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Greenville - 1867

Greenville - 1867

Submitted by Bob Johnson GREENVILLE - This town has a large amount of swamp land in it, about 3,000 acres ofwhich overflows in high water. In the south-east and north-east portion of the town the land is very good. This town has a good supply of timber and of excellent quality. In 1837, a state road was laid from Hennepin to Prophetstown on Rock River, crossing Green River at New Bedford. Henry Thomas established a ferry at this point. About the same time Cyrus Watson made a claim on a farm now owned by E. G. Jester, on Section 20. In 1839, Daniel Hill, James and William Hill, and Peter McDonald settled north of New Bedford, on Section 20 and 29; in 1840, Joseph Heath, Joseph Caswell, Justus Hall, and Thomas Hill settled in this vicinity; in 1841, Milton Cain settled south of the river, and Norman Hall, Joseph N. Kise, and Wm. Britt, north of the River. Three Frenchmen, named Green, Battis, and Clarley Chane, lived at Brush Grove; they were hunters and trappers. Caleb Rice afterwards lived at the same place. A.H. Janes, Mr. Estlick, and Richard Meek were among the early settlers. Population 832 Source: MAP AND SKETCHES OF BUREAU COUNTY, ILL, BY N. MATSON. Published by the author. Chicago: George H. Fergus, Book and Job Printer - 1867 Entered according to Act of Congress in the year 1867, by N. Matson, in the Clerk's Office of the District Court of the U. S. for the Northern District of Illinois. Page 78: NEW BEDFORD - Was laid off by Jacob Galer, June 30, 1855. It contains one dry goods store, one gorcery store, one schoolhouse, and one meeting-house. This place is in the town of Greenville.

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