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Row 1: 1914 Christmas Class picture (includes names); 1913 Main Street picnic;RNA Drill Team; Ellen Daly with Ceil & Ellen Daly; John Daly

Row 2: Alec McComb's float; Alec McComb; Lorina C. Booth; Geo. Burton Farm; Margaret McKenzie


Row 3: ? Brewer; Mabel Brewer; Fred Brewer; Cora Whitney Brewer;Tampico Military Band

Row 4: Tampico Military Band; Unveiling of Soldier's Monument 1907; Tampico Main Street - looking North; East side of Main Street; Main Street - West side

Row 5: Harrison Store (now the TAHS); Harrison Store (with names); A. W. Bastian Reception 1909; Tampico Hardware Store; Pig Alley

Row  6: W 2nd St., Kewanee post card from Hogeboom to Thomas; Photos 2 - 5 = Merchants Receipts: Shaheen's Grocery Store, Lewis Cash Store; Foy's Cash Store, Tampico Meat Market (Elmdorf's)

Row 7: E. W. Meredith (meats, groc., fruits, veg); R. H. McKenzie store; Tampico Methodist Church; Methodist Church Window; Gillette's Dry Goods Store

Row 8: 1948 Tampico Nat'l Bank statement; Amish Church in Tampico; Amish Church Property-Tampico; Fairfield Evangelical Lutheran church - Tampico; Lutheran Church - Yorktown

Row 9: Area Farms (Surnames included: Aagesen, Anderson, Berge/Thomas Telephone Co., Yorktown Church of Christ & Cemetery, Community Hall, Govt Cribbs; Area Farms - Tampico (surnames: Berge.Blackert/Brandau); Area Farms in Tampico (Brown/Buckley/Bunker/Burden/Buren); Tampico Area Farms: DALE, GLASSBURN, DRONENBERG, GRAHAM, EAST, GREENWOOD, FRARY, GREENWOOD; Tampico Historical Society & Museum

Row 10: Tampico "Blow-Out;" WWI Monument; Herbert Adams Farm-Tampico; Jacob Cantlin Farm - Tampico; Tampico Band

Row 11: RNA Deer Grove; Fun See Club; Mary Ellen (nee Terry) Gholson and son, Terry; Tampico Methodist Church Cradle Roll 1911; Overall Club-Sterling

Row 12: Hein & Foy 1920 Census; Sharon Cemetery; Sharon Church; Sharon Cemetery; Sharon Museleum

Row 13: Mary Furry Memorial Card; Methodist Choir 1890; Repainting of Reagan Mural; Civil War Cannon

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