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Class of 1954 - Reeves School

Class of 1954 - Reeves School

Submitted by Connie Essig Top row left to right: Dave Cain – Connie Schmitt, Judy Gholson, Roger Johnson, Tom Johnson, Larry Anderson, Jeannie Henrekin, Kenny Johnson. Middle row: Nancy Kuepker, Sharon Roth, Joyce Walgren, Nancy Henrekin, Mary Jo Anderson, Donna Hubbard, Carolyn Heitzler

Bottom row:

Jim Henrekin Mike Plotner, Wes Broer, Bob Gholson, Steve Broer

Submitted by Maxine Smith:

Class of 1954 - Reeves School

Middle row: 3rd from left - Joyce's last name is spelled Wallgren (I've made the correction)

Middle row: the two unknown first names are Mary Jo (Anderson) & Donna (Hubbard)

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