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ROW 1: 1936 Whiteside County Township Map; 1936 Tampico; 1936; Hahnaman & Deer Grove;  Prophetstown; & Erie

ROW 2: 1936 Farm ownership atlases: Portland/ErieNewton/Albany, Sterling/Coloma, Jordan, Genesee

ROW 3: 1936 Farm ownership atlases:Clyde, UstickFulton, Union Grove, Garden Plain

ROW 4: 1936 Farm ownership atlas - Mt. Pleasant, Hopkins, Montmorency, Hume/pt Lyndon, Fenton

ROW 5: Tampico Street Maps - NW & SW sections (SW photo gives brief history of the CB&Q RR in Whiteside County, Cemetery layout for Tampico Memorial Cemetery, Fairfield/Yorktown Cemetery and Leon Cemetery,

ROW 6: Photo: N. Matson, author of the 1867 Map & Sketches of Bureau Co., IL (includes preface to book); Fairfield 1867 by N. Matson (includes history); Greenville - 1867 by N. Matson (includes history); Bureau Co. map 1867, Tampico Plat - 1922 (poor quality image)

ROW 7: 1875 Greenville Twp., 1875 Concord Twp; 1875 Fairfield Plat map; Whiteside Co.; 1952 Fairfield Plat Map

ROW 8: 1952 Greenville Plat Map; Location of Bowen Cemetery; Another map of Bowan Cemetery location


SANBORN MAPS FOR TAMPICO, IL: 1886, 1893, 1900, 1910, 1921


Current map of Tampico

 1872 Plat Map of Whiteside County



1876 Whiteside Plat Map (pdf)
1876 Bureau Co. Plat Map (pdf)


Click here to see Greenville Twp plat map 1892 (pdf.) 
Click here to see Fairfield Twp. plat map 1892 (pdf)    


Click here for 1922 Whiteside County Plat Map. Large file! (depending on your computer, it may take a while to upload - but worth the wait!)


List of Fairfield Twp, Bureau County Landowners (pdf) compiled by Les Niemi


 Federal Township Plats 1804-1891 (this is an off-site website. It will open in seperate window. To return to this site, close out new window)


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