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1955 5th Grade class - Tampico Grade School

1955 5th Grade class - Tampico Grade School

Submitted by: Richard Hinton BACK ROW: Miss Hopkins Teacher; Robert FARGANUS; Gary BRANSON; Harriett HURD; Janice CALSYN; Gloria BRUDER; Merle KIRBY; Rolland CROFT; Albert RICHMOND
Next Row down: Dale CRANDALL; Stacy PETERSON; Mary EAST; George TORNOW; Cheryl KUEHL; Lane NEWMAN; Maxine SMITH; Rita STICKLE; John CERNICH; Dick HINTON
Next Row: unknown; Gloria ROSENE; Martha MOSHER; unknown; Nancy LYSELL; Marilyn HICKS; Betsy OLSON; Sharon BRUDER; Jane STEIEN
Next Row: Dick BRUDER; Rick DAVIS; Bill OGDEN; Dale ESHELMAN; Loren OLSON; Dick MAES

The following information was shared by Maxine Smith:
Back row: the unknown is Merle Kirby
Back row: corrections - Janice (Calsyn); (Gloria) Bruder; Rolland (Croft); Albert (Richmond)
3rd row: unknown is Cheryl Kuehl 3rd row: correction - (Stacy) Peterson; John (Cernich) 2nd row: unknowns left to right are Lynn Smith & Sandra Wood 2nd row: corrections - (Nancy) Lysell; (Jane) Steien Front row: corrections - Rick (Davis); (Dick) Maes

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