullerton, Simpkins, Darby, McCombs, Shere, Boyer, Schier, Isherwood, Curnow, Sherman, Short, Reed, Paith, Mc Grath, Cain, Smith, Sweet ?, Stevens, Powell, Woods, Winshell, Gibson, Denison, Erickson, Millegan, Love. Photo 5: Tampico Grade 3 - 1917 - names included are France, Dillon, Cain, Boyer, Bollenback, McCombs, Hunter, Fullerton, Oliver, Stevens, Winshell, Palmer, Tonkinson, Kilroy, McGrath, Sippel, Glassburn, Strom, Paith, Woods, Law, Corbin, Love, Powell

Row 2: Sunnyside School - 1917 or 18 (names included: Berge, Goble, Frank, Earl, Tornow, Peterson, Johnson, Strike, Anderson); Tampico Grade School, names included: Woods, Nicely, Olmstead, Darby, Tampico Class 1911 (no names), Tampico Grades 1 & 2, 1919-1920 names included: Rosene, Shearer, Parent, Daley, Walker, Steadman, Nelson, Wolf, Paith, Clum, Glassburn, Peterson, Simpkins, McCreedy, Allen, Winchell, Pratt, Hinrich, Love, Law, Harrington, McCombs, Chapin, Forward, Cain, Nealy, Castle, Calysn, Olson, Teacher - Miss Clemets; 1901 THS Athletic Team

Row 3: Class of 1938; Tampico Fifth Grade Class - 1955; 1954 class, Reeves School; North Hume School 1928; Inscription on back of photo of N. Hume School

Row 4: West Hume School, Prophetstown; 1934 Tampico 8th Grade, Tomas Callahan 1956 Trojan Band; Tampico Eighth Grade Class - 1939; 1902 THS graduating class

Row 5: Program for 1902 THS Graduating Class; 1902 Grad. Program; 1901 Grad. Class; THS Class of 1926;

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